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★ newly opened World of Warcraft Sifu Chapter _quot;Wudang ancestral now_quot;

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★ newly opened World of Warcraft Sifu Chapter _quot;Wudang ancestral now_quot;

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									¡ï newly opened World of Warcraft Sifu Chapter "Wudang ancestral

Chapter IX, "Wu-Tang Clan's ancestral home now"
Wudang is the patron deity, named Qiu Gainward is the founder of
Wudang Zhang San Feng forty-three open camp disciple, his age, a
hundred, but black faces of the children, and naturally sloppy, or
even like the wayward Hu, so as Yan Zhongyu that kind of personality,
opt for the best cast and most have his true mass.
Chiu Keng-yu had a habit of reading, more than martial arts, is the
wisdom of the people was beginning, the beginning of the era of
fashionable Liuyang, when the head of the Wudang has been quite open
to the idea that martial arts is as important as learning and wanted
to send Zhen Xing state, are indispensable, and it will send several
outstanding disciples to Europe Tour, Chiu Gainward is one.
As gifted, less than three years old, Chiu Keng-yu doctorate from
Britain took two back. Since then, he continued intensive martial
arts, but also over a decade, became the first Wudang disciples of all
civil and military, when the head died, naturally pass bits to him.
Chiu Keng-yu head when a few years, and finally a large sense of
boredom, they pass seat to his disciple, himself get a fake ID card,
false age, punched in the fold on the age, twenty years ago, mingled
to the United States in the United States and read a PhD, then it
openly in a university and became professors.
Wudang older disciples, most of the Chiu Keng-yu know the location of
the university teaching, and occasionally some people go to ask for,
or greeting, Qiu Gainward is not evasive. Han Shan Sun also know
where, so bring along Luoyi Lang and Situ Yun and other four, fly fly
ten hours to reach the United States.
When the Sun Qiu Han Shan, a pedestrian found Gainward, he is the
laboratory experiment, Sun Han Shan saw him will know that here, then
fell down Bianbai, mouth and said: "disciples Sun Han Shan, Meet
the granddaddy."
Keng-yu Qiu old is great, but the memory is very good, he's Tu Sun Sun
Han Shan, the idea is still remembered. Chiu Keng-yu said: "You
are Liu weeks the little donkey's three disciples? How old so many?
Causing me to almost all recognize it. Yes, you must not work hard,
internal strength did not train well, so it turned into this virtue.
Gainward has seven apprentices Qiu, Yan Zhongyu ranked last, Liu weeks
ranked second, is the master Han Shan Sun. At this time, Sun has his
hair since early Cold Mountain, teeth shaken, as the hardships of
earlier life, looking over his six teens, but also the actual age of
some old, but it looks like Qiu Gainward only fifty age, looks much
younger than the Sun Cold Mountain.
Sun Han Shan said: "Yes, disciples Fucai, degrading and Master
ancestral teachings, please ancestral punishment."
Chiu Keng-yu said: "How can I empty desert you? Not you see I'm
busy? Formulas in accordance with good practice since it wants to go
Sun Han Shan said: "Yes, brother in obeyed, his disciples came
today, is the granddaddy emergency requirements."
At this time, Zuo Wana escorted Luoyi Lang, Tokgo War escorted Situ
Yun, the two trembling, are kneeling behind the Sun Han Shan, Qiu
Gainward looked at them and said: "I see, you want me to save you
behind The two young men, is it? they are your people? "
Sun Han Shan said: "They are disciples of the disciples."
Chiu Keng-yu, "ha ha" laugh: "So you also received a
disciple, you can be good to go kung fu disciple, who must have been
injured, is not it?"
Sun Han Shan blush, said: "Yes, a disciple of no use."
Gainward Qiu stepped forward, his hands and Situ Yun Luo Yilang each
grabbed a hand, to the pulse, all of a sudden, "alas" is
heard, then grabbed the hand of Han Shan Sun to turn a pulse, said:
"It's strange, strange Your internal forces apprentice stronger
than you seem, do have the jade Qicheng Huohou. "
Sun Han Shan said: "Yes, they have had the honor of pointing
Shishu Yen too."
