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The institute of pathology in Mainz offers two PhD Student


									    The institute of pathology in Mainz offers a post doc in a German-Chinese Young
                                         Investigator Group

The project focuses on the

 „Development of Adult Progenitor cell-based Strategies in Combination with Innovative
           Biomaterials to Promote Vascularization in Regenerative Medicine Applications”
The group will perform principally in vitro research on regenerative medicine strategies
using adult human endothelial progenitor cells (EPC) to promote the vascularization of
implanted novel biomaterials of different material classes.

In line with BMBF regulations for the project, applicants should be nationals of China

The start date of the positions is beginning 2010. Candidates should have a university
degree in biology, materials science, physics, chemistry, or a related relevant subject
qualifying for pursuing PhD studies at the Johannes Gutenberg University. Previous
experience in cell and molecular biology, stem cell biomaterials or in vivo evaluation are
essential. We expect the ability and motivation to work in an independent and self-
motivated fashion, the motivation to work in an international team and profound English
language skills. The salaries for the positions will be within the TV-L scale. Disabled
candidates will be preferred if qualified equally.

Applications, including a full CV, list of publications and research experience, skills and
the names and addresses (including email) of two referees, should be sent by email or
mail to:

Dr. Sabine Fuchs
Institute of Pathology
Johannes Gutenberg University
D-55101 Mainz, Germany

Phone +49 6131 17-4204

Head of Institute
C. James Kirkpatrick MD PhD, Professor & Director Institute of Pathology, Johannes
Gutenberg University, Langenbeckstrasse 1,
D-55101 Mainz, Germany

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