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 Exercise Science
• Exercise physiology (clinical and applied)
• Exercise science
                                                                         Exercise Science
• Personal fitness training                                                          Career Description
                                                                                      Exercise science encompasses a wide variety of disci-
            History                                                                   plines, including but not limited to, biomechanics,
              In 2003, the American College of Sports Medicine                        sports nutrition, sport psychology, motor control/devel-
              (ACSM) petitioned the Commission on Accreditation          opment, and exercise physiology. The study of these disciplines is
              of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) for           integrated into the academic preparation of exercise science pro-
inclusion of two new professions in the CAAHEP system. The peti-         fessionals. Exercise science professionals work in the health and
tion envisioned a baccalaureate-level profession, tentatively desig-     fitness industry, and are skilled in evaluating health behaviors and
nated as health and fitness specialist, and another at the master’s      risk factors, conducting fitness assessments, writing appropriate
degree level, as clinical exercise specialist. Both professions were     exercise prescriptions, and motivating individuals to modify nega-
voted unanimously to be eligible for participation in CAAHEP in          tive health habits and maintain positive lifestyle behaviors for
April 2003. In April 2004, a Committee on Accreditation for the          health promotion.
Exercise Sciences was voted admission into the CAAHEP system as
a collaborating Committee on Accreditation with the American                         Employment Characteristics
College of Sports Medicine as their sponsoring organization. Two                      As an integral part of the health and wellness team,
sets of standards and Guidelines were formally approved by the                        exercise science professionals can work with personal
CAAHEP Board of Directors in 2004, with the health and fitness                        fitness trainers and exercise physiologists in a number
specialist, now designated as the exercise science professional          of different settings, such as corporate, clinical, community, and
and the clinical exercise specialist, as the exercise physiologist.      commercial fitness and wellness centers. Exercise science profes-
For exercise physiology, the standards laid out two tracks: applied      sionals work with the apparently healthy population and clients
and clinical.                                                            with controlled disease, leading and demonstrating these clients in
                                                                         safe and effective methods of exercise. The exercise science pro-
                                                                         fessional can also assess risk factors and identify the health status
Exercise Physiology                                                      of clients.

            Career Description                                                       Educational Programs
              Exercise physiology is a discipline that includes clini-               Length: Exercise science programs can be completed
              cal exercise physiology and applied exercise physiol-                  in a 4-year bachelor’s degree level program.
              ogy. Applied exercise physiologists manage programs                       Prerequisites: Applicants should have a high school
to assess, design, and implement individual and group exercise and       diploma or equivalent and meet the specific institutional entrance
fitness programs for apparently healthy individuals and individuals      requirements.
with controlled disease. Clinical exercise physiologists work under         Curriculum: Exercise science programs include a comprehen-
the direction of a physician to apply physical activity and behav-       sive academic curriculum and at least one culminating internship
ioral interventions in clinical situations, in which they have been      experience.
scientifically proven to provide therapeutic or functional benefit.

            Employment Characteristics                                   Personal Fitness Training
             As a clinical part of the health and wellness team,
             exercise physiologists can work with personal fitness                   Career Description
             trainers, exercise science professionals, and physi-                     Personal fitness trainers are skilled practitioners, who
cians in cardiac rehabilitation, typically in a hospital or clinical                  work with a wide variety of client demographics in
setting. Exercise physiologists work with clients who have been                       one-to-one and small group environments. They are
diagnosed with a chronic metabolic, pulmonary, or cardiac disease.       familiar with multiple forms of exercises, used to improve and
                                                                         maintain health-related components of physical fitness and perfor-
            Educational Programs                                         mance. They are knowledgeable in basic assessment and develop-
            Length: Exercise physiologist programs can be com-           ment of exercise recommendations. In addition, they are proficient
            pleted in a 2-year master’s degree level program.            in leading and demonstrating safe and effective methods of exer-
               Prerequisites: Applicants should have a high school       cise, and motivating individuals to begin and to continue with
diploma or equivalent, meet the specific institutional entrance          healthy behaviors. They consult with and refer to other appropri-
requirements, and have a bachelor’s degree in exercise science.          ate allied health professionals when client conditions exceed the
   Curriculum: Exercise physiologist programs will include a com-        personal trainer’s education, training, and experience.
prehensive academic curriculum and at least one culminating
internship experience.
                                                                                                             Exercise Science

            Employment Characteristics                                 Certification
             As an integral part of the health and wellness team,      American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
             personal fitness trainers can work with exercise sci-     401 West Michigan Street
             ence professionals and exercise physiologists in a num-   Indianapolis, IN 46202
ber of different settings, such as corporate, clinical, community,     (317) 637-9200
and commercial fitness and wellness centers. Personal fitness
training involves working with apparently healthy population, and      American Council on Exercise (ACE)
leading and demonstrating safe and effective methods of                4851 Paramount Drive
exercising to these clients.                                           San Diego, CA 92123
                                                                       (888) 825-3636
            Educational Programs                             
            Length: Personal fitness training programs can be
            completed in a 1-year certificate program or in a          National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
            2-year associate’s degree level program.                   1885 Bob Johnson Drive
   Prerequisites: Applicants should have a high school diploma or      Colorado Springs, CO 80906
equivalent and meet the specific institutional entrance require-       (800) 815-6826
   Curriculum: Personal fitness training programs will include a       National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
comprehensive academic curriculum and at least one culminating         26632 Agoura Road
internship experience.                                                 Calabasas, CA 91302
                                                                       (800) 460-6276
            Careers                                                    The Cooper Institute
            American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmo-          12330 Preston Road
              nary Rehabilitation (AACVPR)                             Dallas, TX 75230
401 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 2200                                  (972) 341-3200
Chicago, IL 60611                                            
(312) 321-5146                                                         Program Accreditation
                                                                       Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education
Medical Fitness Association (MFA)                                        Programs (CAAHEP) in collaboration with:
PO Box 73103                                                           Committee on Accreditation of the Exercise Sciences (CoAES)
Richmond, VA 23235-8026                                                401 West Michigan Street
(804) 897-5701                                                         Indianapolis, IN 46202                                                 (317) 637-9200 ext 147
American Kinesiotherapy Association (AKTA)                   
118 College Dr. #5142
Hattiesburg, MS 39406
(800) 296-2582

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Description: Aerobics movement has "human nature" characteristics. Exercise is one form of exercise necessary to artificially create a movement to practice. In order to achieve the purpose of enhancing physical fitness, aerobics can be scientifically by changing posture, movement direction, movement direction, movement routes, movement frequency, movement speed and movement to regulate the rhythm.