Zhuzhou fire doors factory jobs

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					Zhuzhou fire doors factory jobs
Zhuzhou fire doors factory jobs
Zhuzhou fire doors factory jobs carpentry, painting, mechanics, CNC
lathes, security, plumbing, renovation work, welding work, mold
engineering, air conditioning, workers, elevator workers,
Forklift workers, mechanics, sheet metal, apprenticeship, workshops,
general workers, operatives, parking industry, iron workers, cut
Warehouse, technician, team leader, electricians, workers, and fitter,
stamping engineering, quality assurance, quality control, driver,
driver, high voltage electrician,
Kotelshchik, hydraulic, grinders, milling, stamping workers, gongs
workers, cutting mechanics, workers, QC, quality control, welders,
Foundry workers, printing workers, model work, copy work, silk screen
work, the spark of workers, spraying workers, boring work, polishing,
assembly workers,
Painter, painters, boiler worker, elevator workers, air-conditioning
engineering, refrigeration, electrical and mechanical maintenance
worker, electrical maintenance workers, low-voltage electrician,
Welding, mechanics, drilling engineering, riveter, line cutting,
punching, grinding workers, garment workers, auto mechanics, and other
No academic requirements (competency) No experience required, just an
open mind willing to learn.
Salary: 1050 RMB / month, with room and board, delivery hardware,
low-paid 1550 yuan monthly insurance, plus a variety of benefits and
bonuses, overtime pay,
Comprehensive monthly wages between 2000 to 3000. 20 month payment of
wages. Year-end bonuses were more than two months salary.
Company Baochibaozhu, work hours, days 8 hours day weekend, two
shifts, with night shift allowance. Delivery hardware.
24 hours supply of drinking water, a person responsible for management
of staff quarters, safety, health and so on.
Benefits: Company paid for each contract employee the following social
insurance: The basic pension insurance, medical insurance,
unemployment insurance,
Work injury insurance and maternity insurance (women); company
provides meals free of charge (lunch) and overtime meals.
Staff salaries by the basic salary + overtime + other components.
Provides a number of skills training, promotion of talented employees
from time to time pay levels.
Calculated according to the relevant provisions of overtime (1.5 times
the usual salary, 2 times weekends, statutory holidays 3 times).
Annual salary increase of 20% or so.
End of the year all staff can enjoy year-end bonus equivalent to two
months salary. Company performance, as individual employees, the
salary from time to time.

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