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					May 10, 2007

TO:            BRI Employees, Spouses and Dependents
FROM:          Don Vanier

Changes to Health Care and Insurance Rates
Changes to Dental and Rates
May Open Enrollment
Flexible Spending Account Enrollment

Building Restoration, Inc. is making some important changes regarding health insurance,
dental insurance, and some of the provided benefits to current employees.

IBA, as you are aware, was acquisitioned by United Health Care (UHC), in 2006. As a
stand alone product, IBA will cease to offer healthcare insurance services on October 31,
2007. As a result, at our June 1, 2007 renewal, our primary healthcare carrier will be
entirely with UHC. Because of our past service, and as a special offer to us to continue
with UHC, they have offered this year only, a special rate which is an average of 5%
above last year's IBA health insurance rates. BRI will absorb this rate increase for the
2007-2008 plan year. Therefore, no changes will occur to your employee contribution
towards your healthcare insurance. BRI will also no longer require that employees carry
health insurance.

For those interested in our current rate structure with UHC, it is as follows:

                       With IBA                With UHC
                       2006-2007 Rates         2007-2008 Rates
Single                 $308.98                 $317.19                 3% Increase
Employee + 1           $667.40                 $666.10                 0% Increase
Family                 $926.94                 $985.83                 7% Increase

The plan with UHC is nearly identical to last year's plan with IBA, except the drug tiers
are now $10/$30/$50. Office co-pays remain at $10 per visit, there are no In Network
Deductibles, and most In Network Out Patient Surgery and Diagnostic Services require
no co-payment and are 100% covered. As a reminder, all laboratory services must be
conducted through Labcorp in order to be considered In Network. This lab change was
the same as with IBA and started January 1, 2007. You should have received mailings on
this back in January. A United Healthcare Benefits summary is included for your review.

May is open enrollment month. It is your responsibility to inform BRI office of any
changes you wish to make to your healthcare elections. This must be done by May 25,
2007. If you choose not to inform us of changes, after May 25, 2007, your current
healthcare coverage will continue as is.

You give up your HIPPA rights to continued healthcare coverage if you cancel your
insurance any time after May 25, 2007, and then later change your mind and try to
reinstate insurance. Only during the Open Enrollment period can you make
changes and still preserve your HIPPA continuation coverage rights.

                   2007-2008 Healthcare Employee Contributions

Single                $10.00 per week
Employee + 1          $96.84 per week
Family                $114.81 per week

                      United Healthcare Dental Employee Changes

Effective June 1, 2007, dental coverage will be 100% employee contributory. In other
words, if you elect dental coverage, you will pay the full cost of dental care insurance.
We have gone through an extensive bid process in obtaining reasonable dental insurance
coverage and have chosen United Healthcare as our dental carrier for the 2007-2008 plan
year. Dental insurance through Guardian will cease on May 31, 2007.

Monthly Premium cost comparisons of dental insurance are:
                          Under Guardian         With UHC
                          2006-2007 Rates        2007-2008 Rates
Single Coverage           $42.56                 $27.07                    37% Decrease
Employee + Spouse         N/A                    $57.41
Employee + Child(ren)     N/A                     $54.14
Family Coverage           $117.14                 $87.27                   26% Decrease

These premiums will be deducted through your paycheck on a weekly basis.
Since we have a new dental carrier, if you want dental coverage, you must fill out an
application form. If you choose not to inform BRI office of your intention regarding
dental coverage, it will be assumed that you do not want dental coverage. You will not
have the option of choosing dental coverage again until May 2008. Enclosed is a Dental
Plan Election Form and a Summary of Dental Benefits.

                               Open Enrollment Month

May is Open Enrollment Month. There will NOT be company meetings this year to
guide you through this renewal and open enrollment process. It is YOUR responsibility
to become informed of these changes, and contact Sue or Don for the proper paperwork
and any questions you may have. This letter and all documentation relating to open
enrollment will also be posted on the company's website:      Log In: brione Password: letmein

Up until May 25, 2007, is the only time of year that changes are allowed with your health
and dental insurance plans. Throughout the year, a qualified change in status, such as
Marriage, Birth, Divorce, Death, Adoption, allows you 60 days to make changes to your

All medical premiums paid by employees are shielded from state and federal income
taxes through BRI's sec125 Cafeteria Plan, but, you MUST sign a Salary Redirection
Agreement in order for the medical premiums to be included in the Cafeteria Plan. IRS
regulations require that this form be signed each year during Open Enrollment month,
AND, if you do not respond by May 25, 2007, you will lose your ability to shield your
medical and dental premiums from state and federal taxes for the entire plan year.

Flexible Spending Plan (FSA)

The FSA plan enrollment also occurs during the month of May. This plan allows you to
shield from state and federal taxes up to $2,080 for Medical Reimbursable expenses, and
$5,000 for child care expenses. Please visit the employee section of the company's
website for information on how an FSA can save you money. You must fill out an FSA
redirection agreement form by May 25, 2007, in order to participate in the money saving
features of a Flexible Spending Plan. A Flexible Spending Election Form is included in
this package, and is also available online at the company's website.

Sam's Club Memberships

The Sam's Club membership program has been eliminated. Current memberships will
run until expiration which varies by employee. See Sue or Don for details on when your
membership will expire.


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