Becoming a Jolly Phonics Professional Trainer Becoming a Jolly Phonics Professional Trainer

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					Becoming a Jolly Phonics Professional Trainer
The following information will help you learn more about what it takes to be a Jolly Phonics
Professional Trainer. This will help you decide on your suitability.


To be a Jolly Phonics Professional Trainer, you need to meet these key criteria

   Be a current, experienced teacher in the pre-school / primary sector
        Those who attend training events are more receptive to Trainers who know exactly what it’s
        like to be in their situation.

   Have used Jolly Phonics programme for some time and are familiar with the components that
    make up the programme.
       Attendees w ill want to know how all the components work and how they can be used

   Have used the Jolly Phonics programme with great success and outstanding results.
       Not only do you need to know the programme but also how to get the best results possible,
       and your experience of doing so is key to a successful presentation. Attendees will want to
       know how you did it. Many of the Trainers bring examples of their children’s work to
       demonstrate the progress. Attendees may also have issues they want addressing that arise
       out of their own experience.

   Be well-read on the current issues concerning the teaching of literacy and the various
       Understanding the issues is important and knowing how Jolly Phonics differs from the
       National Literacy Strategy and other ways of literacy teaching.

What is the aim of a Jolly Phonics Professional Trainer?

There is a shared aim among the authors, Jolly Learning and Trainers – seeing children achieve.

Training teachers will help teachers get the best out of the Jolly Phonics programme and ensure they
are getting outstanding results by using it to its full potential. Learning from Trainers who have already
achieved these results really helps teachers.

How do Jolly Phonics Professional Trainers get work?

Firstly, all Jolly Phonics Professional Trainers are independent of Jolly Learning. In other words, they
are not employed directly by Jolly Phonics. This gives them greater respect as they are not seen as a
‘representative’ of Jolly Learning.

All fees are paid directly to them by whomever uses their services – e.g. schools, LEAs, Jolly
Learning or other training organisations.

All accredited Trainers are listed on the Jolly Learning website with their contact details.

Jolly Phonics Professional Trainers can organise their own courses or be approached directly for
What’s the next step?

Please write a short description of how you have helped your classes achieve great results with Jolly
Phonics and how you could help others do the same. Please include information about length of
experience in both teaching and using the programme.

        Please email / send this information to:
        Chris Jolly, Jolly Learning, Tailours House, High Road, Chigwell, Essex IG7 2DL, UK
        Email :
If you would like to know more about being a Trainer, contact one of our current ones (details of all
our Trainers are on our website – or try attending a training event.