Types of IT by MrMcGowan


									TYPES OF IT
                      Large, powerful supercomputers (like Cray) capable of multi-
                                    +                                   -
                            Enormous memory                     Hugely expensive
                            Vast processing power               Increasing dependency
                            Extremely fast

                         PCs and Laptops
Home, Office or mobile computers
                  +                                 -
       Good value for money                 Short shelf life
       Ever increasing                      Prone to viruses and
       capacity and                         breakdowns
       processing power

                         LANs (Local Area Networks) are linked to a geographically
                         close server.
                         WANs (Wide Area Networks) use telecommunications such
                         as cable and satellite to link up across continents
                                        +                                   -
                                Employees linked                   Server breakdowns
                                together                           Prone to viruses
                                Share data and files               Reliance on backups

Transfer of text, graphics and other information between
computer users via telephone lines.
              +                                 -
       Instant                          Junk mail
       communication                    Staff may abuse use
       Same message                     Viruses
       can be sent to                   E-mail has same legal
       many people                      liability as written
       Cost-effective                   material

Types of IT                    Higher Business Management                       M. McGowan
                  Sound and vision linking of people at different locations
                                 +                                 -
                         Saves accommodation               Poor connections
                         and travel                        Time lags
                         Saves travelling time             Hard to pick up body
                         Relatively inexpensive            language

International network of computers
              +                                   -
       Access to vast                    Check reliability of
       amounts of                        information
       information                       Viruses
       Access to wider                   Staff may abuse access
       global market

                      Interactive CD or DVD (Digital Versatile Disc)
                     Interactive media used for staff training
                                     +                                 -
                             Cheaper than using               Employees
                            consultants                       unsupervised
                            One-on-one - More                 Finite questions
                            involving for staff               No human contact

      Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM)
Computers and robots used to control machines
              +                              -
       Saves labour costs            Costly breakdowns
       Consistent quality            Can’t think for
       Twentyfourseven               themselves

Types of IT                 Higher Business Management                     M. McGowan
Types of IT   Higher Business Management   M. McGowan

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