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					                                                                        ProQuest databases available
                                                                             to UNF students.
                                                                    •    ABI/INF ORM Archive C omp lete
                                                                    •    ABI/INFORM Dateline
                                                                    •    ABI/INFORM Global
                                                                    •    ABI/INFOR M Trade & Industry
                               Information                          •    CJPI - Criminal Justice
                                                                    •    ERIC
                                  using                             •    ProQ uest Ed ucation C omp lete
                                                                    •    ProQuest M edical Library
                           ProQuest                                 •
                                                                         ProQuest Ne wspapers
                                                                         ProQ ues t Nur sing Jour nals
                           Databases                                •
                                                                         ProQ ues t Psyc holog y Jour nals
                                                                         And more.

                                                                 ProQuest databases provide indexing and
             QUICK REFERENCE                                     abstracting and the full text and images of articles
                                                                 from hundreds of magazines,          journals and

To search for                                     Use this                               Example

articles with the words business and ethics                                         business and ethics
in the same paragraph

articles with the words business or industry                                        bus ines s or in dus try
or both

documents with the word business but not
                                                   and not                       business and not industry

two-word phrase                                                                       retailing industry

phrase - 3 or more words                            “        ”                    “group health insurance”

terms within a certain number of words of            w /n
                                                                                  profitability w/5 franchise
each other on either side                          (within)

                                                   n o t w /n
all term s ex cep t this o ne w ithin a field                                    education not w/3 internet
                                                 (not within)

terms within a certain number of words in a         pre/n
                                                                                 international pre/3 banking
field                                           (preceded b y)

                                                question mark                              wom?n
wildcard used to replace one character
                                                     (?)                                  educat??

truncation character used to replace one or        asterisk                                operat*
more characters                                      (*)                      (operator, operators, operations,
                     Citing Sources from ProQuest Databases
• The rules for citing online documents are as             • Notice that the citations are double spaced
  changeable as the online publishing                        throughout and use a hanging indent – the first
  environment itself.                                        line begins at the left margin and subsequent
                                                             lines are indented.
• The following examples use MLA (Modern
  Language Association, 2nd ed.) and APA                   • The Library provides a quick reference guide
  (American Psychological Association,                       with examples of APA and MLA styles.
  5th ed.) rules.
                                                               www.u ry/guides/c itationguide .html
• Find out which format is preferred by your
  instructor.                                              • RefWorks will format your reference list
                                                             automatically. Ask a librarian about it!
• The style manuals are available at the
  Reference Desk, 2nd floor.

                         Journal Articles from Online Database

             Kaufman, P. J., Gordon, R. M., & Owers, J. E. (2000). Alternative profitability measures and

APA                mar keting c hanne l structure: th e franch ise decis ion. Journal of Business Research,

                   50(2), 217-224. Retrieved May 14, 2002, from ABI/INFORM Global database.

             Kaufman, Patrick J., et al. “Alternative Profitability Measures and Marketing Channel

                   Structure: The Franchise D ecision.” Journal of Business Research 50.2 (2000):
                   217-22 4. ABI/I NFO RM Glob al. UNF Library, Jacksonville, FL. 14 Oct. 2005


                        Magazine Articles from Online Database

             W ildstrom , S. H. (199 9, April 5 ). A b ig boost fo r net privac y. Business Week, 23. Retrieved
                   January 1, 2006, from ABI/INFORM G lobal database.

             W ildstrom , Stephe n H. "A B ig Boos t for Net P rivacy." Business Week 5 Apr. 19 99: 23.

MLA                ABI/INFORM Global. UNF Library, Jacksonville, FL. 1 Jan. 2006


                     Consult a Reference Librarian for Assistance
                                                                                                       Barbara Tuck 3/08