FSU Panhellenic Meeting April 17, 2007, Sigma Delta Tau

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					                             FSU Panhellenic Meeting April 17, 2007, Sigma Delta Tau

6:35 Meeting Begins                                            PH Study Hours at Strozier will end next
                                                                Thursday the 26th at 2am when the library closes
Roll Call                                                      Study Hours after PH tonight at Sigma Delta Tau
                                                                as well as Strozier library. Pokie Sticks are on
Panhellenic Creed                                               the way. You get study hours if you go to SDT
                                                                or Strozier. Thanks to everyone who has
Guest Speakers/Announcements                                    participated.
 Guests:                                                      This week’s house with the highest hours: Delta
        o Rachel Gerlach, FSU ACCESS-                           Gamma
            Awareness and fundraising event on                 No study hours over the summer
            April 21st 5k at 8:30 am and a team
            challenge at 9:30am                             Tanya Pai ~ Vice President of Public Relations
                 (Fsu_access@yahoo.com)                      Please turn in service hours and ServScripts by
        o Chad Corbitt, IFC- Greek week surveys,                TOMORROW. Some houses have turned them
            delegates fill out surveys and give them            in. You do not need to submit your ServScript
            back at the end of the meeting. Email               paper online for Panhellenic purposes, you can
            Chad at Chadpkt@hotmail.com with                    just to in your ServScript form to Tanya.
            any questions                                    Still accepting coloring books, crayons, and toys
                                                                for donations to the correctional facility.
    House Report
                                                             If you are moving out and find clothes you do
                                                                not want, Alpha Chi Omega is still collecting
Adoption of the Agenda – agenda approved
                                                                clothes for their clothing drive. Give them to
                                                                Tracy Randall or take them to the Alpha Chi
Approval of last week’s minutes – minutes approved
                                                                Omega house
Sara King ~ Vice President of Executive Affairs
                                                            Anne Littlejohn ~ Vice President of Programming
 Individual meetings need to be scheduled with:
                                                             Turn in your surveys tonight on your way out
    AGD, DZ, Phi Mu, ZTA
                                                             PH Pride Week Winner- Alpha Delta Pi! Gets
 Collect Junior Delegate evaluation form-was
                                                               $265.50 to go to the Ronald McDonald house.
    passed out last week needs to be turned in
    tonight or at your individual meeting
                                                            Mimi Wachholz ~ Vice President of Administrative
 Fall 2007 Panhellenic Calendar- Plan                      Affairs
    accordingly at your house
                                                             Make sure to swap your Panhellenic Post with
                                                                the other houses so the girls can get the notes in
Card being passed around to sign for the Panhellenic
                                                                time for finals
women at Virginia Tech.
                                                            Jessie Wente ~ President
Emily Pensy ~ Vice President of Finance
                                                             Presidents council tonight at 7:30 at Little Italy
 No announcements
                                                             Please keep updated on FSU emails from the
                                                                 campus administrators and staff. FSU is taking
Spring! Eve Rosado ~ Vice President of Membership
                                                                 steps to keep us as safe as possible
 2007 Recruitment rules have been emailed to
                                                             Panhellenic Woman of the Week
    Recruitment chairs. Please read over them.
    Knowledge is power.                                      Semester wrap-up- What a great semester! Look
                                                                 at handout for list of what we’ve accomplished.
 124 DAYS till recruitment begins!
                                                            Robyn Brock, Assistant Director of Greek Life
Rachael Ferris ~ Assistant Membership
                                                             Echoing the sentiments about Virginia Tech
 Word of the Week: Positive PNM Contact –
                                                                       o Number for the FSU counseling
    when speaking with PNMs over the summer
                                                                            center 644-2003
    please speak positively about all chapters not just
                                                                       o Number for FSU Victim advocate
    your own.
                                                                       o Candle light vigil on Landis green
Haley Herritt~ Vice President of Academics
                                                                            8-10pm honoring the students of
                   Virginia Tech. A monetary
                   collection will also be available if
                   you would like to donate.
   Extension exploratory committee- forms for each
    chapter, including the dates of the meetings
    during the summer for the committee. It has to
    be a woman who is NOT disaffiliated from her
    sorority, not a delegate since they will be the
    voting members, no orientation leaders. We
    would love for the advisors to take part in this as
    well. Please submit two names to Robyn Brock
    by next Tuesday of women who would be great
    for the extension exploratory committee. The
    committee is basically for research and fact
    finding. It will be fun!

Unfinished Business
 None

New Business
 None

Brag Time

7:10pm Meeting ends