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									Bus Information – HRSB + Stock

Halifax regional school board bus schedules for September 2008 will be available for viewing on
the board’s website effective July 2, 2008 at www.hrsb.ns.ca

Simply click on the school finder drop down list to the left of the home page, find the school you
need to view, click go, then click for bus schedule and you will go into a secure site where every
bus stop, bus route number and time is listed alphabetically for that school.

(please note that you want to note the route #, not the bus #, i.e. Route # a53 (a.m.) or p53 (p.m.)
On or before august 27th the school principal will also post a copy of the bus schedules on the front
door of the schools for those who do not have access to the Internet parents of students who travel
on special needs busses will be contacted over the summer by stock transportation personnel with
the bus schedule information.

I have attached for schools use, information on how to access your schedules and MapNet Web
information specifically for your school. If you forgot your username & password for MapNet Web,
you can access this information in My HRSB in MAPNET INFO.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns I do apologize for this delay.
Thanks and have a wonderful summer!

Ann Bell
Coordinator of Pupil Transportation
Halifax Regional School Board
90 Alderney Dr., Dart. NS B2Y 4S8
464-2000, Ext. 2228

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