Chiu Keng-yu said: "ah, well, no, very bad, they are in this
insidious Zhang Li, I am afraid not live three hours."
Sun Han Shan said: "ancestral home must be a way to save
Qiu Gainward frowned and said: "Difficult!"
Han Shan Sun constantly bowed, said: "Please be sure to save
their ancestral home."
Chiu Keng-yu said: "This charge of power, never called Yin palm,
is a Tibetan Buddhist martial Myanmar area, usually in the high
mountains and cold, to attend, open up the nine pure yin meridians in
order to excel. You want to save this palm drugs, there are two ways,
one is to use the palm of the Pure Yang Shun Yeung internal force to
resolve, unfortunately this is only my master would Chunyang palm, I
did not practiced. "
Sun Han Shan "ah" a cry, and asked: "There is another
way out?"
Geng Qiu word "Hey" smiled: "Another way is to come up
with my own, but have not used, but now want to save their lives, only
that the only way out."
Sun Han Shan said: "Since it is the only way to try to please
their patron deity."
Chiu Keng-yu said: "I am now content of the study, called"
radioactive substances on human nerves, blood vessels, lymph, tendon
and joint effects "."
Sun Han Shan said: "It seems very complicated."
Chiu Keng-yu laughed: "Foreigners do not know kidneys, and
personal truth acupuncture points, in fact, what I am talking about
nerves, blood vessels, lymph, tendon, joint these things are related
with the meridians and acupuncture points, meridians and acupuncture
points is the control of the human body and activities of
organizations within the circulation network and switch, okay? "
Sun Han Shan thought for a moment, said: "I understand that these
are traditional names and the names of different things Western
medicine only, they are actually the same thing."
Chiu Keng-yu said: "Not only that, the ancient Chinese medicine
and martial attention is the experience accumulated, while Western
medicine is focus on anatomical and experimental data, traditional
statistical result is a huge repository of modern scientific method is
open the treasure house of the key anti-capital brought in the
treasure-house use of the method to obtain greater benefits. "
Sun Han Shan said: "ancestral go too esoteric."
Chiu Keng-yu said: "Not deep, give a simple example, there is a
local hospital two years before moving to cut open the patient's major
surgery, the anesthetic allergy patients, we recruited a Chinese
medicine practitioner, the patient head God Court, Baihui, bearing
light, sky, the seven, eight big point acupuncture treatment, the
results can still surgery, patients do not feel pain. "
Chiu Keng-yu paused, then said: "Later studies showed that the
original acupuncture treatment in these places, can stimulate the
brain secretes a substance that the anesthetic effect even stronger
than morphine several times, without physical injury, is this truth.
Sun Han Shan said: "It's magic."
Chiu Keng-yu said: "Not magic, science is science, all of the
actual existence of the phenomenon, are using modern scientific
methods can be analyzed, although some easy, some difficult, but once
the analysis of the reasons, you can take advantage of, the invention
of more and better methods and applications. "
Sun Han Shan said: "Yes, ancestral home the point, what means it
intends to cure ancestral two small have Tusun it?"
Chiu Keng-yu said: "Now they are cold all the meridians poison
attacks, I have all the relevant acupuncture points in their pin, but
that does not really pin, and a kind of invisible micro enough
radiation, according to the study This radiation can stimulate the
cells, so that their body heat from the meridians, expel cold virus to
ensure that there is no problem, but, what consequences do not know.
Sun Han Shan said: "Even if there are complications, stronger
than death."
Qiu Gainward nodded, then said: "In fact, this principle and the
principle that we exercise our powers like healing, according to my
research, the so-called internal strength, only less than a use within
the body's own interest to massage the meridians and acupuncture
points, through complex chemical reaction of biological electricity,
to stimulate the potential means to an end. Now we use scientific
means to external stimuli, can achieve similar results. "
Sun Han Shan said: "In this case, hands it to please their patron
Keng-yu Qiu sighed: "Well!"
