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									             A PLEDGE TO AMERICA 
                                                             A P LAN   TO   R EFORM C ONGRESS & R ESTORE
A P LAN TO C REATE J OBS , E ND E CONOMIC                    T RUST
U NCERTAINTY & M AKE A MERICA M ORE                          •   We will “read the bill” and require legislation be
C OMPETITIVE                                                     publicly available at least 3 days before voting on it
•   We will end the uncertainty and create incentives for    •   We will adhere to the Constitution and require every
    job growth with a plan to:                                   bill to cite its specific Constitutional Authority
    o Permanently stop all job-killing tax hikes             •   We will ensure an open and bipartisan debate on all
    o Give small businesses a tax deduction equal to             spending bills
        20% of their business income                         •   We will advance legislative issues one at a time and
•   We will establish regulatory certainty with a plan to:       end the practice of massive bills that address
    o Rein in the red tape factory in Washington D.C.            unrelated issues
        and require Congress to approve any new
        regulation that would harm job creation or the       A P LAN TO K EEP O UR N ATION S ECURE           AT
        economy                                              H OME & A BROAD
    o Repeal job-killing small business mandates like        •   We will continue to lead the fight against terrorism
        the new 1099 paperwork rules imposed on small            with a plan to:
        businesses                                               o Pass clean troop funding bills and provide the
                                                                     necessary resources and support to our military
A P LAN TO S TOP O UT OF C ONTROL S PENDING &                    o Keep terrorists out of America
R EDUCE THE S IZE OF G OVERNMENT                                 o Enact an overarching detention policy for
•   We will put government on a path to a balanced                   terrorist combatants
    budget and pay down the debt with a plan to:             •   We will protect our homeland and support our allies
    o Act immediately to reduce spending by cancelling           with a plan to:
        unspent stimulus funds                                   o Fully fund missile defense
    o Cut government spending to pre-stimulus, pre-              o Require tough enforcement of sanctions against
        bailout levels saving at least $100 billion in the           Iran
        first year alone                                     •   We will secure our borders with strong enforcement
    o Establish a hard cap on new discretionary                  of the law with a plan to:
        spending                                                 o Establish operational control of the border
    o Cut Congress’ budget                                       o Work with state and local officials to enforce our
    o Hold weekly votes on spending cuts                             immigration laws
•   We will reduce the size of government with a plan to:        o Strengthen visa security
    o End TARP once and for all
    o End government control of Fannie Mae and               We will uphold our principles and fight for
        Freddie Mac
                                                                        America’s priorities
    o Impose a net federal hiring freeze on non-security
    o Root out government waste and sunset outdated          •   We will fight to ensure transparency and
        and duplicative programs                                 accountability in Congress and throughout
•   We will reform the budget process to focus on long-          government
    term challenges                                          •   We will continue to fight the growth of government
                                                                 and oppose new stimulus spending that only puts our
                                                                 nation further in debt
                                                             •   We will fight efforts to fund the costly new health
G OVERNMENT T AKEOVER OF H EALTH C ARE                           care law
•   We will repeal the job-killing health care law           •   We will fight to increase access to domestic energy
•   We will replace it with real reforms, with a plan to:        sources and oppose attempts to impose a national
       o Enact medical liability reform                          “cap and trade” energy tax
       o Grant consumers the freedom to purchase             •   We will fight for the rights of workers and oppose
           coverage across state lines                           “card check” schemes that put union bosses before an
       o Expand Health Savings Accounts                          individual’s right to a secret ballot
       o Strengthen the doctor-patient relationship          •   We will fight efforts to use a national crisis for
       o Ensure access for those with pre-existing               political gain
•   We will permanently prohibit taxpayer funding of

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