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21 Top Money Saving Tips


21 Top Money Saving Tips

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									Money Saving Tips - 21 Top Money Saving Tips On
Household Spending
Money saving household tips. A look at ways to save money by cutting down on
unnecessary household spending.

Tips for money saving on household spending

"Money, money, money, always sunny, in the rich mans world. Aha-ahaaa."

ABBA got it right, our finances need to be in order. We all know that but if we don't have the
money, if our circumstances have been reduced, what do we do?

Like a lot of people, you're probably really feeling the financial pinch. It isn't much
consolation to be told you're not alone - but you're not. A lot of us at the moment, need
financial help. We need ways to save money.

Here in Spain, those of us relying on money transfer from the UK - such as pensioners - are
several thousand Euros a year worse off than a couple of years ago - purely because of the
exchange rate. On top of that is the increase in cost of living. Our financial circumstances
have changed.

Along with everyone else we've had to adjust our belts. Luckily there are ways and means of
smoothing it out a little. Most of us are guilty of wasting money. Here are a few ways to make
sure we grab back as much of that money as we can - a financial health check if you like...


Tips for money saving - Forget those meals out.
Cheap meals are still expensive
Even a so-called 'cheap' meal for two people will probably total 20 Euros by the time you've
finished drinking, paying for petrol or taxis, etc. If you have just one meal a week out, that's
1000 Euros a year. Whether bar meals, café meals, or restaurant meals, you'll save serious
money by cooking a special meal at home instead of eating out - and you'll probably find it
healthier and more enjoyable as well.You'll even be able to purchase a decent bottle of plonk
if you want to make it really special, and STILL save money

I'm relatively new to cooking at home, yet I know my meals are as good or better, than those
we have out. If I can do it, so can you. Check out my simple recipes if you need guidance. I
promise they're easy, quick, and tasty.


Use your local market
Save money on household spending on groceries

We all like the convenience of one-stop shopping - but it IS expensive. Consider using your
local market stall for groceries. Lower financial overheads mean lower prices. It's quite easy
to save 60% on certain items on your grocery bill


Switch off those lights
We all do it, we all leave those lights on.

We shouldn't, but we do. Save money and save the planet - switch off those unused lights, the
TV the Hi Fi. If they aren't in use, why waste money

on them? Don't leave the damn things on standby - that's just money down the drain.

Tips for money saving - Slash your fuel bills by at least
Your house is probably too hot

Most of us are guilty of it. If you can stand it being slightly cooler, turning your central
heating down by just 1 degree will save a whopping 5% on your fuel bill.... and fuel is very
expensive. We're talking about serious saving here. Think what you can save if you turn it
down a little further...


Supermarket tricks
Weekly shopping consumes one hefty chunk of your money

Supermarkets are where most of your household spending is spent. Any
money saved there has to be worthwhile.

       Tip for saving money - Stores and supermarkets spend a lot of effort and time
        researching ways of making us part with money. Have you ever been aware of subtle
        music in certain aisles?
       Tip for saving money - What's the first thing you smell in a supermarket - it's usually
        the bakery. The smell makes us hungry. When we're hungry we're liable to buy more
        food than we planned. So, if you want to save money, ALWAYS eat before you go
       Tip for saving money - Regularly purchased articles are quite often distributed all over
        the supermarket - annoying but psychologically calculated to make us spend more.
        They do this because to get to them we pass countless other enticing products - and are
        liable to pop something extra we hadn't thought of, into our trolley.
       Tip for saving money - To get over this problem - make a list. Don't shop haphazardly.
       Tip for saving money - My own local supermarket in Spain, keeps changing the
        location of the stuff as well - in this case I feel like screaming!!! It actually makes me
        so annoyed I want to get out as quickly as possible - so in this instance their
        psychology is slightly awry. Spanish supermarket managers should realize that
        annoying the customers has the reverse effect - so maybe we can teach them
       Tip for saving money - Another supermarket trick - goodies that make most profit are
        positioned at eye level (or children's eye level). So bear in mind that eye level
        commodities are not the best deals. They're the ones to give supermarkets most profit.
        Bend down or reach up and you might just find a cheaper version that is just as good.
       Tip for saving money - Supermarkets also have a little known and nasty secret. Have
        you ever wondered why the same product is stocked in several places? Did you think
        it was sloppy storage - wrong. The price of goods is different at different points
        around the store. Make sure you pick up from the cheapest pile.
       Tip for saving money - You've probably not noticed these subtle things, but you'll
        have noticed your bill is often more than expected - you've been ingeniously
        persuaded to pick-up things you hadn't intended. To get around it, simply make out a
        shopping list before you go, and stick to it. ONLY purchase what you need and what
        you originally had on your list - and search for the cheapest version.


Change your phone habit

Is your cell phone really indispensable?

Tip for saving money - Be honest about it. Most people don't really need one. For most it has
a sort of 'toy' value. Do without it if you can - most calls simply aren't necessary - most can
wait. If you REALLY can't do without, then ask yourself, do you really need those glitzy
gizmos as part of the package?

