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									Rikvin Outlines the Singapore Subsidiary Registration Procedure

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Singapore has made three business formats available for business enthusiasts, investors and shareholders. These
business formats are subsidiary company, representative office and branch office. Each has different identities,
purpose and benefits, and each has different registration procedure and documents to comply.

“Each of these business models has a specific purpose which ideally should be thoroughly considered in order to
have a successfully running company or auxiliary entity in Singapore, Rikvin spokesman said during an interview.

Among the three business formats, a Singapore subsidiary company is the most ideal and preferred by local and
foreign businessmen. This is the reason why Rikvin, a leading business registration firm outlines a detailed
Singapore subsidiary registration procedure.

“Because of the advantages of being a Singapore Subsidiary company, most foreign entrepreneurs, investors, and
business organizations prefer this model over a branch office,” Rikvin said.

According to Rikvin, “A subsidiary company in Singapore is an incorporated private limited company, which the
majority of shares are held by a corporation, foreign or local. It is considered as a resident company thus it can
benefit for local tax benefits and local tax exemption of zero tax for the first S$100,000 of its chargeable income.”

There are two kinds of preparation for Singapore Subsidiary registration. One is subsidiary setup with relocation to
Singapore and the other is Subsidiary setup without relocation to Singapore. Rikvin said that if you choose to
incorporate a subsidiary company and relocate foreign staff to Singapore, two tasks should be accomplished.
These are Singapore subsidiary registration and secure an Employment Pass. However, if you wish to setup a
company without having to relocate, a Singapore resident director should be immediately appointed when
incorporating a company.

Rikvin stressed the things to note before incorporation such as a unique company name, minimum of one
shareholder, minimum of one resident director, an appointment of a company secretary, a minimum share
capital/paid-up capital of $1, a registered address and memorandum and articles of association. The post
requirements for Singapore subsidiary registration were also mentioned in the outline such as securing of
appropriate licenses and permits, providing registered office hours, showing registration numbers on all business
documentations, securing custom registration, Goods and Services Tax GST registration and Central Provident
Fund registration.

As the outline concludes, Rikvin noted that foreign businessmen are required to seek the assistance of a
professional business registration firm in Singapore that will conduct and process all the concerns on the business

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