Distributed transaction processing Acts as coordinator TMo Remote site by davebusters


									                                                                             Two-phase commit state diagrams
         6.9 Distributed transaction processing
                             Acts as coordinator                                   client
                                                                                                       qo                        qi
                                                                                     commit-req                      vote-req           vote-req
                                                                                       vote-req                        yes                no
                                                                                                po           a            pi              ai
                                                        Remote site 1                                Any no o                   abort
User transaction starts                        Participants                          All yes         abort All done commit      done
                                                                                     commit                   --     done

              TM        Transaction manager                                                    co           fo            ci
                                                         TM2                                      All done
                                                                                               Coordinator S0             Participant Si
                                                         Remote site 2
24/07/2001                                                               1   24/07/2001                                                            2

         Notation                                                                  Requirements for atomic

              Initial states                                                       commit protocols

                      q0.for coordinator                                       ¦

                                                                                     AC1: No contradictory commit/abort decisions.
                      qi for paticipant Si (ready to vote)


                                                                                     AC2: Participants cannot reverse vote.

              Final states                                                     ¦

                                                                                     AC3: Can commit only if all voted Yes.

                      c0: decision made to commit; ci: will commit             ¦

                                                                                     AC4: Must commit if no failure and all participants
                                                                                     voted Yes.
                      a0: decision made to abort; ai: will abort


                                                                                     AC5: If all failures are repaired and no new ones occur,

              s        s’: I/O means
                                                                                     then all participants must eventually reach decision.

                      Input message I is received in state s.

                      New state s’ is recorded in stable log.

                      Output message O is sent out.

24/07/2001                                                               3   24/07/2001                                                            4

           Recovery actions on time-out                                                Simple TP


                                                                                       Participant Si sends “getState” request to

                     In state p0: Assume No for no reply and move to                   coordinator S0;
                     a0.                                                                ¡

                                                                                         If c0.or a0 is returned, enter ci or ai respectively

            Participant                                                                 ¡

                                                                                                 If p0 is returned, stay in pi.
                     In state qi: Abort unilaterally (i.e., move to ai)


                                                                                       Repeat on time-out.
                     In state pi: invoke Termination Protocol (e.g.,

                     Simple TP).

                                                                                                 Simple TP blocks till coordinator recovers.

24/07/2001                                                                5   24/07/2001                                                                  6

                                                                                       Restart action on recovery
           Cooperative TP for participant site Si                                  ¤

                                                                                            Can recover independently if not failed in pi.

             (1) Try Simple TP.                                                    ¤

                                                                                            If failed in pi, restart as if after long timeout interval.

             (2) If coordinator doesn’t respond send                               ¤

                                                                                            Coordinator S0: check log for the last state.
             “getState” to other participants.                                               ¥

                                                                                                Done: do nothing.
                     Participant Sj is in aj or cj: Move to ai or ci.                           c0: broadcast “Commit”


                                                                                                Else: move to a0 and broadcast “Abort”.

                     None in aj or cj, but Sk is in qk: Move to ai.


                     Each Sj that responds is in pj: Reset timer and go

                                                                                            Participant Si: check log for last recorded state.
                                                                                                ci or ai: broadcast state to other participants.

                     back to step (1).
                                                                                                qi: move to ai and broadcast state.

                                                                                                pi: invoke Cooperative TP.

24/07/2001                                                                7   24/07/2001                                                                  8

       2PC in JavaSpace/Jini                                                 Committing in JavaSpace

        A client requests the TM (coordinator) to create                 ¤

                                                                              public interface TransactionParticipant
        trans_id. It then creates participants that join in the                £

                                                                                int prepare (mgr, trans_id) (=vote)
                                                                                void commit (mgr, trans_id);


        package net.jini.core.transaction.server
                                                                                void abort (mgr, trans_id);


        public interface TransactionManager {
           Created create (leaseFor);


              returns (trans_id, granted_Lease)

           void join (trans_id, participant);                            ¤

           int getState (trans_id);

           void commit (trans_id);

           void abort (trans_id);


24/07/2001                                                        9   24/07/2001                                        10


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