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					ED200 Lesson Plan Template with Technology

Spring 2009

Teacher Name :Michael W. Rudy Class/Subject: Geometry: Review and Apply and Similarity Grade Level(s): 9th-11th

Time Allotted: 60 minutes # of students: 25

Planning Process (written)
Behavioral Objectives: (Bloom’s Taxonomy) All students will 1. Be able to CLASSIFY sets of shapes as being congruent or similar based on visual perception 2. Apply their knowledge of the similarity postulates to deductive proofs 3. CALCULATE the height of unknown objects using the properties of similar triangles.

Assessment (tested)
Assessment Evidence: (align with objectives)

1. Oral answers given during Powerpoint Presentation and Warm-up worksheets. 2. Worksheets including proofs of similarity and proofs using similarity to prove other things 3. Participation and answers given during “Mirror activity”

Standards: (must be addressed by objectives)
State Standards: 2.9.11.B: Pennsylvania's public schools shall teach, challenge and support every student to realize his or her maximum potential and to acquire the knowledge and skills to prove that two triangles or two polygons are congruent or similar using algebraic, coordinate and deductive proofs. ISTE Standards: 3.C Teachers exhibit knowledge, skills, and work processes representative of an innovative professional in a global and digital society. Teachers communicate relevant information and ideas effectively to students, parents, and peers using a variety of digital-age media and formats

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ED200 Lesson Plan Template with Technology
Lesson Resources:
Materials: Worksheets need for assessment Equipment: Mirrors and tape measures (for mirror activity) Other:

Spring 2009

Technologies: Digital projector, computer with Powerpoint capabilities connected to projector, projection screen

Instructional Process (taught)
Anticipatory Set: Warm-up sheet with several pairs of shapes. Ask what pairs are similar and which are congruent(5 mins)   Instructional Delivery: (with time allotment): Go over the worksheet. Discuss why some shapes were similar and some congruent (3 mins) Pull up Powerpoint presentation (Attached to my wetpaint wiki). During presentation, ask students to answer along with presentation (Which are similar, Which are congruent). Have students take notes and write down proportionality examples. (15 minutes) Students group up (pairs) and complete the similarity proof work sheet (10 mins)

 

Field trip! Take class outside to measure height of trees and objects as prescribed by teacher. Done as group work. Following instructions for “Mirror Activity” (linked to my wiki). Students record answers and turn in to be graded. (15 mins + 2 mins travel time back and forth. Total 19 mins)

Closure/Wrap Up: Class discussion of what similarity can be applied to (measuring height of any unknown objects that might be hard to determine by normal means) (3 mins) Differentiated Instruction: Modifications Adaptations If “mirrors” goes too fast. Back up proofs For ill students or handicapped students sheets will be used that can’t get outside in timely manner will complete a worksheet about measuring physical distances or heights using similarity of triangles.

©Dr. Rebecca Speelman 2009

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