_____ Heart soul of Tibet _V_ by fdjerue7eeu


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									_____ Heart soul of Tibet (V)
_____ Heart soul of Tibet (V)

June 12
Good night's sleep
Woke up at eight friends had been
Zhangmu go tomorrow to prepare the port to go to Niger
Today free
Potala Palace Square to those gathered to pat pilgrims from around the
Devout Tibetans worship in touch
Yo go to stroll Barkhor
The Tibetan areas of Lhasa and the whole neighborhood a microcosm of
cultural landscape
The stalls there are those people feel dizzy
The many buildings surrounding a
Also hidden a large number of monuments
Recounting the history of Lhasa
Road is not only a turning
It is also the biggest commercial street in Lhasa
Shops lined on both sides
Goods full of Tibet, Nepal and India Features
The best seat is located in the Barkhor that the "Majiami"
Many times on television introduced into Tibet in the style bar
She is located at the corner of Barkhor
Her seamless Tibetan architecture and the surrounding
Through the narrow stairs
On the second floor
Not great
However, it is chic, clean
Display a Tibetan style
There is also the taste of modern
Beyond the sign was originally converted into a large roof terrace
Tea for visitors to stop here to rest where the sun daze ~
Twenty dollars a pot of thick butter tea
Like to put some sugar can be sweet
Allows you to enjoy at drink
Very fragrant sweet taste
Soft spot
There are many guests shout
Has written to a friend
Children have written
But more is written in Lhasa
Written in Tibet
Each to the people of Tibet have different feelings
But the common shock is the original plateau scenery and rich
religious atmosphere of longing
Each one is very fine
This is the journey each person in the confession of the soul
Let every bit of heart, including the accumulation of weak in the
comfort of this ironing
I am also here staring
Does not stop to take a distance shot with the camera
The passion of a beating
Freedom of the soul yearning to fly
From the shackles of the city
Away from the material desires of torture
Here you can fly
Free to breathe the fresh air
See the blue sky of the most primitive
Hear the most simple song
If life is a long journey as
In Tibet, the Inn of the soul
Feel that the soul of the sacred and quiet mind

Pious pilgrims

The best seat in the Barkhor located "Majiami"

On the second floor
Not great
However, it is chic, clean
Display a Tibetan style
There is also the taste of modern
Place a very heavy atmosphere


Saturday, June 13 (clear)
Up as early as six
Points toward the camphor wood
Driving the bus sixteen hours
Fare per person: 270

Tired of the scenery all the way to have people feel fatigued
Good to just quiet in the car a rest
Long distance all the way to fill up the anxious heart
At this time is late eight friends from your destination also within
the foreseeable future
Did not eat dinner
Temperatures have also been coming down
Street light visible thin snow
0:00 arrived Nyalam County
Checkpoint five, six inspectors who all ride the line in the
earth-shaking good meal check
The sea camera held by all other films look over it again
They want you to examine the findings to the sea I do not know the Yun
318 State Road because of monasticism
Cars stop and go
The journey of danger and road mud
Make you look thinner add more burden
Construction of the road two cars meet after a gap in inches
Arrive until five o'clock the next morning camphor

Sea travel will go to Nepal to describe with another topic
Tibetan man and his daughter

Tuesday, June 23 (clear)
Last night
Returned from Nepal
318 State Road due to road repair Zhang Nie
Late 4500 we traveled more than eight cars only from the front line of
Sixteen hours night driving
Today, more than one o'clock and arrived in Lhasa
Along the way, but tired
Go back to Dalian Rights
Mood has become so Liushenwuzhu
Is also a step on confused

Wednesday June 24
Lhasa, the last day of the line you
Tomorrow by train to Beijing
Back to Dalian

Barkhor shopping options
Then there is the last time did not forget to "Majiami" sit
Quiet rest

This trip is all travel in the sea
Live in the cheapest most simple indeed full of joy the warmth of the
most popular way
This trip is all travel in the sea
Indeed the most easiest to eat the most delicious meals full
This trip is all travel in the sea
Through the longest walk is really the most tired and over again and
again to their own self-highest award visit
This trip is all travel in the sea
Most proud of the most fun trip full of stimulating challenges
This trip is all travel in the sea
Indeed had the longest trip to the fastest time
This trip is all travel in the sea
The most dangerous road through the heart of the bridge foot to board
the steepest cliffs
Winding path around the most dangerous
This trip is all travel in the sea
The most beautiful sound that screams
Eyes and heart to snatch the most exciting beauty of the highest
frequency of large landscape
This trip is all travel in the sea
Challenge your feelings of self-awareness self-limit themselves to
experience the best
This trip is all travel in the sea
Time can not change the dirty laundry and clothes and take care of
their own sleep is not the easiest place for discerning blue sky
Anywhere in the body lying on the stretch drive
This trip is all travel in the sea
Luggage back pack do not wear hiking shoes, Jackets entire home on a
latecomer ALICE
This trip is all travel in the sea
A plateau response to the last patient, I spent a heartbeat, headache,
insomnia, nausea experience
This trip is all travel in the sea
Not afraid of high altitude, insurance, sun, cold, hot, tired and
bored in the film Kuangpai Yong happy rush
This trip is all travel in the sea
Physical and spiritual harvest the most fruitful one

Hooray! !
Always the impression
Forever remembered
Always moving
Cherish forever

Street or this street
Or who passed the turning of these pious people
Indeed left their own
I do not know what this allows me to stay
Let me do something engraved heavy harvest
It is a homage to miss the soul
A thought
A life experiences
A lingering engraved ideo

Looking back flow are dressed Fragrance
By this time the memory of abundance
Fans are quietly wet my heart. . . . .

Tibetans here willing to spend his firm belief and dedication to a
Passing the torch from generation to generation spend
Honest folk heritage of the ancient
To pray for peace of mind under religious well-being and tranquility
of the world
Thursday, June 25 (rain)
To leave
Love of the sky is also falling with the rain
And feelings with the map

Half past eight in Lhasa to Beijing train
A loss thoughts
Is the outside view to the sea do not have time to make friends
Only picked up the camera captured a picture of this last scene yo
The lake was wrong
Tanggula Mountains
Hoh Xil
Qinghai Lake
Rape in the beautiful

June 26
Day to train mind and body floating in the drive the way home Ben
Melodious heart
Love in the leisurely
Sapporo out of the window had a blank mind, such as love trees,
winding mountain
Stay does not make up the image grid
Is to remain in the mind's journey through the way home, or brought
Tibet, as if that soul has to find you another place in the middle of
beautiful scenery and explore the
The thunder of wheels speeding time to time with the sea at the prompt
Flanagan win their hearts and soul into a line that wrapped around the
palm heart to give her a beautiful group lock bar

June 27
No matter how the heart was weighed
To the soul to the horizon
Left end to deep-rooted in the mind only memories

No matter where the drifting mind
Or to put your feet back on the horizon


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