Spiritual wellbeing holidays in South Africa

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					Spiritual healing holidays in South Africa
Time is one of the most treasured commodities in a world ruled by immediacy and instant
gratification. Spiritual healing holidays in South Africa go a long way towards providing a
timeless appreciation of the natural world and humans' relationships with it.

We, as modern humans, have forgotten the all-important lesson of an ‘integral part making up
the whole’ and instead of sustaining Mother Nature, we appear to be intent on re-creating a
world according to the law of man - a world without spirit.
Spiritual healing

A spiritual healing tour of quiet, serene and mystical sacred sites affords soul seekers the
opportunity to re-evaluate life without the pressures and seduction of contemporary living.

By secluding ourselves from the
urban rat race, immersing ourselves
honestly in nature and then realising
our pre-ordained place in the jigsaw
puzzle of life, we can get to a point
where our spirit is refreshed and

As the default cradle of humankind,
South Africa is blessed with an
abundance of sacred sites; sites
saturated with spirituality and ancient wisdom where people are able to re-connect with the
fundamental laws of existence.
Sacred sites for spiritual healing holidays

For centuries, humans have been attracted to destinations that exude natural power, mysticism
and the gentle touch of gods. The mountain peaks, foothills and valleys of the Drakensberg
Mountain range and the Hogsback have long been identified as sites of healing.
The Magaliesberg in the North West Province, the distinctive Three Rondavels in Mpumalanga
and Table Mountain, which embraces the city of Cape Town, are all recognised, by a host of
world religions, as powerful energy centres.

Mystical Desert Domains

Dry, arid areas have long been equated to spiritual zones and the quiet tranquillity of the Karoo
                                       is no different. For eons shamans and healers have
                                       ventured into the Karoo to source indigenous herbs
                                       and plants renowned for their healing qualities.
                                       Ancient rock art depicting the healer’s transition from
                                       the physical into the spiritual realm is indelible proof
                                       of the mysticism of the Karoo.
                                          Visitors to this hauntingly beautiful heart of Africa are
                                          able to escape the frenzy of day to day life and
                                          emerge into a magical realm of solitude where
                                          meditation, solitary walks in nature and star-gazing all
amplify the insignificance of man in the larger scheme of things.

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Take a spiritual healing holiday
If you’re feeling frazzled and out of touch with the natural world, consider indulging the spirit,
body and soul in a spiritual healing holiday to the Karoo.
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Rejuvenate your soul – Book a spiritual healing holiday with Time out of Time now

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Description: Explore the Karoo in South Africa on a spiritual wellbeing guided tour and rediscover yourself.