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					1. Use the Right Meter
2. Use the Meter Right
3. Use Fused Leads for
   Lead with Safety                               Fused Leads protect                                    Achieve Maximum
Whether you are troubleshooting or testing
                                                 against common user                                        Protection
electrical systems, The Electrical Safety                error
Authority (ESA) encourages electrical trades
workers to include these safety steps to         As a result of the investigations into                The Electrical Safety Authority warns that
reduce potential hazards:                        multimeter incidents, ESA commissioned a              maximum protection is only achieved
                                                 series of tests to simulate the impact of using       through the combination of the right tools
   • carefully define your meter needs to        fused leads as a protective measure. Fused            and safe work practices including the use of
    ensure you select the right meter,           leads used with multimeters prevented                 fused leads. ESA recommends that you:
   • read and follow manufacturers               possible catastrophic results when the meter
                                                 was used in an inappropriate way or                      • Work on de-energized circuits
    instructions,                                                                                           whenever possible.
                                                 experienced an internal failure. This included
   • use personal protective equipment as        situations where:                                        • Use proper lock-out/tag-out
     required, and                                                                                          procedures.
                                                     • leads were placed in the incorrect slots
   • always use fused leads with your                  when measuring voltage.                            • Use fused leads with multimeters as an
     multimeter – even if it has an internal         • the selector switch was placed on the                additional protective measure.
     fuse.                                             wrong setting.
                                                     • there were internal failures.                      • Use an approved minimum CAT III
In the past 8 years user error has resulted in                                                              meter with fused leads.
26 reported multimeter incidents.                                                                         • Select a multimeter that meets your
Investigations of these incidents reinforce                                                                 highest voltage measurement needs –
that operator error and improper category                                                                   ensure fused leads match this voltage
rating are the major contributor to incidents.                                                              rating. Where possible check
                                                                                                            nameplate voltage ratings of the
While performing live testing, meters can fail                                                              equipment or supply transformers.
as a result of user error or other internal
failure when :                                                                                            • Follow a 3-step testing method to
                                                                                                            ensure your meter and fused leads are
   • leads are in the incorrect slots when                                                                  functioning properly. See accompanying
     measuring voltage.                                                                                     video and, Health and Safety Guideline.
   • the selector switch is on the wrong         Note: Fused leads worked as a safety mechanism in        • Check that meter leads are connected
     setting.                                    90% of simulated tests.                                    to the correct terminals and the meter
                                                 They did not work when voltage exceeded the
   • subjected to higher voltages than the                                                                  is on the right setting.
                                                 rating of the fused lead – use properly rated fused
     meter is rated for.                         leads and fuse replacements.
                                                                                                          • Always use appropriate personal
   • equipment has not been properly             Use fused leads with:                                      protective equipment.
     checked.                                       • a minimum of 30 kA (200 kA desirable)
   • voltage surges in the system.                  • a blown fuse indicator
                                                    • minimum CAT III or higher
                                                    • shrouded or limited exposure tips
                                                    • approved in accordance with the
                                                      Ontario Electrical Safety Code
         The Stats are
      The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA)
      surveyed 5,000 electrical trades
      workers - did you know …

               Yes                                        80

         Sometimes        7            4 in 5 test before
                No        14
                                       they work.

                      0           20        40       60     80

                                                   1 in 10 have
                                                   had meters
            89%                                    fail

     Operator error                                         49

    Category rating                    21

Defective equipment               18
                                                 80% of meter
                                                 failure could
            Misuse        10
                                                 have been
             Other            3                  prevented.
                      0                      25                   50

    Who is the
 Electrical Safety
Authority (ESA) ?
  The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA)
  was created in 1999 by the Ontario
  Government to:
  assume responsibility for the
  electrical inspection activity
  previously held by Ontario Hydro;
  introduce a broader public
  electrical safety mandate for

  ESA tracks electrical incident statistics
  and is working with the electrical
  trades to reduce the number of
  electrical workplace incidents by
  encouraging safe work procedures.
  Fused meter leads are just one of
  these important initiatives.

  For assistance contact:

                                     FORM # 1308

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