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					Afternoon and Orange make friends since first grade junior high school graduation and
when they realize that they are not just a friend because there is a feeling that they could
not describe, that they really love each other. But now they are separated without
knowing the existence of each one of them.

Orange to continue high school in Bandung, has a life all affluent, popular and have lots
of friends a fashionable girl, beautiful and glamorous, but not happy because my father
and mother too busy with office in the Government is unhappy to have a boyfriend who
rich Rengga emotional rather command and over protective and possessive. Always
remember the afternoon when the grief-stricken when solitude.

While the evening should go with my uncle and lived in Jogjakarta his aunty because
both his parents died due to accident, famous not quiet at school and never could get
along with other girl friends. Can not forget the Orange never once even reckless trading
in Malioboro crafts with a purpose to meet with Orange if someday Orange come to

Various ways have made the afternoon to find out the existence of Orange by contacting
friends during junior high school, through social networking sites and so forth, but the
effort was never successful.

Up to 3 years later, the afternoon saw Orange shopping around Malioboro. Orange tried
to chase but the afternoon disappeared. Do not despair Atmo afternoon accompanied by
his friend in Yogya, Yogyakarta city tour and out of the hotel hoping to find Orange.
They search in vain because Orange has returned to Bandung earlier because his father
fell ill. Sore entrust a bracelet to Lidia friends to be given to the Orange.

Orange mixed with happy surprise to discover that evening to stay in Jogjakarta and tried
hard to find him but it was known by Rengga. Rengga angry and bracelets of broken and
thrown away the afternoon in not only there to anger Rengga impact on merchandise in
the afternoon that damaged thugs accomplice father Rengga ..

Wrestle with their feelings of Orange to find out who he loved with all my heart Rengga
or afternoon. While the afternoon wondering whether he should pursue to Bandung
Orange, Orange recapture hearts of those who had destroyed Rengga goods wares and
also threatened to destroy small businesses if the afternoon was still trying his uncle near

On the advice of his aunt and uncle Atmo dissuade afternoon went to Bandung to meet
Orange. But it must first finish his high school that lived a few months away.
Atmo continue to assist and encourage the afternoon and evening without the knowledge,
Atmo afternoon to post the form of the novel to one publisher in Yogyakarta.
Atmo effort to fruition the Issuer accept novel afternoon then contact the afternoon to
come to the signing of publishing novels "Orange in the evening sky." The afternoon was
surprised because it was not ever send her novel. Atmo, uncles and aunts Afternoon
Evening support to go to the publisher.

The novel became the best seller in Indonesia, up to a speaker Sore was book review in a
number of cities in Indonesia, including in Bandung, a vibrant afternoon to meet with
Orange in Bandung have to swallow disappointment can not be met Orange, Orange did
not come, until the end of the event.

Orange knows afternoon as speaker when reading a newspaper. Orange directly to the
location of book review, hoping still to see the afternoon but too late because the
afternoon had to Float, Orange regret, crying because they can not meet the evening
could not even buy a novel because the stock runs out.

The organizers gave Orange novels that were entrusted afternoon for Orange. Orange
cried, went home and then started to read page after page of the novel and does not care

Rengga angry with Orange's change in attitude is more cheerful and smiling, and eager
but not considering the Rengga, Orange and even more excited to learn before the exam
because it was a message in the afternoon to Orange's novel "Evening in the Sky Orange
today, will Orange in the Sky Afternoon at graduation later? "

Orange is now firmly on the courageous attitude of overprotected Rengga Orange even
take steps to end the relationship with Rengga, because in his heart that afternoon only to
give love sincerely. Could they meet in Jogjakarta?

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