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									¡¾Three¡¿ consumer power production
?Production and consumption in the new millennium
????Internet to provide consumers with unprecedented convenience.
Because of this, people must begin to think the producers, not
consumers way. By his own shop on the Internet to buy things, the
production power of the Internet consumers can help to create more
revenue, rather than "expenditures."
????Internet is a business in the Diamond - and now he was just a baby
5 years later, all companies will be Internet companies - or what the
company no.
- Andy. Grove (former CEO of Intel)
????You watched it on TV late at night that 50 years of the 20th
century black and white shot of the monster it? The monsters in these
films are different, but the basic story is the same: a bomb exploded
somewhere in the earth, raised the mushroom cloud of radiation, when
the mushroom cloud lowered, the radiation passes through the volume of
everything have increased 1,000 times.
????Internet: still magic than science fiction
????20th century-style 50's science fiction film has good
entertainment, but in fact they are more like fiction, not science.
Today, just over 50 years, we live in a contrary world, science is
more amazing than fiction! Although there is no threat of radiation
clouds, and monsters in this world, but it does have "electron
cloud" in the shrouded world, there are millions of computers
around the Earth composed of a high-speed operation of the creatures.
We will only high-tech "monster" known as the Internet. Only
the Internet is enormous monster has been - and now he was just a
????Looking at these figures it: Now, among the world's 6.0 billion
people, 3 million people have been connected to the Internet, almost
every 20 people in there one. Experts predict that by 2010, will be 10
billion people connect to the Internet! Different places on this
planet for 10 million people, through a linked electronic super
highway. 10 million people a whole, as long as a click, to communicate
with each other, mutual trading. Is a science fiction novel? No, this
is true! What happened? A few years ago, when I came into contact with
the Internet, one of my friends described him as "one is looking
for purpose technology." At that time I agree with him. Now I do
not like to think of. Today I feel the Internet, and businessmen on
the fax machine to feel the same, "how can do it without
him!" Even if the Internet is just a tool for e-mail, he would be
the greatest invention in the history of one. Moreover, he is far more
than that! Internet as a library. A phone book, a daily newspaper, a
DVD street, a travel agent, a museum, a bank, a stockbroker, an art
gallery, an encyclopedia, a virtual office, one copy of the set, a
record store . You understand? The role of any of the above can prove
that he exists. But he is all these things, and more! The Internet has
made our work and life has undergone tremendous changes. The role of
consumers in the era of the Internet is talking about the most is
e-commerce, that is, buy and sell goods and services via the Internet.
"Fortune" magazine will be called e-commerce, since the
inception of the early 20th century department store, the largest
consumers of the Gospel. "Fortune" magazine said, because
with the Internet, the new millennium will be "the consumer
era." E-commerce is already big, big business has, but look at
his potential, he was a baby. A wealth of writers likened the
development of the Internet in a game. At this stage, the Internet is
just a warm-up exercises before the game. Competition has not yet
begun. According to forecasts, e-commerce as some people make a lot of
wealth, but the really big paying the money does not start earning it.
????Why e-commerce is good news for consumers it? There are two
reasons: convenience and low prices. Let us take a moment to discuss
one by one. There is no doubt that online shopping is very convenient.
Not crowded, no traffic jams, no queues pay. Shop 24 hours a day, 7
days a week, 365 days a year business, and home delivery, there is no
more convenient than this was. Speaking of cheap, consumers simply get
on the Internet for the express driver bits! The reason is that the
characteristics of the Internet itself is a fast, extensive and
efficient. By the establishment and operation of a "click"
the cost of living an online shop, of course, to establish and operate
than a "bricks and cement," the traditional shops are much
lower. Plus e-commerce site eliminates the middleman, to lower
commodity prices, of course, the result is the consumer era, which
looks like this! The era of the consumer? Or the producers of the
times? Put on your thinking cap, think about it. Ultimately, the
purpose of these e-commerce website what is it? Make money, right?
Start to look, they are discounted to sell things to you, in your
favor. However, this appears to be a consumer's age, is the producer
of the times! You see, in the era of the producer, the producer
actually paid a small amount of short-term costs, but in the long run,
benefit the producers, because they create more assets, but the
consumers in the creation of more debt! This is a never-ending cycle,
producers and consumers to spend money to make money. More and more
wealthy producers, and consumers more and more poverty. This in the
end what's the problem?
????Steve casino always wins. Mr. Wynn is the famous Las Vegas
"Mirage" CEO of the resort, to understand some of the
production and the consumer sense. Wynn has been in the gambling
industry for more than 25 years and during that time, his casino as
casino owners and investors to create billions of dollars in profits.
When a reporter asked him in a casino, which is most likely to make
money when the games are played, Wynn smiled and replied: "If you
want to make money in the casino to a casino bar." Why? Because
the probability of winning is always tilted to the operator.
Therefore, the casino always create wealth, and wealth in the
consumption of gambling forever. Wynn's words of wisdom not just for
gamblers, but also for every consumer. If you want to make money in a
shop, a shop to have it! People said to myself, they can shop at a
discount or price reduction in the "save" money, just like
gambling on their own playing cards or throwing dice that can make
money the same. Ultimately, however, they can only deceive themselves.
Whether consumers discount shopping, or shopping online, regardless of
their shopping at cost or below cost price shopping, they never took
to the road to riches. Never! Consumers, producers will only make
richer! By definition, consumer spending is money, not money income.
If you agree with the casino is always the chance to earn money to
their own inclination, then store it? They are always a winner!
