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									                               The Library

          Access to University of South Australia Library
       Most University of South Australia databases and ejournals can be accessed via
       the Library’s authentication system using a UniSA network account. By this
       process you are recognised as a student or staff member of the University of
       South Australia and granted access to our databases

       Students: must have a current enrolment with the University of South Australia.
       If you require access to databases due to program incompletion please consult
       the information detailed on the Database Access Information page

       Staff: must have a current HR record and University Network account. If you do
       not have a network account please consult the information details on the
       Database Access Information page

       Database Access Information page:

       Access to Databases
       At the databases webpage choose
       a database from either the:
               a) database title or
               b) database subjects

          1. Click on either
          database titles or
          database subjects
                             The Library

                                                          2. Click on the first letter of
                                                          your database choice

       You will be taken to a list of databases. Here you can click on the title of the
       database you wish to search

                                                            3. Click on the database title
                                                            of your choice
                             The Library

           Once you click on the database title of your choice, you will arrive at the
           database description page that looks like this:

                                                                             4. Click here to
                                                                             access the database

                                                                                 The database description
                                                                                 page will indicate if the
                                                                                 database is accessible
                                                                                 outside the UniSA Network
                                                                                 and the number of users
                                                                                 permitted to use is at the
                                                                                 one time

           And then you will be taken to a page that looks like this:

                                             5. Staff and students must
                                             enter their UniSA Network ID
                                             in the Username box and their
                                             UniSA password in the
                                             Password box
                                The Library

           You will either directly reach a database, as in the example below OR you will
           reach a list of databases and can choose the one(s) you wish to search

           The Library is unable to provide assistance with UniSA Network IDs or
           passwords. For assistance with UniSA Network access clients must contact
           the University IT HelpDesk:

           For assistance with selecting and using databases, please contact the Library
           by using the Ask a Librarian form on the Ask the Library website:

          Authentication Guide | UniSA Library | January 2006

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