Chiu Keng-yu, then called in the laboratory assistant, first Luoyi
Lang loaded onto the operating table, took off his clothes, and then
sent to a closed exposure chamber.
Keng-yu Qiu person sitting in front of three computer screens of the
instrument operation, set up the program, the device will
automatically begin to radiation exposure Luoyi Lang's acupuncture
points. More than an hour later, Luo Yilang irradiation is completed,
again adjusted Qiu Gainward programs continue Situ Yun irradiation,
but also had more than an hour, and also completed Situ Yun
irradiation work.
Assistant will Luoyi Lang and Situ Yun pushed out on the activities of
the bed and saw two men has been gradually smooth breathing, the body
is no longer cold, we are very happy.
Keng-yu Qiu Han Shan Road on the Sun: "They finally saved lives,
but after radiation exposure, they have a lot of cell damage, must be
nursed back to health for a while, I'll give you a quote qi and blood
of the prescription, you go to Chinatown to buy to fry them to eat,
after two weeks, then take them to see me. "
Sun Han Shan and knelt down and bowed Kouxie, Zuo Wana also followed
Han Shan Sun worship, and only together with Tokgo War propped Luoyi
Lang and Situ Yun leave the lab, to find a place to live.
Extracting the hotel is not convenient because they had to think of
other ways. Find out a little, and found in the United States there
are many low-density, public facilities, divided into furniture and
not furnished with two types of goods managed by the rent, all rent
not sell, monthly billing apartment communities, is very suitable for
So they immediately rented a three-bedroom furnished apartments, Zuo
Wana and Luoyi Lang a, Tokgo War and Situ Yun a, and thus live
temporarily down.
After all the arrangements Antonius, Luoyi Lang and Situ Yun has been
a little wake up, Sun Han Shan, who were both very happy, but they are
very weak physically, constantly thirsty to drink water, the appetite
is poor.
Zuo Wana War Tokgo immediately went to Chinatown and buy the pot for
medicine, the two men returned fried dose, and Situ Yun Luo Yilang
drugs and drinking to sleep, woke up again and again to wash down
medicine, and occasionally to eat liquid food. So to the day, Situ Yun
weak because the injury, before finally woke up, eat a big meal, the
spirit of a lot better, and after three days Luoyi Lang can walk out
of bed, and he also eat enormous amounts of the meal, eat even more
than Situ Yun, the two finally are restored fine sleeves, physical
strength to become even better than before.
Qiu Han Shan Sun Gainward follow the instructions and continue to call
Luoyi Lang and Situ Yun medication, over the past two weeks later, Sun
will bring the two men went to Han Shan Chiu Keng-yu at Bese.
Three to see Gainward Chiu, after worshiping again, Qiu Gainward will
take them to a small living room, their students down, and then for
the Luoyi Lang and Situ Yun pulse.
To for a long time, I saw Chiu Gainward eyebrows locked, suddenly
shouted: "quack evil! Really quack harm!"
Han Shan Sun panic said: "What is wrong and we bought the wrong
Chiu Keng-yu said: "something to do with drugs, I mean I was a
quack and hurt both of them."
Sun Han Shan asked: "ancestral saved the life of both of them,
how could harm them?"
Qiu Gainward shook his head, self-serving: "I said, side effects,
was right, I have to be extremely careful, but still am in a hurry,
with an excessive amount of radiation, resulting in hyperactivity of
their meridians, the internal force several times stronger than
before, I am afraid a lot stronger than I am. "
Sun Han Shan asked: "This is not a good thing?"
Chiu Keng-yu shook his head: "Not a good thing, definitely not a
good thing, they are now like a hundred horsepower engine, imposed
several turbochargers, are squeezed out of three hundred horsepower,
the same, if not a solution, This engine will soon be burned, that
time, the two internal forces lost, a face in winter or rain, pain in
the body meridians would twitch, and finally will get rather die than
live. quack, quack really. "
Sun Han Shan, Luo Yilang and Situ Yun Chiu Keng-yu listen to say this,
cold sweats, busy one voice asked: "There is a solution
Qiu Gainward thought for a moment and said: "the human body is
really complex, modern science and medicine on the human body are
often only know one, I do not know the other, but do not know Third,
Fourth, the car's turbocharger can hold a cooler cooling, people can
not use the meridians of the body the same way, how do? how to do? how
to do? "
Chiu Keng-yu said that several consecutive "how to do" after
they no longer speak, his eyes closed, like lost in thought. After a
long time, eyes suddenly a Gainward Qiu, said: "With, with
absolutely negative charge of the fight you guys still alive?"
