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Ying Yang legend legend


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									Ying Yang legend legend
CC & E - Legend of Guangdong Ying Yang Advertising Co., Ltd., in
the 2005 Campaign Brief Asia. Ranked the most awarded advertising
agency in China, ranked sixth, and this is the first honor local
advertising companies in China. To this end, "Dragons List"
into English Yang legend, after the list opened exciting story.
????Hui Zou Legend: Creativity and Management Compatibility
????Ying Yang legendary founder, executive creative director of Zou
Hui, in 2004, inviting creative people Zhengda Ming Meng joined
together as Executive Creative Director. In two years, two swords and
the wall, successfully challenged the "mountain can hardly
contain the two tigers," said.
?????Award-winning ability to be recognized at the same time, one
after another in recent years to attract and train a number of
emerging cutting-edge advertising, set up a higher quality of the
creative team. Zou Hui said: "I and the Ming has been a wish that
is able to local Chinese people the best creative focus to the British
Young Legend."
????Walked the streets after a copy
????Lin: You are from when, in what opportunity to become a copy of?
????Zou: 93 by the end of the South in the Arts Advertising Co., Ltd.
Chun. Since then, I was really involved in advertising circles is the
beginning, I do plan a chance, the image of the company to do their
own advertising, creative group of people have no idea the Department,
I volunteered, like a series of programs The result was chosen, the
boss a look, ah well, turn copy it, from me to set things right foot
creation of no return.
????Lin: Can you tell be a growth path after the copy it?
????Zou: Art After Chun south, I have to create links to yet, causing
Cheng, several local companies were good apprenticeship. At the same
time, foreign companies are being stationed in Guangzhou, a creative
paradise of my dreams. I secretly vowed, be sure to find a golden
statue opportunity to practice foreign companies.
????96 years, a friend of Apple Computer parked in my office, then
compiled a manual to introduce ourselves, "a killer
experience", the result into the Mackenzie. Guangzhou Light
Company. To McCain, only to find even a century-old store, the system
is perfect, they begin to devote themselves to learning. In McCain's
year and a half, very hard, there were only two writers, but to do all
the creative and relevant copy, work overtime almost every day, every
week overnight, but foreign companies improve processes, systems
thinking, and the pursuit of quality ... ... are learning the
different aspects of the treasure.
????Professional atmosphere in the baptism of John McCain, and soon
there is a feeling reborn, or is paid off, one after another, many
works have been recognized, when a set of BRAND'S Essence of Chicken
of the works nominated in the New York Advertising Festival, I was
excited to play a afternoon, the phone, tell all they know people, so
that everyone share in the joy. At that time, there is no a domestic
advertising companies in the world have been winning it.
????Lin: 97 at the end, you go to Guangzhou, Saatchi & Saatchi as
a senior copywriter. What made you leave the Saatchi & Saatchi,
after half a year, once again a business?
????Zou: At that time, customers are to promote real estate properties
for sale, I was one of the real estate owners, they intend to put this
business to me. A rare opportunity, together with local and foreign
companies have been working in the experience, and understand the
company's basic mode of operation, so consult with a student to start
a company took on the customers, while finding Xi Lu (now the British
Young Legend CEO).
????Lu Xi is my line of duty after graduation assigned to the southern
advertising company, at the beginning she did not want to participate
because she was regarded as state cadres, have a higher and stable
income, we always, always has been inciting her until she agreed to so
far. Then each of the three of us hit some money, in the bead shadow
over twenty square meters rented a small house, on April 18, 1998 set
up the "Legend of Advertising Co., Ltd.", I was creative
director, Lu Xi is the film Director, another colleague's president.
Entrepreneurship is hard, and have up to six months, we did not
receive in salaries, and then I was for the building, only a bicycle
to work every day. But do we think makes sense, we are doing things in
order to perfect and struggle hard to feel good.
????In addition to the real estate company, we have developed a number
of clients, including µñÅÆ now has been done. We have been very grateful
for such a bold Diaopai unknown only use a small company out. The
result is a win-win, and we made a moving their advertising, they also
helped us grow.
????Lin: Entrepreneurship is difficult, it did not happen during the
occurrence of a number of interesting or memorable experience?
????Zou: I remember we want to shoot a television film Jin Gechuan
Valley, it is our first television commercials, the creative aspects
of the customer has passed. One day, Lu, general manager of the total
went to Shenzhen and who sign up with them after signing a smooth,
good call collusion cheat I said: "The client did not sign into
the critical moment that customers do not want to do." I was one,
is lost. They came back looking very low and depressed, but I have to
console them, said: It does not matter, after plenty of opportunities.
Suddenly the general manager took a large bag of something wrapped in
a newspaper out, open to have a look, which is all cash, twenty-tens
of thousands in cash. The first time I've ever seen so much cash, very
shocked, excited everyone laughing behind closed doors. This is our
first film, but so many customers at once to the cash, is a beautiful
????Lin: What a beautiful start, and now still think it sounds
exciting, now, I am afraid that fewer such customer. It seems getting
the company's operations on track, why think of merger with the
British Young do? Among these, there's the challenge?
????Zou: Television advertising can be taken at that time was our
strength, including P & G has taken a number of feature films,
which both we and the British Young (Young British owner of the ad
before I was a partner in the South Chun Yi, along with experienced
short-lived business experience) into a cause. Ying Yang was doing P
& G's advertising business, is considering restructuring, intended
to expand the field in the media, trying to companies is divided into:
advertising, programming, media three parts. This part of the
advertising, out of our trust, hope and our proposed merger, spin-off
this part of the business.
