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					¡¾National average house prices turn up last year, 4,600 yuan per
square rose after the housing reform highest¡¿
National house price last year reached 4,600 yuan per square maximum
gains after housing reform
http://www.sina.com.cn 2010 Äê 01 ÔÂ 18 ÈÕ 06:27 Sichuan News Net -
Chengdu Evening News
"Last year from January to November reached the national average
residential sales price 4600 yuan / sq m, higher than the 2008 average
price of 1,000 yuan / square meters, housing reform, the highest
annual increase since!" On Saturday (16 day) in Chengdu,
"Economic Policy in 2010 and the industry forecast report",
the State Council Development Research Center of Macroeconomic
Research Department Bin Yu made the remarks. The report by the
Business Association of Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province
Entrepreneurs Association.
Keywords economic trends
This year high to low
For stocks to be careful to do business
Yu Bin believes that there is no macro-economic policy this year, the
possibility of a major adjustment, fine-tuning is possible. He said
that if last year's focus reflects a "liberal", then this
year will focus on the expression "moderate."
The trend for China's economy, Yu Binjian will show who the
"W" to a point, and this year's pattern is from high to low
- estimated last year's fourth quarter GDP growth is expected to reach
more than 10% in the first quarter of this year will reach a higher
level, and from the second quarter into the fall.
Said Yu Bin analysis, 2003-2007 China's economic growth continued to
accelerate, culminating in the second quarter of 2007, 13.8%, when the
cyclical decline in third quarter into the international financial
crisis has accelerated the pace of decline. The first quarter of last
year, the Chinese economy has experienced seven consecutive quarters
of decline, began to rebound in the second quarter of last year, but
the Chinese economy should be completed in the adjustment of the
adjustment cycle, and did not complete the task, and this cycle
generally requires 6-7 years Therefore, this round of the
sustainability of economic recovery has not only economic adjustment
adjustments to complete its task should be completed before any real
Based on the above analysis and forecasting, Yu Bin, the presence of
the audience to remind: "Whether to do business, or the stock
market is doing, and this year must be careful. 21 this month will
release fourth quarter GDP growth last year, and if you see statistics
Digital is better to make the decision to buy stocks, mess it might be
a loss. "
Keyword property
Once the real estate and stock market bubble
Incalculable harm
On the real estate issue, Yu Bin believes that the reason that 2010 is
the top most complicated year, mainly because of the
"dilemma" issues are increasing, such as the RMB exchange
rate changes on the way for development and expansion of employment of
the "dilemma" in expansionary policy to prevent economic
double dip and inflation expectations and the financial risk between
the "dilemma." One of the most concern of the
"dilemma" comes as the asset bubble in real estate between
the rapid development of the "dilemma."
Yu Bin said that China's investment in real estate investment
accounted for 1 / 5 to 1 / 4, the added value created by the real
estate industry accounted for approximately 6% of GDP (Shanghai more
than 20%), associated with the real estate industry to 60. He cited
figures showing that from January to November 2009, the national
average price of residential sales reached 4,600 yuan / square meter,
compared with 2008 average price rose 1,000 yuan / square meters,
housing reform, the highest annual increase since. Among them,
Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities
housing prices rose more than the national average.
"Since the third quarter of 2009, housing prices continued to
rise, the bubble is getting worse. Not long ago, Forbes listed
financial risk in 2010, the Chinese real estate is ranked in second
place." Said Yu Bin, "The Asian financial crisis of the
source in real estate and the stock market bubble burst, the financial
crisis is the U.S. real estate and real estate mortgage loans based on
financial derivatives bubble triggered. obvious harmful levels of two
crises. Once the real estate and stock market bubble , equally
difficult to assess the harm. "
Based on the above understanding, Yu Bin appeal, the Government should
be clear to the real estate market healthy and stable development as
the basic objective of macroeconomic regulation and control, to expand
the urban development space, effectively increasing land and housing
supply and ease the contradiction between supply and demand and
stabilize prices as the basic means of . He also proposed three
aspects of "discrimination": the difference between the
contradictions facing different markets to take the policy
differences; difference between real demand and investment demand;
difference between government responsibility and corporate
¡ø dialogue
Yu Bin: house prices will drop after the second quarter of this year
Yu Bin for finished report, its reporter had a brief interview.
Reporter: As the State Council Development Research Center, a research
fellow, do you think the "two sessions" if they would be
introduced after a number of policies to implement the Central
Economic Work Conference last year?
Yu Bin: It should be yes.
Reporter: The Central Economic Work Conference, a lot of control
measures for real estate, when you think prices will drop?
Yu Bin: policy was introduced, many consumers have entered the wait
period, after the second quarter of this year, which is the second
half of the price will fall.
Reporter: How do you raise the deposit reserve ratio? When will the
interest rate?
Yu Bin: the deposit reserve ratio by 0.5 percentage points, modest,
will be locked from 250 to 300 billion of funds, mainly for the real
estate market. As for interest rates, mainly to see the regulation of
the real estate market conditions, prices rise, interest rates not
predict the specific point in time.
Reporter: The central authorities need to improve the tax system,
adhere to the simple taxation system, broader tax base, low tax rates
and stricter tax collection principles, fair tax burden, standardize
income distribution. Do you think that personal income tax rate will
adjust downward?
Yu Bin: the long term, low tax rates is a trend. Personal income tax
reform should be combined with the implementation of comprehensive and
classified personal income tax system, deductions must fully consider
the overall household income. Wang Li Zhao science reporter
¡ø Information link
Yu Bin, Department of Economics from Peking University in 1987;
1987-1989 taught at the Department of Economics, Zhejiang University;
1989-1992, Department of Economics at Beijing University of Western
economic theory, professional learning, a master's degree in
economics; the State Department since 1992 Development Research
Center, she served as Deputy Economic Research Department, director of
integrated, Room Director, Office of confidential secretary, deputy
director of the Enterprise Institute, Vice Minister of Macroeconomic
Research, China Economic Times, executive vice president, executive
vice president Editor, China Economic Times president and party
secretary and other staff, the incumbent State Council Development
Research Center of Macroeconomic Research Department, as the
Government of the State Council issued a special allowance.
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