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									Showing Locally Grown Artisans Since 1973

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Sponsored by:
Welcome to MacKenzie Art Gallery’s 37th Annual BAZAART, our largest and most
popular annual fundraiser!

Enjoy exploring one-of-a-kind creations from over 120 Canadian artisans, savour
the delicious food made by locally-owned businesses and feel good knowing
your $5 BAZAART admission sustains FREE MacKenzie Art Gallery admission and
programming. Be sure to visit the MacKenzie’s BAZAART Raffle Tent to view over 85
works generously donated by BAZAART artisans. Purchase raffle tickets ($5 each or 3
for $10) for your chance to win some of these unique items. The draw will take place
on June 21, 2010, winners will be contacted by phone. To enhance your BAZAART
experience, extra bike racks are available at each admission gate and an ATM can be
found inside the MacKenzie Art Gallery.

This year we are very happy to welcome back BAZAART’s newest partner, the Regina
Folk Festival. Don’t miss Belle Plaine, BD Willoughby and the Lazy MKs in concert
throughout the day from 12 pm to 4 pm. As part of this partnership, the MacKenzie
Art Gallery will host a community art activity tent led by the Regina Artist Trading
Cards Collective at the Regina Folk Festival in Victoria Park on Saturday, August 7, and
Sunday, August 8, 2010.

The MacKenzie Art Gallery is happy to announce that BAZAART 2010 is proudly
sponsored by SaskTel, with support also provided by CTV, Rawlco Radio, Combine
Design and the Regina Folk Festival.

Thank you for joining us and happy shopping!

Artisans                     006 Marilyn Malo Art
                             Wolseley, SK
                                                            010 Textile Arts Group
                                                            Saskatoon, SK
001 Yvonne Kydd Paintings    Painting                       Fibre
Regina, SK          ;
Painting                                                     006-1 Lori Tourscher
                             Indian Head, SK                011 Cassie Danielle Designs
002 Expressive Frames &      Fibre                          Saskatoon, SK
Photos by Tobi Ann          Fibre
Lorette, MB                                       
Mix Media                    006-2 Joan & Al Hiebert:      In Glassland                   012, 013 Rus-Tix Metal Artz
                             Dundurn, SK                    Weyburn, SK
003 Christine Fraser         Glass                          Metal
Regina, SK           
Ceramics   007 G. McB. Smith              014 Harvey Welch
                             Ruddell, SK                    Saskatoon, SK
004 Robert Jones             Metal                          Sculpture
Regina, SK          
Wood        008 Susan Robertson Pottery    015 Shannon Welch
                             Outlook, SK                    Saskatoon, SK
005 Winston Quan -           Ceramics                       Jewellery
Saskatoon, SK
Jewellery                    009 Shauna Mitru Art           016 Anne McLellan            Glass Jewelry                  Regina, SK
                             Regina, SK                     Ceramics
005-1 The Outsider           Jewellery            
Saskatoon, SK      
017 Stewart’s Scenic Signs         027 The Land of Os                040 Ron and Rusty Kurenda
Edenwold, SK                       Regina, SK                        Saskatoon, SK
Metal                              Mix Media                         Ceramics

018 M + M Glass with Class         027-1, 027-2 JoJo Beads           041 Lynne’s Soap
Moose Jaw, SK                      Montmarte, SK                     Regina, SK
Glass                              Jewellery                         Soap              

