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									                  “HTC: The RealDeal...                                             Rawlins County Economic Development
                   A come-back; give-back                                           112 S 4th St
                   approach to community                                            Atwood, KS 67730
                                                                                    (785) 626-3640

Rawlins County HTC – January 2007 Meeting
January 29, 2007 @ PDC Meeting Room

The meeting was called to order by Rawlins County Economic Development Director Chris Sramek. Those
present included Mary Holle, Mary Sramek, Simone Cahoj, Tessa Davis, Alice Hill, Bob Garrison, Dawn Hampton
and Norman McIntosh.

Approval of December 2006 meeting minutes.

December Bills: None

Treasurer Report:
   • Paid $150.00 ACE – Rawlins County Music Education Fund.
   • Received $150.00 donation.
   • New Balance = $1000.08 checking account.
   • A.C.E Foundation - $1,000 endowed, $3,030.07 unrestricted.
   • Per motion at December meeting will move $1,210.55 to endow leaving $1,819.52 unrestricted.
   • Requested $1500 from Second Century to participate in Ogallala Commons HTC Cluster project.

Task Force Project Reports / Action Items:

Item                     Discussion/ Action Taken                                      Lead Person(s)

FFA Career Fair          HTC will have a booth at the fair February, 22nd.             Chris Sramek, Alice Hill
                            • Poster 4 pillars.                                        Dawn Hampton, Mary Holle
                            • Collage w/RCHS student pictures & local jobs.
                            • Local business quiz & prizes.
                            • Poster with future job opportunities.
                            • Youth Fair info, HTC PowerPoint - Video

Youth Fair               Will be calling a sending out follow-up info. Some still      Alice Hill, Wendy Fields
                         Not getting info.

L.I.F.T.                 Session #6 Tuesday, February 13 – Strategic Planning          Chris Sramek, Matt Wolters

Ogallala Commons      Chris – family, Dawn, Simone & possibly Cathy Domsch             Chris Sramek, Dawn Hampton
Southern Plains Conf.
February 7, 2007

Entrepreneur             Marketplace: Opening Doors to Success, Kearney, NE            Kevin Holle, Chris Sramek
Conference               February 28, 2007. Application due February 7th.

Grant Writing            RMFU will put on a 906 Renewable Energy and Energy            RMFU – Tony Frank
Workshop                 Efficiency grant writing workshop March 6 in Atwood.          Chris Sramek

Andy McKee               Aberdeen Steakhouse – February 10th                           Jeff & Alice Hill
Concert                  Will be appearing on the Carson Daily Show February 1st

Michael Martin           To benefit Shirley Opera House restoration project            Jeff & Alice Hill
Murphey Concert      K of C Hall – Sunday June 3rd, 20007
                     Ericca James – To open & provide sound equipment
                     Opera House on list National Historic Register

RC & D Agri-Tourism April 4th @ Gateway in Oberlin. Rawlins County HTC         Chris Sramek, Cynthia Dixson
Conference          will be a $100 sponsor. Use same booth from FFA
                    career fair. Includes 2 registrations.

Water Festival       RC & D and NRCS for 4th graders @ Colby May 4th           RC & D

HTC Cluster          Rawlins Co., Cheyenne Co. and possibly Norton Co.    Ogallala Commons, RC & D
                     Session 1 to include youth fair, food coop workshop  Midwest Energy
                     Cheyenne Co. community futures meeting and community
                     asset mapping workshop. March 29-30 in both places.

Raptor Education     Scheduled April 1-5, 2007 at Rawlins Co. Fairgrounds.     Jeff & Alice Hill

Discussion to promote or pursue a community art center feature the many artists in Rawlins County. To include,
traveling exhibits, educational classes, art for sale, music and possible recording studio capabilities.

Next meting Thursday, March 1, 2007 @ 4-H Building 7:00 P.M. after the Extension Council Meeting

The meeting was officially adjourned by Chris Sramek.

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