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					¡Ù Social Insurance Life Insurance
¡Ù Social Insurance Life Insurance
Social insurance in the form of the state through legislation, the
social focus on building fund to provide basic living guarantee for
the workers of a system is the core of the social security system.
Include: Pension Insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance,
industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance.
Life insurance is a consensual contract by the insurance,
policyholders pay premiums to insurance companies, insurance
companies, according to the contract, when the insured person's death,
disability, illness or age to reach agreement, undertake to pay the
insurance money when the time responsibilities. Include: life
insurance, health insurance, accident insurance. Social insurance and
life insurance are fundamentally different:
Different in nature
Social insurance is a fundamental constitutional right of workers to
the state financial backing to ensure that workers receive a basic
living, with a mandatory, mutual aid and welfare; life insurance is a
commercial activity, insurance and the two sides abide "freedom
of contract" principle, voluntary contract, with operating.
Legislation in different areas
Social insurance legislation enforced by the state, are areas of
social legislation; and two life insurance contract rights and
obligations protected by the economic contract law, are areas of
economic legislation.
"7 ¨² Huang martyrdom ï¼ Law
Social insurance in accordance with the provisions of state or local
government funding the unified pay scale, by the state, enterprises
and individuals shared three administrative enforcement; life
insurance premiums borne by the policyholders, voluntary payment.
Different levels of treatment
The payment of social insurance to protect the basic premise of pay
based on years of workers, wages and other working conditions during
the calculation of the amount paid, and with the average annual wage
growth for social adjustments; life insurance policy holders pay
depends on the level of protection the amount of insurance, according
to "investing more and more security, less investment and less
security, not a vote of no-guarantee" the principle of payment,
to meet the security needs of multi-level policy holders.
Management system is different
Social insurance sector management at all levels of government
functions, is responsible for raising, paying and managing social
security funds, as well as provide essential services workers,
belonging to government action; life insurance business for the
purpose of those in pursuit of profit, autonomous, self-financing,
part of a business acts carried out by the Insurance Regulatory
Commission supervision.
Overall, social insurance and life insurance have help each other to
ensure stability and function of people's lives are a mechanism to
resolve personal risk, but the social insurance can not replace life

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