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									Recruitment interview questions

It can be as simple as to write down your questions.
Keep the same questions for each candidate that comes through the door.

The main object as an employer or recruitment consultant is to compare people. Their
individual answers and responses to a pre-selected list of questions. This will help select
the right person for the job. By changing the questions from person to person will make it
more difficult. Okay! Some times in an interview there is an opportunity to work with
people and follow a line of job related questioning/information to get the full picture of
the prospective employee. However, basically try and keep to a single format.

Some obvious questions to ask would be:

"What do you know about our company?

What do you know about the job or the position?

What is your previous experience?

How do you deal with conflict or difficult situations?

Give examples of working under pressure.

What attracts you to this job?

Why did you leave your previous job? "

These are all generally good questions to ask. There are many more. Books and
information can be found all over the net on this topic. In many cases, free information.

As recruitment professional the objective is to end up getting good responses from the
candidates with very answer. This makes the job of evaluating who is the best an easier

A final recommendation is to always do a reference check on the short list. If the
candidates have not supplies at least two previous employers to contact ask if they can
supply their previous employers and if they do not I mind to be contacted. This strategy is
very powerful. As a recruiter "you" are getting a third party testimonial. That's value!
Somebody giving an honest opinion; however, again, when you phone make sure there
are only 2 to 6 questions. Don't ask the previous employer unfair questions or wasting
their time.

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