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Life made easier with skip bins


									                              Life made easier with Skip Bins
Hiring a skip bin is certainly the easiest way to rid yourself of unwanted waste you have accumulated
around the house or building site. Having a mini skip or larger size skip bin dropped on to your property
makes life easier when disposing of rubbish. It takes away all the issues connected with trying to find a
suitable trailer which is the right size to accommodate all your rubbish. The website is a great place to
start when looking for the right skip bin to suit your needs.

 Be mindful, when hiring a bin, as it is extremely common to find you have more rubbish than you
originally thought you had, this can mean you run out of room in the bin. A good idea when talking to a
skip hire company, is to mention the approximate size of the rubbish you believe you have then ask
what size bin they suggest to suit your needs. While it may sound odd to pay more for a bigger bin than
you may need, better to have more space than not enough, as remember, what you don’t dispose of
this time will actually cost you more again as will eventually need to hire yourself a smaller skip bin again
to rid your yard of all that unwanted waste

Stacking a bin correct is not something people give a lot of thought too. If done correctly, you will
certainly fit all your intended waste into the bin. Most of us tend to chuck whatever they get their hands
on into the bin without planning an approach of how to make sure everything will fit into the skip. Don’t
be afraid to smash bulky objects into smaller pieces to allow for more space within the bin. Cut up
cardboard boxes and make sure you place all heavy, flat items in the bin first, this will then allow you to
see if there are any space pockets left to fill. Drop in other items like doors, plaster board, timber, etc.
Then throw in things that don’t stack well like timber palings, bricks, and concrete. Lastly, place you’re
your green waste on top, as this is easy to squash or tie down. Skip bin drivers are required to place a
tarp over the top of their bins so rubbish doesn't blow off when transporting. Objects which protrude
from the bin make this more difficult to tie down and you risk the chance the bin hire company will
charge you for overloading. By loading the green waste on last, it can easily be compacted down just
walking over it. Do this a few times and it will squash down below the required bin limit.

In this day and age it is also wise to consider what actually happens to the waste once it leaves your
property. Recycling has become an important resource, so it is important to consider when hiring a skip
bin, is whether or not the bin hire company recycle their own waste or send it directly to landfill. There
isn’t much hard waste these days that isn’t recyclable. And it certainly serves our environment better by
being kept above ground to be reused again. Items such as brick, timber, steel, concrete, paper, plastic
& green waste are just some hard waste items which can easily be recycled. So when looking to de-
clutter your home or building site from unwanted rubbish, shop around to find a skip bin company that
will help you rid yourself of you waste and our landfill sites of more re-usable waste.

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