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					                                                                                      WMCA           570      WNYC         830      WMGM           1050   WBNX ..1380
                                                                                      WVN1           620      WCBS         8e0      WNEW           1130   WNJR ..1430
                                                                                      WRCA           660      WPAT         930      WLIB           1190   WHOM .        14C3
                                                                                      WOR            710      WART .       970      WOV '          1280   WQXR _1560
                                                                                      WABC           970      WINS ...1010          WEVD           1330   WWRL . 1600

  5 A. M.-12 Mid.-Monitor: Continuous program of 17:55-Baseball: N. Y. Yankees vs. Orioles, at
     news, sports and variety. Today's-highlights      Baltimore-(WINS).
     in sports include the sprints and middle dis- ;9:05-9-Symphony Hall: Tchaikovsky's Piano Cone.
     tance events at the 1.C.4-A Track 'Meet, 'sit     certo No. 2, as played by Benno Moiseiwitseh
     2:20, 3:35, 4:20 and 4:40 P. M.; the Jersey       and the London Philharmonic; George Weldon
     Stakes Horse Race, at Garden State Track,                                               '

         Camden, at 5:45; and the Californian Horse
      Race at Hollywood Park, Inglewood, Calif., at 8:30-9:55-Juilliard Concert: Orchestra and chorni
      8 : 20-( WRCA ).                                   are under the direction of Jean Morel; so1944
                                                         are Brenda Lewis and Carl White. Tho jet,-

  10:3041 A. M.-N. Y. Times Youth Forum: "How
      Does Television Affect Youth?"-Mark Mc-            tured work is Honegger's "Jeanne d'Aro -Sr4
      Closkey, Chairman, State Youth Commission;         Bucher"-(WNYC).
     Dorothy Gordon, moderator-(WQXR).               9:05-10-Mozart Bicentennial Series': "The reto
  11-11:30 A. M.-Herald Tribune H. S. Forum:             Three"-Symphonies: K. 543, K. 550 and "Jupia
      "Where Do Prejudice,s Come From?'"-Foreign         ter"-Herbert Weinstock is the commentator-
      students are the guests:. Mrs. Helen Hie.tt         (WQXR).
      Waller is moderator-(WNYC).                   19:30-9:55-Basin Street Jazz: Featuring the George
  1:55-Baseball: N. Y. Giants vs. Brooklyn Dodgers,      Shearing Quintet-(WCBS),
     Polo Grounds-(WMCA, WMGM).                                                   .

  2,3; 3:30-4:30-Opera Matinee: Wagner's "Tristan 9:35-10-National Juke Box; The country's top
                                                         records and artists-(WABC).
     and Isolde"---IWNYC).
 3-3:30-Mayor's Conference: Robert F. Wagner is 10-10:39--The World in Books: "Rogue's March,"
     interviewed by newsmen-(WNYC); recorded,           with Ivan Obolensky, author, as guest; Wil-
    .3:30-4-(WOR); 9-9:30-tWEVD).                       liam Kennedy and Vernon Brooks are the
 4:30-5:15-The French Theatre: "Jazz," by Marcel        hosts-(WEVD).
     Pagnol (Recorded )-(WNYC).                     10:05-10:30-Rhythm on Parade: With Maurice
 0:05-6:30-Backgrounds of Music: N. Y. U. series.       King's Orchestra and guest artist; Willie
     with Prof. Martin Bernstein commenting on          Bryant, host, from Detroit-(WABC).
     the Cantatas of J. S. Bach-(WCBS).             10:05-11-Concert: The Philadelphia Orchestra,
 l:35--,Jane Pickens Show: With Dorothy Sarnoff,        with Eugene Ormandy conducting. Soloists are
     soprano;     obest Rounseville, tenor; others,     Maria Stade'', soprano; Jennie Tourel, mezzo-
     (Recorded)-(WRCA).                                 soprano; Rudolf Petrals, tenor; Donald Gramm,
 7-8:30-Masterwork Hour: Featuring Nathan Mil-          bass-baritone. Excerpts from Mozart's Mass
     stein, violinist. Dvorak's Slavonic Rhapsody       in C Minor-(WCBS).