????You have to do gorillas or bananas? Not long ago, I read an
investment report, the reporter will be the producer compared to
"gorilla", while the consumer compared to the
"banana." This analogy is very vivid, right? Now I ask you,
what would you rather do, orangutans, or bananas? People to make money
or spend money from? The simple fact is that consumers are bananas,
while the shop is the gorilla. Gorilla bananas need to survive, so
chimps have tried a variety of techniques and tricks (they call it
marketing) to attract more bananas, they offer discounts on most like
to use the "trick." The bananas are in the account every
time they line up to wait for gorillas to eat them, and these apes are
getting fat, more fun. Also, bananas are thinner and more depressed.
They hung in a tree in an attempt to find they can not move forward in
life causes. Then a gorilla shouted: "Where to sell
cheaper!" All of the bananas were all excited and jumped down
from the tree. Once again lined up waiting to be eaten. Wake up and
smell the aroma of coffee! All consumers, please note! I'd like to
announce: What are your consumers plan does not work! You always
believed in, discount shopping can save money, but in fact you do is
purchase liability; to work longer hours, in order to buy back more
discounted merchandise; your credit card debt by 20% per annum in the
growth more and more weight, obesity, and to make producers happy.
Wake up, consumers! Are you following the wrong plan! Can you guess
who sell to you this plan? Yes, this is that producers! You have only
to compare plans and consumers, producers plan, it is easy to
understand why the producers want to maintain the status quo. The
following table shows all:
?????????Programme producers Consumer Plan
????1, to spend 1 money
????2, has a job 2, with a company
????3, 3 salary cap, unlimited income
????4, 4 increased debt, financial freedom
????5, the old economic thinking 5, the new economic thinking
????6, 6, debt growth, growth of assets
????7, short-term "saving" 7, long-term wealth
????The emergence of e-commerce expansion of the two plans. Online
consumers are very excited because it easier to spend money, things
have become cheaper. Line producer is also very excited because they
can spend less effort to expand, to become more fat. In fact, the
Internet gave birth to a new type of producers - King Kong
businessman! Like those black and white science fiction movie, the
electron cloud will be on the Internet, the baby orangutan, that they
mutate, grow faster than all of the orangutans and more! As for the
bananas are, they are increasingly thin. At the same time, King Kong
getting larger and larger, and he was just a baby it! Consumers how to
do it? The advantage of producers in real life, producers have a lot
of consumers can not enjoy the benefits. Whether you like it or not,
money has its own privileges. As a consumer, here are some questions
you should ask yourself: Do you want to live in a place to live, not
what you can afford to live in a place to live, Is this not better?
Large producers can live where they want to live, and had Ziwei. You?
Pay cash to buy a luxury car, not in 5 years for a used car, this not
better? Let your children away from their families on a first-class
universities, rather than allow them to stay at home reading the local
colleges, this not better? 35 or 45 years old to "retire"
and enjoy the wealth of freedom, not to retire before the age of 65,
by a meager pension and Social Security to live on, it not be better?
The fact is, producers can choose how they live, and consumers can
only have been given by way of a good life. Now I ask you, would you
rather have that kind of people? A wealthy producer? Or a consumer to
cash troubles? The key is, if you want to have the producers have, and
as producers as life, you must begin to think and act the same as the
producers! Be opportunities for small producers is, "How can I
become a greater wealth creation is really necessary?" There are
several ways. The first is to do 0.001% of the people do, from
scratch, start your high-profit business, this can be done. Wal-Mart
founder Sam. Walton did, hundreds of other legendary men and women
did. But we must face the fact, every A Sam. Walton, there are
millions of ordinary consumers. You and I have to set up and develop a
global discount stores, or on the Internet to create another Amazon,
this opportunity is minimal. Do these people do, it takes millions of
dollars and endless ambition, as well as superhuman wisdom. The fact
is, you and I can be the next Sam. Walton opportunities, like becoming
the next Michael. Like Jordan.
????Production of consumer model: by judicious purchase and create
wealth. But there is a way to make millions of 99.999% of people do
not invest to have a producer. Through study, practice and teach a
program called "production and consumption," the wealth
creation system, ordinary people can create wealth and not ordinary.
Production and consumption is the ordinary people of ordinary wealth
creation is not a natural way. Why? Production and consumption because
of the time when we, as consumers, we use our skills and abilities. If
there is one thing that most people are good at, it is the consumer!
We are not so good at creating wealth. However, when we production and
consumption, we proved to be successful with a co-producer. As the
production of consumers, our job is to buy from the producers of
products and services, then these products and services recommended to
us know. The producer's job is the manufacture, storage and transport
of these products. Producers through rebates and referral fees as a
reward for us. We increased the demand for their products, to return
producers. This is a win-win process. We, as consumers continue to do
what we produce good things, producers continue to do the things they
are good at. Everybody made money. Ah what a great idea! Through the
establishment of production and consumption to a producers cooperative
relationship, we can enjoy all the benefits as a producer, without
having to bear any liabilities. As the production of consumers, we
spend money at the same time make money. Want to create more wealth
for themselves and their families of ordinary people, do not stop
spending. They just need to start production and consumption!
Production and consumption so that a consumer's dream come true, the
following model of producers and production and consumption patterns
of the chart illustrates this point:
??????????????Model production producer consumer model
????1, 1, hire employees, no staff
????2, 2, high administrative costs, lower management costs
????3, office, distribution of 3 home-based business center
????4, the expensive e-commerce site 4, the computer connected to the
????5, 5 a large advertising budget, word of mouth marketing
????6, with the owners and shareholders profit-sharing 6, all the
profits all to himself
????The good news is, the Internet for consumers to participate in
production and consumption and create an unprecedented revolution in
convenience. As a production of consumer, means that demand for the
product-oriented supplier of your product, and then teach others to do
the same thing. This means that you do not have producers who watched
more and more rich in the age of electronic commerce. Think about the
production as an online consumer, you can become rich with them!

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