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									Advertising interview questions

"What interview questions to ask" is a question that job searchers often ask themselves
when preparing for their interview. The questions you ask during an interview can be a
critical part of showing an interviewer that you are interested in the job and
knowledgeable about the company.

Sure, you're going to be asked most of the questions during the interview but you're
expected to ask questions yourself, too.

Remember that interviewing is a two-way street. Employers almost always allow you
time to ask some questions during an interview and you need to be prepared with some
questions and also account for the fact that some questions you might want to ask get
answered during the course of the interview.

When considering what interview questions to ask, remember to ask questions that relate
to the company, the job and to what you offer the company. Your list of interview
questions to ask should be typed out on a plain sheet of white paper and brought with you
during the interview. Don't try to memorize the questions, write them down.

What specific questions should you ask? What questions shouldn't you ask?

Obviously, the specific job and industry will largely help you decide what interview
questions to ask the person you are meeting with when discussing a job. Here are some
good interview questions to ask that should help you put a short list together that you can
tailor for each interview you attend:

Interview Questions To Ask About The Job

 Can you describe the ideal candidate for the job?
 Could you describe a typical workday for the position?
 What special skills does this position require?
 What special skills would your ideal candidate possess?
 Can you tell me a little bit about the people I'll be working with?
 Can you tell me a little bit about the people I'll be managing? (If you are managing
 Is this a newly created position or am I replacing someone?
 How will my performance on the job be measured?
 How much travel does the job require?

Interview Questions To Ask About The Company

 What does the company do better than its competitors to distinguish itself?
 What are the immediate goals of the department you'll be working in?
 What are the immediate goals of the company?
 How does the group you'll be working in fit into the organizational structure of the
 What is the biggest challenge that the company faces?
 What is the company's competitive advantage?
 What does the interviewer like about the company the most?

Depending on who you meet during the interview:

Interview Questions To Ask The Hiring Manager

 What specific goals do you have set out for this job in the first 6 months/12 months?
 What challenges do you see me having to face to complete these goals (the goals they
mentioned in the first question).
 What could I do in this role that would make your job easier?

Interview Questions To Ask A Human Resources rep

 Does the company offer employee training?
 What is the company policy on continuing education?

Depending on who you speak with when you end the interview:

Interview Questions To Ask Before You Leave The Interview

 Are there any other questions I can answer regarding my background and suitability for
the job?
 Are there any questions you asked that I can further clarify for you?
 Do you have any concerns regarding my suitability for the position?
 How do I compare with other candidates you have interviewed?
 What is the next step in the interview process?

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