■ commercial 3G mobile operator in the era before the arrival of the re-positioning by3duo

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					¡ö commercial 3G mobile operator in the era before the arrival of the
re-positioning by3duo
Man / Little more than three
Everyone with a cell phone, so we use the post-80 perspective, look at
the positioning of mobile operators.
Early this year, China Mobile proposed the implementation of "new
leap forward strategy" of the location, that is, "do
world-class enterprise, from a good to great new leap forward."
Strategic positioning, from the "create world-class
telecommunications company" to "make world-class
enterprise" a higher level, from the "mobile communications
expert" to "Mobile Information Expert" in the broader
field. Enterprises from China Mobile changes in orientation, we can
easily see two meanings, one of China Mobile for the 3G era
full-service competition, from the original focus on voice services,
"communications" business to focus on data services,
"information" business restructuring, competition,
competition for the future initiative; Second, China seeks to develop
broader mobile market space, the Red Sea from the near saturation of
the voice market potential of information technology to the blue ocean
market leap forward, to ensure sustainable development of enterprises.
And China Mobile a new strategic positioning related information is
widely circulated that China Mobile intends to buy 20% stake in
Phoenix Satellite Television of Hong Kong. Although this rumor has
been denied to move high-level, but the media can not simply be
regarded as wishful thinking. We have reason to believe that if China
Mobile really buy some of the shares of Phoenix Satellite Television,
will create at least three positive aspects. First, China Mobile's
brand image will be bundled with television media publicity, and
Phoenix itself with the impact of the customer, especially in high-end
customers, establishing good corporate credibility. This request to
move spared no expense to sponsor the 10 sets of CCTV, "Science.
Education" channel behavior can glimpse. Second, Phoenix rich
media resource information for China Mobile to expand the market for
more power, for example exclusive license by China Mobile customers to
watch Phoenix TV shows mobile Internet, which "content is
king" in the 3G era is very important. Third, through the White
Phoenix, and accumulated valuable experience in media operations. In
3G era, companies will no longer be faced with a simple value chain,
but more complex industrial ecosystem, ecosystem in order to become
the leading enterprises must have superb management of the exercise
was the overall level and a deep understanding of cross- industry
operating rules of the talent pool. Entered the Phoenix, undoubtedly
as a 3G mobile in China before World War II a training. Meanwhile, the
acquisition of Phoenix Satellite TV is also available as China Mobile
to implement the national "going out" strategy, a good
attempt, successfully landed in Yemen and the Hong Kong
telecommunications market, or follow the example of China's oil and
Italian Assicurazioni Sino-Italian joint venture life insurance
company the successful experience of the restrictions out of the
telecommunications company, seek in other fields of "going
out" breakthrough.

Similarly, as the main rival of China Mobile and China Unicom has also
recently declared the official corporate logo change, as the main
opening of the distinctive red color, together with the "China
unicom" letters and "China Unicom" word. Meanwhile,
China Unicom's orientation from the "basic telecommunications
network operators" to "modern integrated communications and
information service provider," changes and the provision of
business communication will be mainly from the original order,
supplemented by information, communication and information gradually
simultaneously changing the direction.
China Unicom's for standard behind the incident, is the world's
electronics and information industries face the "blue",
"red" camp polarization. "Blue Camp," by the order
to IBM, INTEL and other technology-oriented manufacturing brands
composition; "red camps" depicts Deutsche Telekom, France
Telecom, so as to form of application-oriented brand. Follow the trend
of development of China Unicom, the competition in the market to make
a bold choice, intent reconstruction "application-oriented to
meet the consumer demand for the core" of the new corporate

Throughout the past few years, China Unicom, the slogan changes, we
easily see that China Unicom's corporate positioning is more accurate
and clear direction towards change. Unicom's CDMA space-time with the
new brand slogan, for example, initially using "all about to
change." The only drawback is expressed in the slogan of
"process" and did not get "conclusions."
"Everything will change," both getting better, you can also
deteriorate, expression was incomplete. Unicom's CDMA space-time is
the new slogan is "the network is not what, wonderful
everywhere", so that relatively clear, but it too is inadequate,
"not what" a direct recognition of the network built crappy
year .
The two heavyweights of mobile operators to change corporate
positioning, but also are taking the appropriate market measures.
China Mobile launched the "ring tones created Pioneer"
contest, China Unicom title "Win in China" Venture
Competition. Comments from the public reaction and media watch,
"Win in China" slightly better. This activity is conducive
to closer China Unicom and industry ecosystem in the Internet, media
and other industry contacts, but also conducive to China Unicom before
the arrival of the 3G competition to find the new information
technology development. Therefore, I boldly predicted "Win in
China" the ultimate winner of the creative industries will be
closely linked with the mobile information. Who gets the final, and
wait and see.

Description: ■ commercial 3G mobile operator in the era before the arrival of the re-positioning by3duo