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http://www.sina.com.cn 2004 Äê 06 ÔÂ 11 ÈÕ 13:32 Sina Top Searches
January 15, 2002 Beijing SINA Internet Information Service Co., Ltd.
is reproduced the title as the "hair carefully leaked Your
Heart" article. In accordance with the Beijing First Intermediate
People's Court (2004), a final word in the China Civil Judgement No.
3712 and No. Haidian District People's Court (2003) Hai Min Chu Zi No.
4522 Civil Judgement No.: SINA Internet companies in their business
website Unauthorized use Zhouling Bo works, their behavior violated
Zhou Lingbo of authorship and Information Network Transmission Right,
so the company should immediately stop infringement and tort
liability, public apology to the Zhouling Bo.
For the implementation of Beijing First Intermediate Court (2004), a
final word in the first 3712 people Number of civil court judgments
and Haidian District, Beijing (2003) Hai Min Chu Zi s 4522 number of
civil judgments, Sina declare: Sina as reprinted the article, violated
the plaintiff's legal rights and interests, in this, Sina sincerely
apologized to Zhou Lingbo.

Beijing SINA Internet Information Service Co., Ltd.

... Sent 1 million in cash. Thus, by writing "see hair female
consciousness," a book has been reprinted caused
The copyright dispute came to "curtain "-... Online
Information Network Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement. "
Knowledge of women see hair "by Zhou Lingbo created in 2000, in
April 2001 by the Shanghai Cultural ...
www.yangtse.com/gb/content/ ... / content_188652.htm 15K 2003-9-17 -
Baidu Snapshot

www.gmw.cn/01ds/2001-04/11/GB/2001 ^ 346 ^ 0 ^ DS1820.htm
... To the absurd style of writing in the tide of Shaanxi sudden
emergence of realism, attention. "Look hair
Knowledge of women, "Shanghai is the cultural version of hair ...
a reflection of human accomplishment and my temperament, but also show
her sexual
Cell type and modality of life. "Look hair female
consciousness," a book listed 130 women ...
www.gmw.cn/01ds/2001-04/11/GB/2001 ^ 346 ^ 0 ^ DS1820.htm 7K 2004-4-28
- Baidu Snapshot

Today, book shelves 50 -8 25
... The cover page of music appreciation: Zhang Xu editor pages: 279
SS No.: 10406371 Cover Page Statistics
Principles of: Qin Hai Jin Zhang Jianguo editor pages: 329 SS No.:
10408065 cover page to see hair knowledge
Women of: Zhou Lingbo the pages: 201 SS No.: 10407586 Cover page ...
www.ssreader.com/superstar_news.asp?ID=1873 29K 2004-10-5 - Baidu

Sina Sohu sued plagiarism
... Seriously check, Mr. Zhou that these two articles and their own
culture in Shanghai in 2001, published in
"Look hair know women," a book entirely consistent, even
"with illustrations is also copying." However, this involved
Articles on Sina.com named "care, hair disclose your heart",
while Sohu ...
www.ycwb.com/gb/content/ ... / content_473281.htm 16K 2002-12-31 -
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Stasera - News Center - Content page
... Claims, April 12, 2002, he was browsing online and found that Sina
and Sohu have a text line
Familiar with their own chapter. After careful checking, Mr. Zhou and
his view that these two articles in the year 2001
Shanghai Culture Publishing House of the "consensus view female
hair," a book of articles completely agree ...
www.jwb.com.cn/gb/content/ ... / content_153486.htm 5K 2003-1-1 -
Baidu Snapshot

CDC works good at fat excision Xuzhou writer
... A text, using his book "Women know from the beginning to see
hair," a book of text and illustrations, not
Have signed the statement and to adjust the order to change the ...
Mr. Zhou works, the "knowledge from the beginning to see hair
Female "part of the book was put together, few words were
changed, and this ...
news.xzcnc.com / news / nd.asp? id = 8344 15K 2004-10-7 - Baidu

