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					        Navy Remedial Action: Over 130,000 tons moved in 84 days.
          T & D contaminated soil. Imported Backfill to the Base.
EarthCare Enviro Principal Gail Brice, served as the Transportation and Disposal (T&D)
Project Manager to Tetra Tech EC for the remediation of a 23-acre site at Naval Base
San Diego contaminated with low levels of dioxin. Besides transporting 70,000+ tons of
contaminated soil to a CERCLA-approved disposal site, 63,700 tons of “Certified Clean”
backfill was also imported onto the Base under Ms. Brice’s direction.

      EarthCare Principal Bridget Wester served as the Transportation Manager.

       Assured Transporter Compliance

      Ms. Wester contracted directly with the owners/operators of the trucks and
      ensured compliance with all State and Federal license, registrations, HAZWOPER
      training, insurance and Safety Records throughout the project conducted over
      9 months with 15 mobilizations.

      EarthCare Enviro Principals provided detailed Project Requirements and Safety
      Instructions to each Driver who signed agreements of their understanding including
      that they could be removed from the project immediately if they did not comply with

       Profiled waste, prepared and provided Manifests. Tracked Waste.

      Contaminated soil was both Cal Haz and Non-Hazardous categories. As it was being
      disposed out of State, in addition to California State and EPA requirements, profiling
      and disposal also had to meet the disposal site State’s Special Waste requirements.

      A shared spread sheet tracking all waste shipments was maintained throughout the
      project. Client could access through the Internet 24/7 for status and to use for
      reporting to Navy.

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