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Congressional-Letter on Paid Sick Day


copy of a Congressional Letter on Paid Sick Day

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									The Honorable Christine C. Quinn
Speaker, NYC Council
250 Broadway
Suite 1856
New York, New York 10007

Dear Speaker Quinn:

We are pleased that under your leadership, the New York City Council is considering
enacting the Paid Sick Time Act. We urge the City Council to, as soon as possible in
2010, enact this local law guaranteeing all workers in New York City the ability to earn
paid sick time to care for their own or a family member’s illness.

We recognize that all workers need paid sick time so they don’t need to choose between
their health or their sick child’s wellbeing and their economic livelihood. A similar
federal bill, the Healthy Families Act, is currently under consideration in the U.S. House
of Representatives. While the Healthy Families Act, when passed, will provide a Federal
guarantee of paid time off for illness, this issue is too important for New York City to
wait for Federal action.

Furthermore, we believe that action at the national level will happen only if states and
localities lead the way. Leadership by New York City to address paid sick days on behalf
of workers, their families, and the public health with a strong progressive bill would have
a tremendous impact on our efforts at the Federal level. There is no way to know how
long it might take for the Healthy Families Act to become reality. The New York City
Council should not wait for Federal action when they have the opportunity to protect the
health of New Yorkers and their families now. We urge the passage of the Paid Sick
Time Act.


Hon. Edolphus “Ed” Towns                         Hon. Joseph Crowley
Hon. Carolyn Maloney                             Hon. Jose Serrano
Hon. Jerrold Nadler                              Hon. Michael E. McMahon
Hon. Nydia Velazquez                             Hon. Anthony Weiner
Hon. Jose E. Serrano

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