Beijing Court Network
... Heart "articles, including illustrations, were all with the
plaintiff in the Shanghai Culture Publishing House published in
Women see hair know "exactly the book chapters. The plaintiff
thought the defendant's conduct, both violations of the original
The copyright notice, it shall request the court to award two
defendants were to stop infringement and damages ...
bjgy.chinacourt.org / public / detail.php? id = 1219 4K 2004-7-7 -
Baidu Snapshot

April 11, 2001

Esoteric theory and the theory of fun
Esoteric theory and the theory of fun

"The 20th century, the academic literature and art history"
This is the first view of over a hundred years through the development
process of literature and art history books, which is different from a
General trend history, history of ideas, intellectual history, in the
style and wording, have distinctive academic character
And characteristics.
The book is divided into four (two volumes the second part of the
upper and lower), each roll can be a separate volume, respectively
Ready, transformation, Definition and tone, the formation of internal
unity and coherence with the forceful
"Novels" in order to grasp and describe trajectory century
literature, namely, Chinese Classical Literature
What is translated into modern literature, and its production,
development and change, what lessons
Reference for the new century.

"Body and Sexuality"

Hong immortal version of the Shanghai Literature and Art
Open your culture, eyes, face body and sexuality, this book is an
immortal of American scholars and Sport
Academic essays. Of classical literature, with its solid foundation
and more than lived Yale University
Western science has accumulated years of management, by way of
comparative analysis of Chinese and Western culture, the sociology,
Class science and other disciplines of the concept of
"gender" into the aesthetic of classical literature and
contemporary culture
Study, the focus on people issues: "sex", "body",
"passion" and add
To Western control, analysis, demonstration tight, wide vision, easy
humor, after all, a high
Culture grade reading.

Customs in Africa and China's customs

"The new Jingchu Chronicle"
The area for the Hubei Chu, "starter age" as an ancient folk
custom book is written
Set of myths, legends, and cultural and folk, mostly contained in
other history books. After much of
Power to order the book written by some of the Lost, and inserted his
own research from some of the new customs
Content that book.

"About Black African"

Shanghai Literature and Art Science
The book is "Book of world civilization" in one, is the
first black illustrated
Civil works, a selection of hundreds of pictures from well over a
hundred kinds of books, newspapers and field shot
Photo, image data is extremely rich. The book describes the primitive
age to 90 years down to the 20th century
Black African civilization, the whole process of writing fluency,
reading effortlessly.

Honest fiction novel and peculiar imagination
"A man's tears"

Version 12.00 yuan Shanghai Literature and Art
This is a novel subject students. China Youth Red Hao defected to the
United States alone in Health
Father, and gradually adapt to American society, his father's feelings
and also by strangers to the true development of the United States
Type "son friend type" of family, and helped his father
restore a near collapse of the family, helping
The process of helping others, red-ho also found a love of their own
... ...

"Imagine a tribe of annihilation"

Shanghai Literature and Art Science
This is an art to bring readers the wonder and imagination of the
novel. Isolation of the dog
Tribal women and food in the absence of the double dilemma of a
difficult life. A search for "earthly paradise"
Tribes like the plague of locusts as the dog suddenly came to the
survival of tribal land. Their arrival to the dog tribe
Food-deficit problems worse. Finally, they treacherously, looted all
the tribes dog food
To continue their wandering life. Years later, a dog where tribal
survival has become entirely too Mao
Sheng forests. On the show a rich imagination to the writing style of
the absurd reality of Shaanxi
Marxist tide of a meteoric rise, compelling.

"Women know hair look"

Shanghai Cultural Edition
Hair is the second faces. Every modern woman's hair for their own
choices and set
Account not only reflects my training and temperament, but also show
her personality type and life situation
State. "Look hair know women," the book lists 130 women's
hair, hair analysis of these
Grid point, and its implication of emotional information, also
discussed the hairstyle changes and mood changes
Internal connection. Hair style book with 130 cartoons, the book is
added to an infinite delight to read both Kai
Intellectual and practical.

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