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									                                                                      PITC PHARMA, INC.
         Name of Supplier________________________________________________

                              CHECKLIST OF DOCUMENTS for Amlodipine Besylate 10 mg Tab.
                                        (to be enclosed in Envelopes A, B and C)
                                                            ELIGIBILITY DOCUMENTS (Envelope A)
GG1      Application Form (Name, Office, Email address and telephone/fax nos. and other information about the company)

GG2      Company Profile which shall include required information
         Duly signed certification under oath (notarized) that bidder has a stockholder‟s equity or capital Account of at least P3 Million as of December 31, 2007
         (Refer to Annex B).
         Duly notarized Name & designation of authorized representative(s) with specimen signature(s) for the particular bidding to be conducted. (Refer to
         Annex C).
         Letter authorizing the IABAC or its duly authorized representative/s to verify any or all of the documents submitted for eligibility check. Failure to submit
         shall be sufficient grounds to disqualify the concerned bidder. (Refer to Annex D).

GG6      Sworn affidavit that bidder is not related to the head of the procuring entity by consanguinity or affinity up to the third civil degree. (Refer to Annex E)
         Certified true copy of valid License to Operate (LTO) issued by the Bureau of Food & Drugs (BFAD) as Drug

         Certified true copy of the Certificate(s) of Exclusive Distributorship issued by the manufacturers for the specific products offered. (or an equivalent
         document establishing authority of the applicant supplier to sell or distribute specific brand or products) as applicable

         Certified True Copy of Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) based on WHO standards of the Drug Manufacturer for each drug category
         Copies of valid Certificates of Product Registration (CPRs) issued by the Bureau of Food & Drugs (BFAD) for all drugs and medicines offered.
         Certificate of Free Sale (for imported medicines).

         Certifications under oath that each of the Certified True copies of all documents submitted are true and faithful reproduction or copies of the original.
         (Refer to Annex F)

         Department of Trade and Industry Business Name registration (in case of Single Proprietorship) and/or Securities and Exchange Commission
         registration certificate (for Partnership and Corporation).

GG13     Valid and current Mayor‟s/Business Permit/ License for the Year 2008 or Official Receipt of the Application for Mayor‟s Permit
GG14     Bureau of Internal Revenue Registration Certificate and TIN ID
GG15     Valid BIR Tax Clearance issued by BIR Head Office
GG16     SSS Clearance or Certified True Copy of SSS Premium Remittances for the second quarter of 2008
GG17     Dole Clearance or a notarized justification why DOLE Clearance cannot be submitted
         Statement under oath of the prospective bidder that it is not “blacklisted”, or under the watch list of the Phil. Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) or barred
GG18     from bidding by any government agency, office or corporation or LGU‟s including inclusion in the Consolidated Blacklisting report issued by GPPB
         (Refer to Annex G)
         Statement under oath that the prospective bidder will submit Report of Analysis if required by the buyers, or by LGUs, Batch Certifications for antibiotics
         and other documents required by PITC for each delivery made to it. (Refer to Annex H).

         Bidder‟s statement of previous pharmaceutical sales completed during the last two years (limit to 5 biggest in terms of amount), which shall include for
         each contract of the following information: (Total value of contract, Products sold, Period of delivery.)
GG21     Sworn statement attesting to the responsibilities of the bidder relative as stated in Item E. (Refer to Annex A)
         Certified true copies of Audited financial statements for the year 2007 duly stamped “RECEIVED” by the Bureau of Internal Revenue or its duly
         registered and authorized institutions, showing among others the prospective bidder‟s total assets and liabilities and equity/capital account.
         Certified true copies of Income Tax Returns for the year 2007 stamped „RECEIVED” by the Bureau of Internal Revenue or its duly registered and
GG23     authorized institutions. Electronically filed Tax Returns are also acceptable but must also be stamped „RECEIVED‟ by the BIR or its duly accredited and
         authorized institutions.
GG24     Duly signed computation for its Net Financial Contracting Capacity (NFCC) by the prospective bidder (Refer to Annex I)

GG25     Bidder‟s General Information Sheet (GIS), duly stamped by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for CY2007, when applicable

         Statement under oath by the prospective bidder that bid prices are valid up to 19 January 2009 and inclusive of VAT and the cost of delivery to the
         designated warehouses of PPI.

                                                             TECHNICAL PROPOSAL (Envelope B)
G.3.1.     Technical Proposal Documents

                                                              FINANCIAL PROPOSAL (Envelope C)
G.4.1.     Financial Bid Forms

G.4.2      Bid Bond/Security issued to PPI
                          PITC PHARMA, INC.
Name of Supplier________________________________________________

         CHECKLIST OF DOCUMENTS for Amlodipine Besylate 10 mg Tab.
                   (to be enclosed in Envelopes A, B and C)

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