Luoyi Lang said: "We should still alive."
Chiu Keng-yu said: "This is it, he hit you that you look for one,
two, three, three each have to pay at least the palm, to return to
normal, but do not have to endure the fourth metacarpal, or also sent
aid the . "
Luoyi Lang and Situ Yun heard really dumbfounding, beat them to find
one person Basson three palm is not difficult, but he did not play to
the fourth metacarpal may not easy.
Situ Yun said: "Upon my honor bare adviser, never negative charge
of the fight with our people, is one of our great enemy, our great
uncles Guoqi Bin is killed by him."
Geng Qiu words surprised: "What? Qi Bin die?"
Sun Han Shan said: "Yes, big brother is murdered by this
Luoyi Lang Interface said: "This man called Basson, who posing as
Bagan in Myanmar monks cheat respect believers, but in Thailand Mangu
Bao gambling package prostitution, murder to drug trafficking, do no
Chiu Keng-yu said: "Qi Bin this child from an early age fair, the
evil, very stubborn personality, in that people do not get him there
anything of the truth? But it seems from your previous injury, this is
called what Bahnsen's , it appears that martial arts is not weak, and
I probably little different to the cultivation of Qi Bin, how could
his opponent? Alas! "
Situ Yun said: "We beat him, was seriously injured before, and
now we become strong internal forces, just to find him afterwards, but
when we played him one third metacarpal, the internal force of
restitution, and beat him, At that time I am afraid only Aizai. "
"Ah, indeed easy to get." Qiu Gainward pondered a long time
before we pass: "Well, I proclaim to you the effort of a
complementary internal forces can work in the hair when the internal
forces will be strung together your together, you make him the After
playing three palm, and then two join forces to defeat him. "
Situ Yun thought for a moment and said: "Only in this way."
He mouth Having said that, but knew that once the internal forces
returned to normal, even if the internal force Luoyi Lang and his two
series, nor is Basson's opponent, So regardless of his mind already.
Chiu Keng-yu see they agreed to immediately pass on their formulas,
and then teach them to withstand another one Shenzhang back, made
according to formulas work, the latter will be transmitted to a person
of skill in front of a people, and repeated practice several times,
until the faults, Professor Qiu Gainward stopped, they often asked
their own practice.
Sun Qiu Han Shan, who take leave Gainward, return to the residence,
will pass to the left and Tokgo War Wana say it again. The next day, a
pedestrian would pack up and return home.
Another two days, and Situ Yun Luo Yilang gradually feel more and more
fierce in interest rates, often feel like fire, like the body, have to
find a space to play an hour or two punches to subside. They know that
without further ado, we do not knock Han Shan Sun, with the same Zuo
Wana went to Bangkok.
In Bangkok, some days they also went to the estate in the countryside
Basson many times, but have not seen the silhouette Basson, and later
the manor Qin Zhu's men a Basson, before we know has to go to Myanmar
Forest the.
After Basson's men say this, they just suddenly thought, a few days is
the annual festival day Ya Nanda Pagoda Temple, Basson must play back
the monk's appearance, said the fraudulent dealings and shop and go
So Luoyi Lang, Situ Yun, and Zuo Wana leave immediately, flew to
Yangon, and then rushed to the bar dry, when they arrived, it was Ya
Nanda Pagoda Temple, the day before the festival.
In the evening, and Situ Yun Luo Yilang surging, fierce as fire and
attack the internal interest rate, and stronger each time, every time
more difficult to control, so they immediately set, Ye Tan Ya Nanda
They dry the night in Pakistan run rate faster than the horses bolted,
the two feet could not stiffening, still hid such as volcanic
eruptions like the interest rates, they run for a while, seeing Ya
Nanda Temple is in sight.