     No, 3 (Recorded)-(WNYC).
 7:05-3-Juke Ildx Jury: Guest panelists rate the 10:05-11-Opera in Brief:. Messager's "Monsieur
     records, with Peter Potter-(WCBS).                 Beaucaire"-(WQXR).
 7:05-8-The String Quartet, with Leonid Hambro, 10:30-10:55-Memorial Service of the Police Depart-
     guest pianist. Binaural broadcast of Francit's     ment Honor Legion: Commissionez Stephen P.
     Piano Quintet in F Minor for Piano and            Kennedy, Justice Thomas A. Aurelio, others
     Strings-IWQXR).                                    (Recorded)-- (WNYC).
                                                (*DENOTES PROGRAMS DESCRIBED ABOVE)
             DAYTIME                                  *WNYC: N. Y. Herald                            *WNYC: Opera Matinee             8:55-WCBS: Jim McKay, Sports
  7:00-WRCA: Best of Pulse                              Tribune H. S. Forum                              (Continued)                    00-WRCA : Monitor: Fred
          WOR: News Report                 WO X Re 5. Y. Times News                              4:00*WRCA: Monitor: 1. C. 4-A               Astaire, MacKinlay Kantor
          WABC: Marc Connelly          05-WQ X R: Morning Concert                                       Track Meet                          WOR: I Ask You
          WCBS: News; Jack Sterling 11:15-WOR: Wonder' Garden                                          WOR: Bill Maher                      WABC: News Reports
          WNYC:      Sunrise       Spiv hony 11:30-WRCA: Monitor:           Teen-age
                                                                                                       WQ X R: N. Y. Times News             WCBS: Rock 'n' Roll
        WQ X R: N. Y. Times News                         Science Fair                            4 :05-WQ X R: Concert Hall                  Dance Party
  7:05-WQX R: Bright and Early                          WOR: Wheel of Chance                     4:15-WOR: Beauty Hints                    WO X R: N. Y. Times News
  7:15-WOR: Gambling's Clock                            1NNYC: Pals of P. A. L.                  4:30*WRCA: Monitor: 1. C. 4-A        9:05-WABC: Best Bands         .

  7:30-WCBS: News; Jack Sterling                        WQ X Re Violin    Personali-                   Track Meet                          *WQ A     Mozart
          WQ X R: But.intsss Ne%;s                       ties:     Fritz Kreisler                     WOR: Day to Remember                    Bicentennial Series
  7: 35-WQ X R: Symphony                         11:45-WO X        Luncheon Concert                  *WNYC: French Theatre            9:30-WRCA: Monitor: Grand
  7:45-WCBS: News Reports             11:55-WOR: Les Paul-Mary Ford                                   WQ X R: Listening With                 Ole Opry
        WNYC: Weather; News                                                                             Jacques Fray                        WOR: Loinbardoland
  8:00*WRCA: ,Monitor: News              00-WRCA: Monitor; National                              4:45-WOR: For God and Country           *WCBS: Basin Street Jane
            Sports and Spzciai Lvents         Farm and Home Hour                                                                     9:35*WABC: National Juke Boit
                                            WON: News Reports                                    5:00-WRCA: Monitor
            Fran All Parts of the                                                                      WOR: Harry Wismer             9:55-WCBS: Jim McKay, Sports
           Globe (to Midnight)                          WABC: News; It's Time;
                                                                                                       WQ X R: N. Y. Times News             WNYC: News Reports
          WOR, WCBS: News                                 Recorded Music                                                               00-WRCA: Monitor
                                                       WCBS: News Reports                        5:05-WQ X R: Cocktail Time
          WABC: Marc Connelly                                                                                                        WOR: Renfro Valley
          WNYC: Around New York                        WNYC: French Music                        5 :15-WNYC: Introducing
                                                                                                        Madame:    Housewife
                                                                                                                                       Barn Dance
       WQ X R: N. Y. Times News                         Makers: Debussy and the                                                      WABC, WCBS: News
 8:05-WQ X R: Symphony      .                           Lyric Theatre                            5:30-WRCA: Monitor: Louis