019 Feltastic Fibre - Heike Fink   028 Fort Qu’Appelle Pottery       042 Gail Prpick
Prud’homme, SK                     & Art Gallery- Ron Froese         Davidson, SK
Fibre                              Fort Qu’Appelle, SK               Painting              Ceramics                
019-1 Donovan T. Chester                                             043 Enfin Pottery
Regina, SK                         029 Ba-Hun Tran Framed Origami,   Yorkton, SK
Ceramics                           Origami Jewellery                 Ceramics            Saskatoon, SK           
                                   Mix Media
019-2 Daryl Richardson                 044 Fireworx - Sabine Arends
Metal Smith                                                          Moose Jaw, SK
Saskatoon, SK                      030 Extraordinary Light           Glass
Metal                              Fine Art Photography                 White City, SK
                                   Photography                       045 Feather Child Gallery -
020 Umami Designs                Painting
Regina, SK                                                           Regina, SK
Jewellery                          031 Charley Farrero               Painting         Meacham, SK             
020-1 Gail Carlson Pottery                    046 Yahoos
Prince Albert, SK                                                    Regina, SK
Ceramics                           032 Bonnie Gilmour -              Jewellery                Bonsfire Pottery        
                                   Meacham, SK
020-2 Wood -n-Wonderland           Ceramics                          047 BarnCat Designs
Nipiwan, SK                      Regina, SK
Wood                                                                 Metal
woodnwonderland                    033 Cathy Terepocki                            Saskatoon, SK
                                   Mix Media                         048 Dragonfly Designs
021 Wood Bin Gallery                    Montmartre, SK
Watson, SK                                                           Mix Media
Wood                               034 Roland Daum, Artist              Humboldt, SK
                                   Painting                          049 Creations by Lois
022 Colette Blampied                     Montmartre, SK
Regina, SK                                                           Jewellery
Jewellery                          035, 036 Sisters’ Stepping                  Stones & Glass
                                   Regina, SK                        050 Gaye Moss
023 Bon Jewellery Co.              Glass                             Wolseley, SK
Saskatoon, SK                           Mix Media
Metal                                                                        037 Melody Armstrong
                                   Jewellery                         051 Zane Wilcox
024 Valerie Munch                  Regina, SK                        Regina, SK
Saskatoon, SK                      Jewellery                         Ceramics
                                   038 E. Germaine Kyle              052 Memento Mori Jewellery
025 Hippo Pottery                  Regina, SK                        Regina, SK
Wishart, SK                        Ceramics                          Jewellery
Ceramics                               www.mementomori                                        
                                   039 Joyce Needham
026 Kim Menzies Art                Calgary, AB                       053, 054 Hillberg & Berk
Regina, SK                         Jewellery                         Regina, SK
Painting                               Jewellery                                         
055 Randal Fedje Ceramics       069 Jim Nodge Iron Sculpture       086, 087 Marni LuHu Designs
Regina, SK                      Craik, SK                          Regina, SK
Ceramics                        Metal                              Jewellery        

056 Tanya Rogoschewsky          070 Bonnie Bailey                  088 Cooley Pottery
Regina, SK                      Prince Albert, SK                  Saskatoon, SK
Painting                        Ceramics                           Ceramics   

057 Chokecherry Forge           071 Darlene Gate Art               089 Barbara Goretzky
Wilkie, SK                      Regina, SK                         Lumsden, SK
Metal                           Painting                           Ceramics       

058 Fused Art Glass by          072, 073 Akira Woodworking         090 Mary Romanuck -
Linda Rea                       Regina, SK                         Prints And Drawings
Regina, SK                      Wood                               Saskatoon, SK
Glass                           akirawoodworking@                  Original Prints            