Luoyi Lang and Situ Yun came to Yanan Da Temple underground,
surrounded by around again and saw the height of a few fans did not
close the window, the two internal forces of both the strong, high
dodge it, then gently leap, they fly to the body of the window, again
looked inside the probe, but not the ice, then caught a channeling
into the house.
They know the status of Basson here is not low, so avoid the common
room, charging into the temple door larger and more ornate decorative
bedroom a few, they are looking for a room in the past, have not the
shadow of Basson.
Pressed, they came to the door of another room, only one opened the
door, people sat up in bed to sleep, drink and asked:
"What people?" The man is Basson, said that the Burmese,
apparently did not know enough Luoyi Lang and Situ Yun come to him.
Luoyi Lang and Situ Yun entered the house, Shun Shouqiang door, this
time, Basson see clearly that they have, can not help very much
surprised, and quickly put on clothes, stood up in favor of Chinese
said: "Are you still alive?"
Luoyi Lang said: "Yes, we are still alive, but you are going to
Basson thought: "You never in the shade of my palm, had been able
to die, this must be well prepared, do not know with a pistol like
weapons?" So, then cover them with: "The is a hero, then do
not with sword and spear, takes real skill to our showdown. "
Situ Yun said: "We never use guns, it is never again seek advice
on your palm shade."
Basson hearing, immediately relaxed mood, and Situ Yun Luo Yilang he
expect less than a month in a short period of time, can have no powers
on the amazing progress, big deal for young people to admit defeat
just yet another die Bale. So said: "Well, since you live
impatient, I fulfill you."
Finished, and slowly came forward, and suddenly a bunch of hands, with
the Qicheng skill, palms to the two people were hit in the chest, it
is never cloudy palm.
Luo Yilang see Basson hand to attack us, we subconsciously Juzhang
block, Situ Yun Luo Yilang was raised hand open hand, quietly
exclaimed: "slow."
To such a slow, Basson's palms have been filming on the two chest,
"broken! Broken!" Two muffled, as Basson's Zhang Li as go
down the drain, it's clear they hit, they are actually a move not
At this time, and Situ Yun Luo Yilang but feel very good enough, just
felt a clean hit, and suddenly they fire a lot of the same meridians
Basson can not help but dismay, within ten success through force,
introduced palms again, be sure to cause Luoyi Lang and Situ Yun to
Who knows, after they hit the palms, and Situ Yun Luo Yilang still is
not moving like a mountain, and even smiling.
Basson Haiyi inexplicable, pale, pointing to them said: "You ...
... you ... ..." did not go.
Luoyi Lang said: "You're quick to play, ah, well beat up."
Basson did not understand Luoyi Lang said, "there beat up,"
What does it mean, think they excel at what a wonderful effort, he
must have been afraid of the palm shade, then just run away, so they
followed what powerful means to against himself.
Situ Yun Basson has yet to see action, cried: "shot him."
Draw a large circle with both hands, a move with Basson false attack.
Listen Situ Yun Luo Yilang a call, and immediately understand the
situation, but also drawing from the circle to hit Barson Juzhang
Basson uninterested, Zuoshan You escape, you want to Duolu out of the
door, helpless Luoyi Lang and Situ Yun Tai Chi moves closely, he does
not use the negative charge of the internal forces must recklessly is
simply not their opponents.
At this time, Luoyi Lang and Situ Yun has Basson containment to the
wall, desperation, Basson had no choice but never resorted to negative
palm, palm sentence Situ Yun called, Situ Yun seeing this, immediately
a hand, the Luo Koizumi pulled to stand in front of their own, Luo
Yilang know why, see Basson to head, they would head the proposition.
Two palms touch, "broken" is heard, Luo Yilang fixed, Basson
was suddenly take a step back against the wall, his face look even
more horror to the extreme.