                                                                                                        Armstrong                    WNYC: Concert Hall
 8:15-WOR: John B. Gambling                            WQ X R: N. Y. Times News                                                      WQ X R: N. Y. Times News
       WCBS: Bob Haymes          12:05-WOR: Magic of Music                                            WABC: It's Time; Music
                                                                                                      WCBS: Science Adventures
                                                                                                                               10:05*WABC: Rhythm on Parade
 8 :30-WRCA : Monitor: Connect)-         WCBS: Romance                                                                             *WCBS: Philadelphia
         cut Cub Scouts                  WQ X R: Luncheon Concert                                5:45*WRCA: Monitor: Horse                   Orchestra Concert
       WCBS: Garden Gate         12: IS-WABC: Everybody's                                           Racing                     *WQ X It: Opera in Brief
 8 :55-WABC, WNYC: News                   Chemistry-Discussion                                     WCBS: Port of New York 10:30-WRCA: Monitor: Gracie
 9 :00-WRCA: . Monitor: Spelling 12: 30-WRCA : News; Phil Alampi                             5:50-WOR: News Reports               Fields
         Bee its Ohio                    WON: News Reports                                   5:55-WOR: Les Paul-Mary Ford       WABC: It's Time:
       WOR: News; Kiplinger             WABC: No School Today                                         INABC, WNYC: ' News                    Lawrence Welk Show
            Report                                     WCBS: Gunsmoke
          WABC: Martin Block's                  12:45-WOR: Travel Talk
                                                                                                        EVENING                         *WNYC: Police Dept. Honor
                                                                                                                                             Legion Memorial.
            M    - Bel ie ve     Ballroom
                                                12:55-INCBS: Galen Drake                     6:00-WRCA: Monitor                     10:55-WNYC: News (FM to 3)
          WCBS: News; Jim Lowe                         WNYC: News Reports                             WON, WCBS: News               11:00-WRCA Monitor
       WNYC: Masterwork Hour                                                                          WABC: Martin Block
       WQ X R: N. Y. Times News                  1:00-WRCA: Monitor: Blind                                                     WOR, WABC, WCBS: News
                                                                                               WNYC: Hands Across the          WQ X R: N. Y. Times News
 9:05-WQ X R: Just Music                                 Bowlers     Tournament
                                                       WON: Music From Britain                   Sea-Herman Neuman      11 :07-WQ X R: Symphony Music
 9:15-WOR: Changing Times                   .
                                                                                               WQ X R: N. Y. Times News 11:15-WOR: Ruby Mercer
 9:30-WRCA:. Monitor: Dave Sis-                        WABC: News; It's Time
                                                                                         -6:05*WCBS: Backgrounds of            WABC: Today's Baseball
         ler, Natalie Wood                             WCBS: News; City Hospital                 Music: N. Y. U. Series
       WOR: McCanns at Home                            WNYC: Chamber Music                     WQ X R: Dinner Concert
                                                                                                                               WCBS: U. N. on Record:
                                                       WQ X R: N. Y. Times News                                                 Dr. C. J. Van Heuven
       WCBS: Galen Drake                                                                  6:15-WRCA: Jimmy Powers
       WQ X R: Piano Personality                 1:05-WQ X ft; Midday Symphony                                                              Goedhart, U. N. High
                                                                                                     WOR: Wonder Garden                     Commissioner for
 9:45-WQ XR: Composers Variety                   1:10-WABC: Navy Concert                 6:30*WRCA:           News; Jane Pickens             Refugees
10:00-WRCA: Monitor                              1:25-WOR: Men's Corner                               Show (Recorded)
       WOR: News Reports                         1: 30-WRCA: Monitor                                                                11:30 -WOR: Weather; Long
