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									                             BOSTIK POWERMASTIK
                                               TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

 DESCRIPTION                                                                                               TECHNICAL

BOSTIK POWERMASTIK is a permanently plastic, solvent-free, waterproof compound, Appearance                    : White homogeneous
which remains unaffected by extreme temperature changes. It has good adhesion to                                paste
all dust-free, non-bituminous surfaces. It will remain plastic under normal structural Density                : Approx. 1,3g/cm3
and thermal movement of the joint to which it is applied. Can be painted with any
non-bituminous paint after skin has formed. BOSTIK POWERMASTIK is excellent for        Solids                 : Approx. 75%
providing a durable, protective seal against entry of water, dust, fumes, etc.
                                                                                            Consistency       : Non-slump

 APPLICATIONS                                                                               Resistance        : Excellent

                                                                                            Drying time       : 24 hours skin over
BOSTIK POWERMASTIK is recommended for the sealing of asbestos, galvanised
iron and aluminum gutter sections and downpipes, overlap joints of roofing sections,        Coverage:
air duct joints and seams, metal windows to sub frames and masonry, panels, glass           310 ml Cartridge : 12 metres
cladding and frames on curtain walls and skylight installations.                                               (5mm x 5mm joint)

                                                                                            410 ml Cellopack : 16 metres
                                                                                                               (5mm x 5mm joint)
                                                                                            5 L Buckets       : 200 metres
                                                                                                                (5mm x 5mm joint)
 Ensure surfaces to be bonded are clean, dry and free from dust and grease.
 310 ml - Cut tip off cartridge and screw nozzle onto cartridge.                           Shelf life        : 12 months in a
 Cut tip of nozzle at an angle to desired size.                                                                sealed cartridge
 410 ml / 5 litre - Apply mastik with either a closed barrel caulking gun, putty                               Storage temperature
                                                                                                                between 5ºC –35oC
 knife or spatula, in a continuous bead to prepared joint.
 Smooth after application with a wet spatula if necessary.
 Allow to set (2 mm per 24 hours). Does not completely set, remains flexible.
 Clean tools and spills with lacquer thinners.                                                            PACKAGING

                                                                                                          310 ml Cartridges
NOTE:                                                                                                     410 ml Cellopaks
During winter or cold spells BOSTIK POWERMASTIK tends to thicken, and should this                          5 litre Buckets
cause application difficulties, place the container in the sun until the material becomes

If skin or eye contact occurs, flush immediately with water  If irritation prevails seek
medical attention  KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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