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									             Mockingbird & Steinbeck Research: A List of
                     Useful Online Resources

RCK Online Subscription Databases: Links to our subscription online databases
can be found through the RCK Library website.


ProQuest Historical Newspapers (http://proquestk12.com)
User Name:     Password: (after entering id and password click on Proquest/eLibrary Products)

The Historical Newspapers database provides full-text access to every article written in The New
York Times from 1851 to 2003.

Infotrac Databases

For this project search the Gale Virtual Reference Library. This database houses our collection
of e-books. These are actual reference books in an electronic format. Search for reference
articles from a variety of publications, including the Encyclopedia of World Biography, Social
Trends and Indicators USA, West’s Encyclopedia of American Law, the Gale Encyclopedia of
Science, the Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, and American Decades.

Gale Student Resource Center

This great database delivers full-text periodicals, newspapers, journals, pamphlets, primary
source documents, reference books, web sites, images, and other student research tools. This
database will have information for all topics involved in this research project.

Twayne’s Authors Series

For those researching John Steinbeck and his roots this is a good place to start. To locate
Steinbeck in this database click on Author’s A to Z and scroll down until you find him. The first
article explains his California and Salinas Valley roots.

PowerMediaPlus (http://powermediaplus.com)
Initial Passcode: (passcode is case sensitive)

To access site you must first create a user name and password for yourself. To do this…
      Click on the link for new subscribers, which is located on the left-hand side of the page
       under Subscriber log in.

      Next enter the passcode that I have given you into the box marked General Passcode.
       This box is located directly beneath the red New Subscriber heading. Please note that the
       passcode I have given you is case sensitive. You must type it in exactly as it appears.

      The next step is to create your own username and password. Write this down somewhere
       so you can use it again in the future.

Dewey Decimal Range by General Topic

Civil War: 973.7
Reconstruction: 973.8
Civil Rights (African Americans): 323
Ku Klux Klan: 322.4
Harlem Renaissance: 704.039
Women’s Rights: 301.41, 305.42
Great Depression: 973.91, 338.5
Medicine (History): 610.9
New Deal: 973.91
Immigration (History): 325.7
World War II: 940.53
Holocaust: 940.53, 940.54, 943.086

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