                                                                                                     WON: News Reports                      John's Almanac
       WQ X R: N. Y. Times News                       WABC: It's Time; Vincent                       WCBS: Young Ideas
10:05-WQ X R: Morning Melodies                           Lopez Orchestra                                                                   WCBS: Music 'Til Dawn
                                                                                         6: 45-WOR : Sian Lomax, Sports 12:00-wRcAt Presenting
10:15-WON: Martha Deane                               WCBS: Bill Randle-Disk                   WNYC: Weather; News                               Hi-Fl
10:30-WRCA: Monitor: Teen-age                          Jockey (to 5:30)                                                        WOR: News;. Music
                                                                                         7:00-WRCA: Monitor                 WABC: Mostly Music
        Science Fair                                 WNYC: Dateline Columbia                  WOR: Pop the Question
      WNYC: Young America                       1:45-WNYC: Weather; News                                                    WQ X R: N. Y. Times Newt
                                                                                              WCBS: News Reports      12:05-WQ X R: Midnight
        Piays: Brooklyn Music                   1:55*WMCA; WMGM: Baseball                    *WNYC: Masterwork Hour          Symphony
        School Settlement                       2:00*WRCA: Monitor: I. C. 4.A                 WQX R: N. Y. Times News 12:30-WOR: Jean Shepherd
     *WQ X Re N. Y. Times                              Track Meet                        7:05*WCBS: Juke Box Jury
        Youth Forum                                   WOR: News; Fifth Army
10:55-WNYC: News Reports                                                                           *MX Re String Quartet                      I.
                                                       Band Concert                      7 :30-WOR :        InsPiration Please
11 :00-WRCA : Monitor                                 WABC: News; Festival:                          WABC: Jack Wyrtzen                FM Schedules
         WCBS: News; Robert Q.                         Serni-Classicaf Music             7:55*WINS: Baseball                       WFIJV 90.7 9:00AM..11:00,M.
          Lewis Show                                *WNYC: Opera Matinee                 8:00-WRCA: Monitor:           Henry       WHOM 92.3 9:00AM.-11; 00PM.
                                                      WQ X R: N. Y. Times News                         Morgan Presents  WNYE 91.5 9:15AM. 3:30PM.
 The NewYork Times                              2:05-WQ X R: Footlight Favorites
                                                2:30-WQR: Piano fieloods
                                                                                                     1A'OR: Hawaii CallsWNYC 93.9 6:00 AM.. 3:00AM.
                                                                                                     WABC, WCBS: News   WABC 95.5 7:40AM.- 3:00 AM.
NEWS BULLETINS                                        WQ X R: Movie      Music                 WQ X R: N. Y. Times News WQXR 96.3 6:00AM.- 1:00AM.
every hour on the hour                          3:00-WRCA: Monitor                       8:05-Vv'CBS: Country Music     WRCA 97.1 6:00AM.- 6:00AM.
7 A..g. to midnight over                            *WNYC: Mayor's Confecence
                                                      WQ X R: N. Y. Tirrses News
                                                                                             *WQ X R: Symphony Hall
                                                                                         6:10-WABC:' Best Bands
                                                                                                                        WEVD 97.9 9:15AM.- 1:00AM.
                                                                                                                        WOR  98.7 11:00AM.-1:00AM.
             WQXR                               3:05-WQ X R: Disk Debuts                 8:20*WRCA: Monitor: Horse      WBA1 99.5 8:00AM.-12:00PM.
         (1550 on your dial)                    3:30*WRCA: .Monitor: I. C. 4-A                   Racing                 WCB5 101.1 6:00AM.- 6:00AM.
         WQXR-FM                                       Track Meet                        8:30-WOR: Bonsoir Paris                   WBFM101.9 8:00AM.-12:00PM.
    9t .2 me. run FM           kets1                *WOR: Mayor's Conference                 *WNYC: Juilliard Concert              WWR1.105.1 6:00111.-12:oorm.
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