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									How to start a business


Visit the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan's (SECP)
website (see Resources) to file your company name online. Make sure
the name does not exist already by searching for your desired
company name.

Pay the name and registration fees on the SECP website through your
bank account.

Register your company through the Registrar of Companies under the
eServices section of the SECP website. You will need to refer to
information from your company incorporation forms, national identity
card, memorandum and articles of association.

Obtain digital signature and proof of registration. The digital signature
and proof of registration will come through the SECP website from the
National Institutional Facilitation Technologies (NIFT) two days after
you register your company (given that you follow all the registration
guidelines properly on the SECP website and have the proper

Register for income tax with your national tax number (NTN) on the
SECP website. Apply for an NTN by providing proof of registration,
your memorandum, articles of association and bank account number.
You will also need the NTN of your directors and an attestation of your
registered business address.

Register for sales tax. Once you have registered for income tax, you
can obtain a PIN code, a unique identifier number and a secure
password by visiting the Federal Board of Revenue's website (see
Register for the Pakistani Professional Tax with your local tax
authority. Find out where your local tax authority is located and then
visit the office. There you will have to meet the District Excise &
Taxation Officer to request to enroll your business as an "assessee."

Register with the Employee Social Security Institution (ESSI). Visit the
ESSI main office in Karachi to meet the registrar for new companies.
Bring your memorandum, articles of association and company
incorporation documents.

Register for old age benefits with the Pakistani Employees Old-Age
Benefits Institution (EOBI). You can visit the EOBI website (see
Resources for link) to download registration forms and find the e-mail
address of your regional office to send them to.

Register with the Pakistan Shops and Establishment Ordinance. Find
out where your local Deputy Chief Inspector's office is. Visit the office
to register. You will have to pay a registration fee.

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