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??U8 turned into the usual daily posts, suddenly found such an article
- "LiLei and HanMeimei not together ah? "
?????Remember junior high school textbooks in the lilei and hanmeimei
it? That through the early morning of reciting, the sleepy summer
afternoon, the study up the sound of noisy classroom boys and girls,
and their enlightened that how are you after the 80 English road. Some
????????????????how are you?
????????????????fine, thank you, and you?
????????????????i'm fine too.
?80 almost all the dialogue after the first sentence of the Institute,
for many 80 later said, may not remember the name of each junior high
school students, but lilei and hanmeimei but always remain in the
????March 26 this year, one to teach children English textbook
publishers launch of "Pais English" (English Plus), the
scene of people groups throughout the book appeared in English
textbooks 90 main characters PEP Li Lei and Han Meimei, etc. and
mainly to Li Lei and Han Meimei life after nearly two decades as a
clue to start plot. Regardless of teaching is good or bad, but it tore
up the issue of memories after 80. Some Internet users say that this
book makes the issue of collective disappointment in love after 80.
?????To note is that, "Li Lei and Han Meimei not together
ah?" Some "80" were found, was a junior high school
English textbooks in their two main characters of the "Li
Lei" and "Han Meimei" is a new set of English textbooks
in use. But what is surprising is that the new materials in the Li Lei
and Han Meimei is no longer a child, but after 80 together along into
the youth. Han Meimei gave others more married women.
?????Oh, is not a textbook in the memories of the circumstances then,
is not in the memories of that time reading English books and English
on bit by bit? For us, a lot of people want to see lilei and hanmeimei
growth, as we have seen too many friends, myself and the distortion
caused by the growth, net loss, the loss we have wonderful memories.
About lilei and hanmeimei, represents not only English books or
English Enlightenment, also on behalf of the few remaining after 80
when the memory of youth, on behalf of those who will never go back to
our years of green onions.
?????Xu Yu Teng singer wrote and sang the Li Lei & Han Meimei
Song Li Lei and Han Meimei
Words of: Xu Yu Teng
English book of all started from that
Li Lei was a boy the book
Side girl named Han Meimei
There Jim Lily and Lucy
Kate Lin Tao and Uncle Wang
A talking parrot named Polly is flying around
Many years it did not open again
But some say who is and who
Occasionally also thin aftertaste
Joy and sorrow of their book
Behind the book is outside the non-
There are vague and I
Grew up with little ambiguity
Later, I heard Li Lei and Han Meimei
No one who is not holding the hand of
Lucy went back to Shanghai Lily
There are so many around her boyfriend
Jim made a car company manager
Married a Chinese wife enough to live comfortably
When the police Lin Tao
Uncle Wang He retired last year
A little disappointed Li Lei and Han Meimei
No one who is not holding the hand of
Is the same as we have had a
Way back in the future had not been
Polly also live better
As we had little better
He never old
Will not fly away in the bottom of my heart
????????"The book of their joy and sorrow, behind and above them
is wrong. There is a vague and ambiguous I grew up with little ...
..." The phrase is the most touching lyrics are emotional nerve
after 80 words, many users are leave a message after listening to this
song, very moving, said: "Junior has emerged out of those things
at once, and hey, had English class with a daze deserters who fly do
not know where to go now, Li Lei, Han Meimei, blame you ... ...
"And friends said he heard after the" tears ":" I
suddenly felt very sad and dreary, the last time never come back ...
... "

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