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									5 Steps to Finally Getting Things Done

       --Many a little makes a mickle
  Step 1: Write down what you want to
   accomplish and give it a deadline

Most people know to do this but few
actually put this step into action.
It's critical that you define each task and
give each one a deadline.

         Do you have a goal?
       Step 2: Create a simple plan for
             getting things done

It's obviously not enough to just have a written
goal with a deadline. You also need a plan to
get you from where you are, to where you want
to be.

    Do you have a plan for achieving your goals?
    Where is your plan documented?
     Step 3: Schedule critical task daily
                and do it first

Having a goal and a plan is still not enough. Now
you must schedule your critical tasks! Critical
tasks are tasks that directly impact the achieve-
ment of your goal. You should do the hardest
one at the beginning of the day.
     Step 4: Focus on the task at hand

Broken focus is the number one reason that
your goals aren't accomplished.
             Step 5: Just say "No"

Just say no to tasks that are not in alignment with
your goals. The word "No" is probably the biggest
time saver ,so increase your "no" ratio if you want
to increase your productivity.
         5 steps

       1.set a goal
   2.make a simple plan
 3.your daily critical work
4.fous on your task on hand
       5.just say no
• Be sure to put them into action!
• Remember, nothing changes until you change.
Thank you for your attention!
         Good luck!

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