Luo Yilang by the three palm Basson, meridians in the fire-like
feeling completely disappeared, has largely returned to normal, then
on the Situ Yun said: "it's your turn."
Situ Yun do know that if they suffer Basson beat up again, he and
Luoyi Lang's skill to all returned to normal, then even if the Basson
is less than half of the skill, can not pick him in charge of
absolutely negative, and he said: "No, we can scrap it Basson, to
come behind me."
Situ Yun Luo Yilang do not understand the purpose, that he has very
sure, so apart from anything else, skip Situ Yun behind resorted Qiu
Gainward internal forces taught the key to each string, with the palms
up against Situ Yun after the heart, prepare for action.
Situ Yun see Luoyi Lang is in place, immediately resorted to a very
large boxing, some the size of the circle from the day slowly, step VI
Behind the foot steps of the dodge, Qi Jin was going to wait for an
opportunity to escape Basson, palms full introduced.
Basson fled half, saw Situ Yun lightning close to their own, seeing no
escape, and had to transport from the remnants of the internal force,
struggling to launch two hands, just went up to the Situ Yun called
the palms.
Intersection of two four-palm, of a sudden, felt each other's Zhang Li
Basson face of mounting hit, but also to fully fight back, the two
sides fight out a draw Kankan. Situ Yun can not let each other know
that a very negative internal forces invaded, or their own internal
forces subsided, the system will no longer live him busy on the Luoyi
Lang shouted: "Fat power!"
Luo Yilang full internal force immediately sent, through the meridians
in the palm of your hand spread Situ Yun, Zhijie has Sen vivo.
Basson suddenly felt a strong hit, completely unable to resist
instant, hands-off meridians do, and quickly spread to other meridians
the body, the brain suddenly thud, then lost consciousness in the
Luoyi Lang and Situ Yun see Basson fall, immediately received power.
Situ Yun said: "This man has done, at least to become a
Luoyi Lang asked: "Do not you kill him?"
Situ Yun said: "A full cut of the disability meridians, the body
can not move, but also suffered the torment of a variety of painful,
tragic yet alive than dead."
Luoyi Lang then asked: "how are you? Internal forces back to
normal yet?"
Situ Yun sad smile, pass: "I did not question, let's go."
Luoyi Lang and Situ Yun returned to the mountains, and after a few
days, Situ Yun will go together with Tokgo War to the equator to help
Zongduo by Situ Yun hiding in the dark pointing, teaching Tokgo War to
convene a meeting before the Lord revealed in all Fenduo Liang Yuan
Yang design before the main fact of the matter rebel.
Liang Yuan Yang see deeds brought to light, temporary recruited
several trusted to take the opportunity to revolt to seize power, but
was immediately subdued Tokgo War, will be expelled from the Liang
Yuan Yang to help. Since then, Liang Yuan Yang deserted, lost power,
and even the United States and the United States no longer care for
Liang Yuan Yang alone flows everywhere, want to join the other gangs,
but the trail boss had already spread to sell things, so there is no
tooth to take him in a place, even to the point where people cry, so
he had to go into exile , a person to go on incognito.
Liang Yuan Yang to get rid of after the War and in Situ Yun Tokgo the
help, and gradually a large change in the rules to help the equator,
the equator to help reform became the "Equator Food Co.,
Ltd." War Tokgo financial strength to buy land for the factory
built, destroyed out of all the firearms, illicit trade waste, invited
experts to guide the original Bangzhong learning food processing
technology, according to the original level and then distributed to
each director, manager, director, section chief, head of the other
job, do not want to leave The Bangzhong is given severance pay and let
them fend for themselves.
After the War and led the equator Tokgo food company and Sun Han Shan
cooperation and expand the production and sale of health food
business, increase product range, expand into new markets at home and
abroad, since then, in one less underworld gangs, but more out of the
market place a strong competitive company.
Situ Yun Antonius after the all the arrangements, one day, suddenly
Luoyi Lang said: "I want to take you to a place."
Luoyi Lang asked: "Where?"
Situ Yun said: "go you know."
So the two drove down the mountain, through the city, toward the
outside, through the winding coast road, into a scenic hill.
