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									                            UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION (UID)

                  Planning for Parts Marking
                                      Depot Day
                                     Albany, GA
                                     25 Jan 2007
          Chris Sautter
University of Alabama Huntsville
         256 824-6147
  The Big Picture

 UID is not about
 Marking Parts.

   UID is about
“Intelligent Data”.
                   Roles and Responsibilities -
                Shared Expectations are Important
UID Plan                                                  SIM Plan
• Requirements
• Responsibilities   UID Budget
• Business Rules                           Develop         Materiel
                          UID Resources     Marking       Readiness
                                           Capability     Budget &

                            Decide Where
        Select Items         to Mark and                Do Something
           to be                           Mark Items
                               Marking                    with Mark
          Marked             Technology

                                           Transact      UID Registry   I
                             Engineering                                D
                              Decisions                   Service/      E
                                                          DLA AISs
                                    Program Needs
                                                      Gen          Apply
    Program              Engr         Gen            Labels        Labels                                                  Data
                                                                                     Data              Register
      Plan               Dec          UII             Data          Data                                                  Package
                                                     Plates        Plates

  Program        Engineering      Generate        Generate        Apply         Close Data        Register UII         Data
    Plan          Decisions                        Labels         Labels           Loop                              Package
                                      UII                                                         •Register with
                                                                Data Plates
•Construct       •How to Mark                   •Provide                       •Alert system      DoD              •Complete
                                                output using    •Utilize       when UII                            record of data
•Data            •Where to      Program Plan                                                      •Automated
                                                templates       instructions   applied                             from Program
Qualifiers       mark                                                                             action
                                •Guarantee                                                                         Plan forward
                                                •Utilize        •At trigger    •Provide data
•Serialization   •Label         serialization
scheme           Template
                                                common          sites          as part of birth                    •Birth Record
                                                architecture                   record
•List of
                 Design                                                                                            •UII
components       •Size                                                                                             •Provide to
                                                of marks
•When to         •Material                                                                                         Service’s
mark                                                                                                               Central
                 •Attachment                                                                                       repository
•Trigger Sites   Method
•SIM             •Install                                                                                          alignment
Integration      instruction
                    Phases of Implementation
   Current Status
     – Information Systems
         • Legacy systems
         • Paper and automated
     – Information on parts.
         • Human readable
         • Mix of machine readable codes with no standards.
   Transition Phase
     – Information Systems
         • Initial transition to compliant automated systems.
         • Mix of legacy and new systems.
     – Information on parts.
         • Mix of MRC and HRI
         • UII and non-UII
   Objective System
     – Information Systems
         • Fully fielded ERP solutions
     – Information on Parts.
         • Over 80% of parts marked with UID compliant MRC
               Significance of Transition
 Will last for 10-20 years depending on effort and
  support of implementation.
 Implementation decisions need to work in both
  Transition and Objective phases.
 Weapon System strategies should have the dual focus
  of both near term need for data and long term goals.
 Implementation decisions should partner with the
  information system changes to garner benefits of UID.
    – Parts that are marked should be able to be used as soon as
      they get to the field.
    – Waiting for ERP solutions to be fielded as a requirement to “do
      something with the data” should be avoided at all costs.
Where do we start?
          What is the first step?
   Multifunctional Team (Cornerstone of UID
    Implementation Plan)
     –   Field Representation
          •   Maintenance
          •   Users
     –   OEM
     –   Sustainment Organization
     –   Engineering Directorate
     –   Team is co-chaired
          •   PM and Depot
   Define universe of parts that should be marked.
   Lessons Learned:
     – 5-10 fold increase in parts that will be tracked.

                             Decide Where
          Select Items        to Mark and
                                                         Do Something
             to be              Marking     Mark Items     with Mark
            Marked            Technology
            Type of Marking Decisions
   Labels
    – Additive process to current marks
   Data Plates
    – New or replacement plates
   Direct Mark
    – Requires the most engineering for approval
    – Many different techniques
        •   Laser Etch
        •   Dot Peen
        •   Chem Etch
        •   Ink Jet

                               Decide Where
                Select Items    to Mark and
                                                           Do Something
                   to be          Marking     Mark Items     with Mark
                  Marked        Technology
                     UID Challenge
 The burden is on the PMs
 There are two key areas of need:
   – Assistance to relate DoD UID policy to the components on a
     weapon system.

   – Engineering documentation to permit the marking of
     components (particular DPM).
                      A Path Forward

 Parts Marking Decision Engine
   – Examine entire weapon system
   – Prioritize list of components for funding
   – Marking instructions
 DPM Materials Matrix
   – Comprehensive collection of material test documentation
   – Minimize the need for additional testing
            Parts Marking Decision Engine

   Web based
   Results from a DoD pilot program
   Assists in selecting components to be marked.
   Prioritizes the list of components for UID funding.
   Categorizes types of marks
     – Dataplates, labels, DPM
   Provides marking instructions to PM
Home Page
Candidate Selection
Marking Determination
Marking Definition
                 Material Standards
– Web Site

– Funded by DoD
– Sponsored by GEIA
– Rules
   • All data must be non-proprietary
       – We accept any new test data
   • Open to all interested parties
Material Matrix
Search Results
                        Matrix Status
 Source Data Received from USG and Industry
 Univ Alabama in Huntsville continues to update data in
    – Hosted on UAH Website
    – Have Basic Lab Equipment & Research Capability Available to
      vet data.
    – Can address needs of GEIA members.
 Matrix Utilization Standardizes and Consolidates
  Available Data in One Place
 Joint Working Group Approach is Succeeding
    – Potential for $425 Million in DoD/Industry Testing Cost
      Avoidance if Data Sharing is Achieved
 UID/AIT is the key enabler to execute logistics

 Tools are available for use by PMs.

 Long term commitment required.
    – Will not happen overnight for legacy systems.

 Return on investment occurs only after Information
  Systems are integrated with UII.

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