【Third story of five hundred III】 【16】 Yoshitaka Set 【first】 of the original Chinatown by fdjerue7eeu


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									¡¾Third story of five hundred III¡¿ ¡¾16¡¿ Yoshitaka Set ¡¾first¡¿ of the
original Chinatown
Insurance sitcom story ¡¾five hundred III¡¿ 16 ¡¾first¡¿ Yoshitaka Set

Deal with drinking water, and said: "I talk to you Zengzi it!
Man's pride ... ah ..."
Deal with the summer break, then, pointing to the computer, said:
"The head of the China Insurance Network ... ...¡¿ ¡¾the story of
five years, has been a story of five¡¿ ¡¾written comments have been
SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENT Zengzi offspring is!"
Deal hurriedly asked: "Is it true?"
Summer, said earnestly: "I asked her in the comments, is not
Zengzi exchange a future ... ..."
Deal, like winning the like, quickly asked: "how she say? To her
it is ... ... how many generations?"
Summer, smiling, said: "She said ... ... is the 77th generation
of exchange a Zengzi granddaughter, she should be Cheung Generation
name, still in college studying it, Guangxi Normal School
Yao opened notebook computers, Internet access, hard hit his head, and
said: "I have to see ... ... just been busy, no time to read the
story¡¿ ¡¾five, naturally, had not seen this home, the door known
families exchange a granddaughter that! This should be considered a
celebrity too! I know the 76th generation of Confucius exchange a
granddaughter of ... ... is married to a big Hollywood director, and
it was quite a sensation! Zengzi exchange a granddaughter and I have a
look ... ... I can be really damn! are busy doing what? quite a long
time did not see a¡¿ ¡¾five. "
Chuang Ma smiled and said: "is also ah! Sister Furong have to see
for a few days? Warm, but not in it! If warm in the ... ... you dare
say it? This time I do not help you, ah! I warn you, the last purse
I've broken that it is still, and gifts would be willing to send fake!
Yao grabbed a piece of A4 paper, write a few words, handed Ma Chuang,
said: "Can you put this table into the warm up, do not tip
Ma Chuang took it, a look, happy to read: "I love the exchange a
77th generation granddaughter Zeng Yan Fang ... ... also had three
exclamation points too! Powerful it! Amazing! These days a lot of
courageous ah! Do not tip , I'm going to put you. "
Deal looked elated Ma Chuang, said: "Water wood are active to
this, the origin of parents and children. ... I know ... Zeng Zeng it?
Attack and to follow his father went to school, his father was one of
the earliest Confucius students, until Zengzi older time? farming
began helping out at home ... ... what firewood it! plowing it!
coachman it! to seventeen years old to go over to the Confucius is
travel around the world, become a student of Confucius. "
Staring at the summer deal, said: "That is a student of Confucius
Zengzi Oh!"
Deal nodded and said: "Zeng's father is also a student of
Confucius. Zengzi it? Since then, the inquisitive, the doctrine of
Confucius, and quickly acquire a thorough understanding, and in three
thousand disciples, we can say is ... ... alone have lent cases is to
get the true mass. then what? Zeng again Confucius summed up by a core
height ... ... loyalty and forgiveness, that is, Wisdom and Faith in
the kernel! "
Ma Chuang twisted brow, said: "That? Tzu in the end is doing
Deal smiled and said: "heard of the summer just say that? Zengzi
77 on behalf of the exchange a granddaughter in Reading Teachers do?
Teach apprentices are engaged Zeng major cause of life. He from twenty
three-year-old began to set in his hometown church lecture, and later
to the City and Yue Wu and Wei and some other countries to give
lectures ... ... "
Ma Chuang scratched his head and said: "The competent, I know,
the more power ... ... is now Vietnam, right? ... ... Is now defending
the country? I had bad history."
Chuang Yao joke the horse, said: "and my English is almost the
equivalent of an idiot ... ...."
Deal smiled and said: "The fact it, after Confucius, his
disciples for Education lecture hall, there are many people, but
really teach Zengzi thoughts exactly, but only one person Tzu."
Ma Chuang interrupted: "I also know that Zhao's essay in it ...
... there are Confucius and Mencius."
Deal of Ma Chuang said: "listen to me talk about ... ... the
lectures Zengzi well, often from academics no less than seventy to
eighty people, trained scholars have Zisi, music positron spring,
quite a number of instrument, such as Komeito accomplished disciple
... ... "
Ma Chuang said: "It does not Confucius and Mencius ah?"
Deal looked at Ma Chuang, said: "And then? To the emergence of
this view of the ... ... Confucius - Zeng - Zisi - Mencius, listen to
understand? Confucius and Mencius has four stations, Zeng's role is
obvious In this, the chain of the Confucian tradition, Zeng is an
important figure nexus. "
Chuang Ma smiled and said: "Zhao did not say to understand the
Deal with hard put his hands, continued: "Zeng Zhi Shi Min is the
pursuit of life, after the death of Confucius, Zeng bravely shoulder
the important task of the implementation of benevolence, he ren ...
... die. He was in attendance, Cheng, Chu, Wei and other countries, to
implement their own political views, he sympathized with the lower
classes, missing the channel on the criticism ... .... He insisted
that the gentleman integrity, not Lu Jun Yi presented. he does not
agree powerful, refused Chu, Qi and Jin given to senior officials ...
... "
Chuang Ma shook his head, then interrupted: "Zeng is not silly?
To the officer not to do? With the words now, really ... ... very
Chuang Ma, pointing deal, said: "What are you how is it? You do
