Adeptra Survey Reveals That Most US Bank Customers Prefer Automated Messaging over Call Center Agents for Urgent Communications

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					Adeptra Survey Reveals That Most US Bank
Customers Prefer Automated Messaging over Call
Center Agents for Urgent Communications
-NYC survey reveals 86% of respondents expect to hear about suspicious activity within one hour or less;
more than half (55%) of respondents want automated messages from banks-

September 30, 2010 01:13 PM Eastern Daylight Time  

NORWALK, Conn.--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--With banking customers able to access their account 24x7
and perform transactions from virtually any global location, voice messages from outsourced call center agents no
longer meet the needs of banking customers concerned about suspicious activity in their account. According to an
Adeptra survey of 200 U.S. account holders, the vast majority of respondents want banks to notify them within one
hour of suspicious activity, and most want an automated text message rather than a voice call from an outsourced call
center agent.

“Banks are searching for ways to connect with their customers in real-time and across multiple channels,” said Bill
Brown, director of Global Product Strategy for Adeptra. “With technology constantly evolving and consumers more
wired in than ever, banks can take advantage of better communication methods to reach consumers - not only in
urgent situations, but, more importantly, to engage them in two-way, real-time dialogues that bring real value to the
partnership. This can change the way banks communicate with consumers, and the types of messages they can

Some of the most forward-thinking financial institutions have started to look beyond conventional uses for automated
call center technology, noted Brown. “Banks are realizing the true value of communicating with their customers – not
just at them. No matter how you look at it, automating communication methods puts the consumer first.” 

Conducted in August 2010, Adeptra’s survey of consumers’ communication preferences with their banks and their
perception of automated and outsourced communication channels found that 36% of respondents currently receive
communications from their banks via real-time channels, including calls and SMS cell phone text messages. In a
reflection of the increasing mobility of the customer base, the survey found that 69% of respondents would like their 
bank to provide real-time communication channels. For urgent account updates, an overwhelming 86% of
respondents said they would accept immediate notification via automated systems. These results show that banks are
facing a growing challenge by the day to find effective ways to communicate urgent account updates to customers, 
beyond live agents.

“The results of this survey plainly show that consumers are embracing communication from automated systems. In
fact, we can see that they’ve begun voicing a preference for automation – especially in situations where more urgent
communication may be necessary,” said Brown. “We found that 86% of the respondents wanted a communication
within an hour of any event that the bank recognizes as carrying potential risk. In the current consumer banking
environment, only 37% of the consumers actually see this level of service. With consumers demanding immediate
responses from their banks, automation technology makes this form of communications an efficient and economical
reality for even the largest call centers.” 

Trusted by leading organizations across the world, Adeptra’s platform enables customer engagement, resolution and
event-driven servicing. Ten of the largest global retail banks, seven of North America’s top ten financial institutions,
nine of the ten top UK card issuers, and all of the major banks in Australia rely on Adeptra to proactively engage
with their customers to improve retention and enhance the customer experience and to consistently meet the
communications challenges and opportunities in fraud prevention, collections, marketing and customer service.

About Adeptra

Adeptra is the global market leader in Auto-resolution™: technology that automates key call center interactions to 
reduce their cost and dramatically increase performance. Applications are fully integrated, industry-specific solutions
for business processes such as fraud detection, payment reminders and opt-in marketing.

Distinct from less sophisticated auto-dialler systems, Adeptra combines recorded dialog with state of the art natural
language to reach out to individual customers and personally engage with them about important, time-sensitive issues.
Adeptra is able to make thousands of customer contacts simultaneously and achieves higher levels of portfolio
penetration and produces significantly better results than human agents alone. The resolutions it secures are delivered
into clients’ computer systems for reporting and analysis.

Among its many customers, Adeptra is used by the majority of leading retail banks across EMEA, N America and
APAC. It occupies a premium position in the market by continually reinvesting in its technology, operations and
service structure. The company’s commitment to the highest standards of data security compliance was recently re-
confirmed, as Adeptra became the first Interactive Voice Messaging organization to meet both Payment Card
Industry Security Standard (PCI DSS) v1.2 and ISO27001 standards on a global basis. For more information, visit

Debbie Nesdale, 203-956-2600
Marketing Manager
Prompt Communications on behalf of Adeptra
Laurie SantaLucia, 617-401-2717 / 617-291-9899


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