¡õ ¡õ ¡õ
The mountain winds, blowing and Situ Yun Luo Yilang clothing or
jewelry, keep long hair and flowing, they stood before a tombstone,
monument inscription: "maintenance of public Tung Wong Hin
Society Tomb," write the bottom left corner with:
"unscrupulous men Koizumi."
Luoyi Lang looked at the words on the tomb of the spleen, heart full
of doubts, asked: "This is ... ... This is who the tomb?"
Situ Yun said: "Originally, I should not have brought you,
because your father did not want to let you know of his existence, he
felt himself very mediocre, and not fit to be your father, he felt
sorry for you. But I want you to know Your father is indeed a very
great father, because he loves you. "
Luo Yilang guess a bit long, but still surprised authentic: "You
mean, this is my father's tomb?"
Situ Yun nodded and said: "Yes."
Luoyi Lang then asked: "how did you find here?"
Situ Yun: "I knew your father, and his funeral is that I help him
Luo Yilang Zhangdaliaokou: "You know my father? Why you never
told me?"
Situ Yun said: "I am also only knew him before his death, and it
is from him to get your information."
Luoyi Lang said: "that he called you to come close to me, and my
Situ Yun nodded: "Also be it! It is my task."
Luo Yilang murmured: "the task, the task that you would make
friends with me, do brothers, just to the task."
Situ Yun: "I help you out of gangs is the task, but it is sincere
brothers do."
Luoyi Lang thought for a moment, said: "Yes, brother, you have
been quite enough, that does not come installed."
Situ Yun: "I have never deceive you, but some things inconvenient
for saying this, but now, I do not have any reservations."
Luoyi Lang expressed understanding, but also said: "I want to
know, my father finally said what?"
Situ Yun thought for a moment, said: "He said he'd like you to an
ordinary and happy people."
Luo Yilang murmured: "ordinary and happy! In rivers and lakes,
can ordinary it?"
Situ Yun smiled: "In fact, each of us are ordinary people,
whether it is well known big shot Ye Hao, has enough obscure little
people may be; in the lakes Ye Hao, in the home, both mean Like
ordinary people, not God, have emotions, make mistakes, have the
opportunity to choose their own way in the face of adversity. "
Luoyi Lang nodded: "I see, I'm certainly very
Situ Yun has said: "The most important thing is happiness, true
happiness is very difficult to pursue."
Luoyi Lang asked: "how can I be happy?"
"Meeting!" Situ Yun said: "satisfied with the love of
your loved one to meet your friends at the dedication, to meet the
people who do not know your concerns and meet all of the things."
Luoyi Lang then asked: "Are you in order to complete a task, who
spent six years in my time, life can have a few years? Unfortunately,
you do not you think?"
Situ Yun: "I only took six years, but it changes your life, can
be described as low and profits high, not to mention I've made you
this friend, as well as Tokgo War, Zuo Wana such good friends and
there have been many extraordinary experiences, on the go so rich,
what is there to complain about? "
Luoyi Lang nodded: "I understand, you are a happy man."
Situ Yun smiled, no longer speak.
The wind is still very, blowing chaos Luoyi Lang's hair, and he knelt
down and knock to his father's grave, three head, then stood up, some
red eyes, but enough to my mind was very quiet.
"Let's go!" Situ Yun said: "I have to go perform other
tasks, here goodbye."
Luoyi Lang shot to Chung, and Situ Yun firmly grip: "We will meet
again, is it?"
Situ Yun smiled: "Maybe, but no matter what, we will always be
Finished, they went straight away Situ Yun, Luo Yilang watching Situ
Yun gradually receding figure, and could feel the wind blew the more
the more urgent, the more wind the more mad.
Luo Yilang After going back, to practitioners of non-road through the
heart, many years later, and finally became the first master of
The Si Tuyun it? Is not finally resolve the meridians in excess of
infuriating? No one knows. And we all know is that Situ Yun back to
"achieve a final wish Association," after he completed many
tasks, and then suddenly disappeared from missing.
(Quanshu Wan)
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