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Seven Ways to Beat Insomnia

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The article is about the simple techniques to battle with insomnia.
Although there are a number of clinical treatments and medications for
insomnia, it is still
recommended among insomniacs to improve their sleeping problem by means
of non-clinical methods. The article also provides some of the most
common causes of insomnia.

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Insomniacs either suffer from their inability to fall asleep or stay
asleep for a reasonable or normal number of sleeping hours. In the United
States alone, more than 50 million people are suffering from insomnia
every year. Individuals who are known to have this type of sleeping
problem generally complain about their inability to rest their minds and
even close their eyes in just a few minutes.

Insomnia has three types; these are transient, chronic, and acute. The
simplest type is the transient insomnia, which only lasts from one day to
a couple of weeks. Acute insomnia is characterize as the inability to
have a consistent sleep within three weeks to six months. On the other
hand, chronic insomnia is considered to be the most serious type of
insomnia as this can continue nightly for one month.

The following are the known causes of insomnia:

   1.   Hormonal shifts
   2.   Mental illness
   3.   Psychoactive stimulants and drugs
   4.   Poor sleeping hygiene
   5.   Disruptive sleeping events such as sleepwalking and nigh tmares

Since almost all cases of insomnia are symptoms to   more complicated
illnesses and psychological imbalances, treatments   and medications are
required to be taken by insomniacs. However, there   are some alternative
treatments for insomnia that do not really require   one to consult a
doctor or take medications.

The following are seven simple techniques that can surely help beat

   1. Enjoy a leisurely warm bath.
Taking the time to enjoy a warm bath is a perfect way to relax the body.
To have a more relaxing bath, it is best to throw in baking soda and bath
salt into the warm water.

  2. Listen to soothing music.

It is said that a lulling and soothing music can outright put one into an
undisturbed sleep. Insomniacs should try to put on play their favorite
medley selections before they hit the bed.

  3. Ask for a massage.

Before going to bed, ask someone (this can be your spouse, family member,
or friend) for a massage. A slow yet firm strokes can relieve an
insomniac’s body tensions, thus, making it easier to fall asleep.

  4. Try to avoid tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine.

Caffeine prevents one from having an uninterrupted sleep. Hence,
insomniacs should avoid drinking coffee, cola, and other liquids
containing caffeine before hitting the covers. Alcohol, on the other
hand, also upsets a person’s sleep patterns.

  5. Try to avoid taking naps.

While naps are nice to have anytime during the day, these can prevent an
insomniac from having a good night sleep. As such, skipping naps is best
so one will be more tired at night and uninterrupted sleep is inevitable.

  6. Drink herb tea or warm milk before bedtime.

Studies claim that drinking herb tea or warm milk a few minutes before
bedtime soothes the nervous system of a person. This will also help one
relax, thus, ensuring a good night sleep.

  7. Rest and sleep in a well-ventilated room.

Who would want to sleep in a room that is either too cold or too hot?
Insomniacs are advised to rest and sleep in a room that has fresh air and
has a temperature that is suitable for sleeping.

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