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									       Meta Searching Databases via AGent
What is meta searching? Meta searching allows you to get results from several
databases with a single search. It is now possible to search many of our
databases accessible via AGent in this way.

                                           1. From the library homepage at
                                 , click on the
                                           link labeled AGent.

 2. In the login box, type in your
seven-digit Chaffey ID number in
the first box, and your birth date in
the second box using the format:
two numbers for the month, two of
the day, and the last two numbers
of the year, no spaces or dashes in
between the numbers. Then click on the My Account Login button.

                                     3. In the gray area at the top of the page,
                                     click on the Search multiple databases

4. Place checkmarks in the boxes next
to the databases you wish to search. Up
to fifteen can be selected at a time.

Tip: If you want more information on a
database, you can click on the    icon
and a window will come up with a
description of the database.
5. Once one or more
databases have been
selected, type in search
terms in the box at the top
of the page.

To the right of the Search
boxes where the default is
labeled All Headings, you
can click on the arrow to choose something more specific from the pull-down
menu, such as Subject, Title or Author.

                                     6. In the right area of the search pane are
                                     search limits such as Publication Year
                                     and To full-text articles.

                                     7. Click on the Search button to search.

 6. The first ten results for each
database will be displayed on
the results page. In order to
view a document, click on its

                                             7. The number of hits in each
                                             database searched are listed on
                                             the left side of the screen under
                                             Resource Summary. Click the
                                             number to go to all results in a

 If you need additional assistance, please call (652-6808), email
(, or come in to the Reference Desk at the Chaffey
College Library.

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