059 Claude Morin Artancestral   074, 075 Parson Dietrich           091 J. Eberle Designs
Moose Jaw, SK                   Pottery                            Regina, SK
Ceramics                        Moose Jaw, SK                      Mix Media             Ceramics                 
060 Jason Leo Bantle                                               092 Regina Jazz Society
Photography                     077 Megan J. Hazel                 Community Table
Christopher Lake, SK            Regina, SK
Photography                     Jewellery                          093 Robert Froese                    Moose Jaw, SK
061 Carole Epp Ceramics         079 Gary Boyle           
Saskatoon, SK                   Original Handpulled Prints
Ceramics                        Saskatoon, SK                      094 Melvyn Malkin Studio               Original Prints                    Saskatoon, SK
                                        Mix Media
062 Bernie Zaharik                                       
Regina, SK                      080 June J. Jacobs
Ceramics                        Meacham, SK                        095 Lit’l Bears             Fibre                              Moose Jaw, SK
063 Tara Garratt                                         
Zehner, SK                      081 A. Rocamora /
Jewellery                       Modern Artefacts Studio            096 “Just Beat It”            Meacham, SK                        Sandra G. Kuntz
                                Ceramics                           Calgary, AB
064 JT Pottery Judy Tryon               Jewellery
Saskatoon, SK                                            
Ceramics                        082 Megan Courtney Broner               Saskatoon, SK                      096 Regina Fringe Festival
                                Jewellery                          Community Table
065 Larry Trask       
Nipawin, SK                                                        097 Sub Rosa Designs
Sculpture                       083 Mel Bolen                      Regina, SK               Humboldt, SK                       Jewellery
066 Sue’s Glass Art Studio
Moose Jaw, SK                                                      098 Ken Wilkinson Potter
Glass                           084 Linda Forbes                   Saskatoon, SK              Stained Glass                      Ceramics
                                Regina, SK               
067 Sacred Earth Soaps          Glass
& Candles                              099 Puppets ‘n Stuff
Regina, SK                                                         Saskatoon, SK
Soap                            085 The Bag Lady - Janet Brown     Fibre         Regina, SK               
068 Deb Vereschagin   
Meadow Lake, SK
100 BLindas Creations           114 Best Buddies Blues Band    Greek Loukoumathes
Ceylon, SK                      Community Table                Regina, SK
Jewellery                                                      Spanakopita, Greek honey balls             115 Silverwillow Pottery
                                Yorkton, SK                    Colony Coffee & Tea
101 Mynt Expressions            Ceramics                       Regina, SK
Regina, SK                   Iced Coffee, Iced Chai
Jewellery         116 Lloyd Dubois               Luscious Bites Catering
                                Regina, SK                     Regina, SK
102 Glass-Eyed Beads            Painting                       Samosas, Tabbouleh
Saskatoon, SK         
Glass                                                          Mr. Spudds Concessions         117 Carmen Beaumont            Regina, SK
                                Creations                      French Fries, Poutine
103 Happy Monarch Designs       Meota, SK
Estevan, SK                     Fibre                          J & P Concessions
Fibre                          Regina, SK                                               Mini-donuts, Popcorn
thehappymonarch                 118 Kaleidoscope Glass
                                Preeceville, SK                Prairie Dawg Catering
104 Sterling Designs by JLK     Glass                          Regina, SK
Regina, SK                      www.joannecraigstained         Smokies, Wraps
Jewellery                                                           Dessart Sweets
                                119, 120 Wingnut Enterprizes   Regina, SK
105 Jeannette Lussier           Don Pell                       Candy, Candy, Candy
Martensville, SK                Bellevue, SK
Painting                        Sculpture                      Over the Hill Orchards              Lumsden, SK
                                                               Pie, Chocolates
106 Brent Fellner               121 Walden Sweet
Prince Albert, SK               Design Group                   Delicious Concessions
Sculpture                       Saskatoon, SK                  Regina, SK
www.lonepine.sasktel            Original Prints                Pizza, Hamburgers           
                                                               The Cookie Lady
107 Brenda Wright-Mosaics       122 Amy Spiers Jewelry         Pilot Butte, SK
Regina, SK                      Saskatoon, SK                  Mix Media
Glass                           Jewelry                
                                                               Linda Marie’s Gourmet Toffee
108 Flatlander Intarsia         123 Art Prints Fine Art        Regina, SK
and Wood Art                    Photography by Rene            Candied nuts, Ice cream bars
Regina, SK                      Cymric, SK
Wood                            Photography         Facilitated Tours
109 Martin Tagseth              124 Shaye Spiralstone          Experience the MacKenzie’s great
Lake Lenore, SK                 Hanley, SK                     summer exhibitions with our free
Ceramics                        Sculpture                      Facilitated Tours throughout the             (306) 251-1673                 day.

110 Renaissance Glaziers        125 Delores Art                Tours will feature the exhibition
Regina, SK                      Brandon, MB                    James Henderson: Wicite Owapi
Glass                           Mix Media                      Wicasa: the man who paints old
renaissanceglaziers@                men.
                                126 Regina Weavers             Tours begin hourly and will meet at
111 Solitude and Soul           and Spinners                   the main entrance to the MacKenzie
Regina, SK                      Regina, SK                     Art Gallery.
Jewellery                       Community Table                                        12:30 pm

112 YbOt StudiOs                Food Vendors                   1:30 pm
Regina, SK
Ceramics                        Queen City Foot Long           2:30 pm              Regina, SK
                                Grayson Sausage, Hot dogs      3:30 pm
113 New Dance Horizons
Regina, SK
Community Table
Sunday, June 27, 2010 from 2 - 4 pm
MacKenzie Art Gallery
Free Admission

A special MacKenzie Family Day
celebrating our community’s cultural
diversity through music, dance and art!
Day Celebration
            is proudly sponsored by:

With support from:

Musical entertainment provided by:

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