not interrupt can not be dead? My side to his mouth? You always
interrupt so I can go on it? I say where were we?"
Summer, said quietly: "Some countries refuse to grant the
official post."
Deal thought and said: "The filial piety of Zeng said, practice
of filial piety ... ... is a man of the highest ethical standards
Zeng. He must take care of their parents ... ... the Evening Morning
Province! Morning greeting, reflect on a night where the parents do
not filial piety, and care of their own parents have to be ... ...
there must be wine and meat, respect for parents ... ... but the
mother of Lu Sheng, and concerned about the parents? separated from
parents overnight, and then places it on the outside ... ... ... ...
Chuang Yao Ma pointed and said: "hear no! Obedient son, the
parents are around every day!"
Yao curse: "cheap mouth!"
Deal is also a horse break a stare and said: "And then? Follow
their parents to be committed when ... ... cane! Father died ... ...
Nothing in the mouth by water slurry seven days seven days without
food, not even water drink later? every time the funeral, Qixia s
garments ... ... ... ... stepmother that grace the event of
non-support is not bad, and his wife out of the unfamiliar with
steamed pear! out of that break it. true man which ! can be considered
finished, casually interrupted it! "
Summer laughed and said: "The competent, what are you on the back
of the classical in which it?"
Deal touched his head, smiled and said: "The memory anyway? Read
freshman year ... ... read. So many years ... ... memory anyway?"
Summer smiled and said: "I'd ... ... However, I do not agree Zeng
... ... is that you just said ... ... the last sentence."
Yin deal casually: "The case of the non-ex and stepmother support
is not bad, and his wife to pear out of steam not familiar with? Is
this word?"
Summer, biting lower lip, nodded and said: "Confucius, Zeng ...
... in the Confucian moral worldview, and indeed and left behind a
monumental feat, you can have no place close to satisfactory."
Deal hurriedly asked: "Say to listen to?"
Summer said: "Some blindly ... ... of filial piety, and see you?
Do cooking pear wife's mother in law ... ... to because no food
cooked, even the wife to divorce her, is not some over it?"
Deal smiled and said earnestly: "Ancient Well! Men and women of
that time, patriarchal ideas are ... ... a man is, that they have
dignity, woman? Is to know that they belong to the low base it! Really
envy ah! Envy ah ! really hope born in that era it! If that time ...
... "
Summer asked "the competent, the theory is not serious ah? That
time, in the eyes of men ... women are mean ...? That is not is, you
say, the so-called sexist it?"
Deal hand pool, said: "It is like that thing!"
Summer smile and asked: "So ... ... Zeng's mother is not
Deal with language game, scratching his head, said: "is not it?
Of course, is it! However, this is God! And his mother a woman how to
treat it the same? Or how to say it ... ... filial piety!"
Yao shakes his head, sorry to say: "how the whole of it? This
woman more and more fiercely? Really let them learn of the Tao Te
Ching ah! III ... ... from the four virtues in charge of what, then,
you have to talk about often in the Ministry on the three issues from
the four virtues, the need to correct a woman's mental problems now!
go again ... ... how this got twisted it? Ancient How wonderful! ...
... said the woman at home off! Kacha ... ... to break it! cool! said
... ... picked up to hit play! hum ... ... demo! rice do not! off!
pear cook unfamiliar ... ... Hugh! is an off-ah! not blinking ... ...
off the marry! married again off ... ... "
Aiming a bit warm in summer goes on A4 paper on the table and gently
smile, dial a telephone, said: "You break addicted ... ... hey!
Warm, where are you then? Will be back, well, then head of lectures ?
speak very good, come back to talk about it ... ... how are the ...
... "
Summer off the phone, smiled deal, said: "Warm said'll be back
listening to you, talk like the Tao Te Ching men."
Deal laughed, and Yao said: "Or ... ... I am involved, to give a
warm way to talk about filial Zengzi?"
Yao nodded, with her smile, said: "The involvement of talk about
it, I invite you to dinner tonight, take a drink!"
... ...
Warm came in the package across the arm, hand, on the deal said:
"The competent, what lessons you just said?"
Deal with steady, said: "Zeng said it is moral for a class, on
the road to filial piety."
Warm smile, said: "Ah! Have talked about here? Here is not the
talk about the ... ... to comply with the three women from the four
virtues in?"
Deal with surprise and said: "Warm can be really is! With the ...
... three from the four virtues all know, admire ah! Admire!"
Cawan warm hands, went to her chair, sat down, carefully looking at
the table head out of the middle goes on A4 paper, and then ... ...
Yao oblique eyes, with a dignified calm in tone, said: "Boy ?
dare to provoke it? is not it? "
Chuang Yao angry to think of it, and horses love to write the note had
Yanfang's, and ran to call all of a sudden, try to steal the paper
goes on with both hands on the table ... ... ... ... pulled down grab
Yao did not go and grab a warm, went door to unload the mop pole,
according to tummy down on A4 paper has been the butt of Lu Yao is a
stick, and said fiercely: "want to destroy the evidence, right?
Guts also not small ... ... that! had Yanfang Who are you? "
Yao suffer when the second stick, with the chest press and hold A4
paper, hands to his ass, he turned the horse looked Wuzui lucky break,
said angrily: "Ma Chuang! Do you hanging so bad! Who told you
adhesive tape to glue ah! "

¡¿ ¡¾Continued

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