Think about a pay-as-you go mobile phone.You can purchase a pay-as-you-go phone very
cheaply and only pay for the odd call as and when you need it.


Purchase own-brand
Forget stigma on your household spending
Tip for saving money - Purchase supermarket own-brand goods - forget all about stigma, its
all in the mind, save money.

I always buy home brand goods in my supermarket - including spirits. Currently I save 30%
on brandy, white rum and gin. Own-brand cleaning goods are excellent value. Own-brand
foodstuff is always worth a try. You'll be amazed how much money you can save on your
shopping bill, try it.


Lamp light

Change those energy hungry incandescent light bulbs for energy efficient lamps around the
home - and your finances will light up.


Don't buy designer labels
For some reason, a lot of people today have been brainwashed into thinking designer labels
are what they should purchase.

Yet the majority of people don't have a clue WHO the designers of your clothes are. You'd
probably have to point out where you purchased them from if you wanted them to notice -
don't bother. Buy a cheaper brand and keep it to yourself.


Tips for money saving - Try DIY
It isn't so difficult to save a lot on household spending

Do your own household repairs, and decorating - become a DIY person. Don't call in the
handyman, put that shelf up yourself - you might even find you enjoy it. It's very satisfying
doing that job around the home, and adds a more personal touch to the home.
If you don't know how to tackle it, take a programme at your local adult education college to
improve skills to undertake those household repairs. You'll save a fortune on call outs and
decorating bills.


Car insurance
It's better off in your pocket than their's

Tip for saving money - Don't automatically renew car insurance when it's due%u2026

You should ALWAYS ask for a new quote instead of renewing. This month (March 2009) my
car insurance was due. I didn't return the phone call reminder.

On the second call from them, I explained it was too expensive, that I was looking for an
alternative quote from other companies. Within minutes, their quote was reduced by just over
30% - a saving of 150 Euros ($200).


Don't waste food.
Don't throw your food away. In Britain alone, people discard 17 million tons of food each
year, a quarter of which is still quite edible.

Look very carefully, at what you're throwing away. Make soup from leftover vegetables.
Make sure you only purchase sufficient perishable food whilst shopping.


Don't keep up with the neighbours.
Who cares anyway? Save on your household spending

Tip for saving money - Trying to keep up appearances is an expensive hobby. If your
neighbour has loads of bright shiney new things, there's a great probability they're in more
financial debt than you. Even if they aren't, why bother.... Set your own trend, don't follow
someone else's. Be independent and you might just find they're following you instead.


Take a packed lunch to work
You might just enjoy it
Tip for saving money - Instead of following the crowd and eating in the bar, café or canteen
every lunchtime, go to the park with some homemade sandwiches - it's far cheaper. You can
always feed the ducks afterwards. Make your own coffee or take a flask. It's cheaper and
better than machine coffee.

It's the small money saving ideas you use each day that make the difference. We tend to
dismiss these as insignificant. They're not. They all mount up to a great big saving.


Try walking
Be healthy, wealthy, and wise

Tip for saving money -Get off the station or bus one stop before you usually do, and walk.
You'll be fitter, save money, and feel a heck of lot better for it. You'll be in a healthier state,
your finances will be heathier.


Cut down your alcohol consumption
bump up your finances

A drink after work might be convivial, but it can be far more expensive than you admit. We
all have that extra drink, stop a little longer than we intended. Set limits and be strict with
yourself - or don't do it at all. Once again, you'll save money and feel much better for doing

And whilst you're at it, Don't burn your money...

Pack up smoking 20 cigarettes a day is costing you nearly £2,000 ($2800) a year. Pack it in.


Try cooking real food
Forget about ready made meals.

Ready meals may be handy, but preparing your own fresh food is far healthier and will save a
LOT of money - and it REALLY doesn't take that much longer


Extended warranties
You should always steer clear of extended warranties.

Tip for saving money - Electrical and electronic equipment is far more dependable than it ever
used to be. Provided you've purchased a reputable brand, you'll have no problem.

Think about how many times your freezer or TV went wrong in the last five years. Extended
warranties exploit fear of the unknown, and shop assistants are quick to prey on it.. In every
case that I know of where equipment has gone wrong, the amount of money paid for a
warranty would have more than paid for a new piece of equipment.

My freezer is ten years old and going strong, the last freezer was 25 years old and still
working. My vacuum cleaner has just packed up after nine years - the only thing to have gone
wrong. The cooker, microwave and Hi Fi have more than paid for themselves.


Shop online.
You don't have to be a tekky to shop. They make it easy

The Internet is increasingly taking over. Online shopping is improving all the time and there
are comparison websites to help find the best prices. Try it, you'll be surprised how much you
can save.


Internet connection
Do you really need an ASDL connection?
   Tip for saving money - If you don't use the internet for REAL things like making

    , then dial-up might be a cheaper alternative.

   Quite often we have these goodies because everyone else has them, then find excuses
    to use them, rather than making sure we ACTUALLY need them.
   Think about changing to a cheaper provider if you still feel you need the service.

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