????For the merger, the shareholders have different views. Lu and I
always thought that our original business, which is a single, the
company developed to a certain degree of need for a higher level, this
is a transition into a comprehensive agent-based advertising company a
good opportunity, they have a good platform, but the original legend
of the company The general manager has opposed the last disagreement,
only separation. This is a very difficult choices in the process, full
of risk.
????After separation, we set up the legendary Yang Ying Yang
advertising. This took place in the middle of a very interesting
????Merger, we require half and half with the British Young equity in
the company name is called "Young British legend" or called
"Young British legend?" No conclusions argue for a long
time, the last British general said Huang Yang, as determined by lot.
Thus, articles were written two words, the total first pumping Huang,
Ying Yang, and he pumped legend, the company name to such a dramatic
????After the establishment of Yang legendary British, I am the legal
representative of the original Young British companies do not
participate in corporate management, I insist that you do Xi Lu,
general manager. The values of Xi Lu and I are very close, many
decisions are often coincide, and we are tolerant to each other,
encourage each other, the company toward a healthy direction.
????Lin: Along the way, you have been the first copy, creative
director and company growth managers, creative people than many peers
are farther out.
????Zou: the confusion experienced local companies, foreign companies
experience, the hardships of pioneering in setting tough, experienced
the organization more games, shareholders change, staff turnover ...
... In recent years, more often need to stand firm managers point of
view to think about the future development of the company.
????Strength of an individual is limited, Xi Lu and I have been
looking and looking for good people to participate in the development
of the company. Later, the Ming (who is also my colleagues in the arts
south Chun, Oh, life really is filled with drama) came in, and become
one of the shareholders. Daming very good, and his cooperation is a
pleasant thing. Many people will think hard mountain god, lord we
chosen to break the stereotypes. Although he and I have very different
personalities, but our values are very consistent with the mentality
of doing things, plus we maintain regular communication and exchanges,
so a lot of things dealing with them quickly and efficiently.
????Now we are three of cooperation, the "iron triangle"
????Lin: What is your ideal?
????Zou: proof of a great local company is also not doing worse than
the international company, we need to create a legend for the local
????Zheng Daming Legend: adherence to excellence
????After entering through the way the advertising industry
????Lin: I heard you are a "child prodigy", but also an
"alien", why not?
????Cheng: I was a child studying at Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Junior classes. Junior class is the so-called "child
prodigy", have the people inside were high hopes, the best
scientists can be accomplished. But later, on the industrial design
department at when (laughs), he gave us a lesson -
"Creation", and I'm like, then select the "industrial
design" professional. Compared with other students, I was a
heterogeneous, they are basically in the IT industry.
????Lin: You're a student of industrial design, why think of involved
in the advertising industry?
????Zheng: graduation, China's industrial development started shortly
after the needs of industrial designers is very small, the profession
is relatively advanced, so can not find the right job. Was assigned to
the tractor factory in Tianjin. Students have to work just one year
internship was arranged to move the tire shop - there are one high
tires. I am a person dissatisfied with a stable life, working not to a
year, do not hold back any longer, did not wait to positive on the
left, so I am not a state cadres, is a worker. (Laughs)
????To leave the tractor factory, one would like to advertise. No
particular reason. If anything, there may be some of the ads seen in
the college books, at that time to bury the seeds of advertising. Life
is full of chance, of course, may also be related to my personality, I
am a restless person.
????LAM: Do you think "industrial design" professional, how
you help the cause of the future of advertising?
????Zheng: I think this ad is certainly professional and related, this
relationship is the "beauty" and "create", that
is, aesthetic and creativity.
????Lin: Please talk about your advertising growth experience.
????Zheng: I went to Guangzhou, the first company to work only 3
individuals, a small company. Who was quick money, to think: Who gave
my first job, I will fully repay! After being hired, the company is
small, there are no very clear division of labor, I am planning to do
from a creative plan to write their own books, write their own copy,
do graphic design, who is also the two sectors. (Laughs) at that time
really go all out every day. Company also gave me a monthly salary up
until the final rise, the boss said to me: "You go!"
????Yi Chun then went south Advertising Co., Ltd., can be said that
the company is also the birthplace of Guangzhou, one of advertising.
Guangzhou advertising industry was thriving, vibrant, very exciting,
mainly because the country was in the digestion of Guangzhou
advertising business, a lot of good customers, people have come to
Guangzhou. Hui Zou was also in that company, we know at that time. Yi
Chun in the South, I am also from the customer services, planning to
achieve creativity.
????Worked out a business after the senior brand manager, made almost
half a year. Corporate culture and advertising is very different, very
complicated, and I pay more attention to things, do not want to spend
too much time and energy in terms of personnel. Because a person's
energy is limited, if you spend too much time in this regard, the work
area relative to less energy, have little meaning. To do their own
things to do.
????And then to director of strategy from the source to do is train,
from the strategy has been to achieve creativity. I remember once, I
go pitch, I am also a man to do creative strategy, and finally won.
Later a contract, the check on a person are also I do. Oh ... ...
????LAM: Do you non-advertising majors in college, but full of
confidence, confidence come from?
????Zheng: insight into the facts, then a simple way to show them
creative ways. This may be related to mathematical logic I used to
learn a relationship, things can boil down to a simple complex things.
Mathematics has two main principles: induction, inference method. I
feel that writing is, in fact, induction and reasoning. Ever-changing
world, we must be able to find the essence of things.
????LAM: Do you think that strategy and creativity is what kind of
????Cheng: In my observation, many advertising strategy and creative
touch, convergence is not enough, a lot of creativity on the strategy
department of the Ministry of understanding enough, creative and
sometimes do not consider the strategy, not better to understand the
strategy, things will predictability is not enough. The strategy
itself is also required to have ideas, be creative thinking. Strategy
in the analysis, understanding of the process is rational, but in
considering the response, creative when there are emotional elements
in it, and even with the character is relevant.
????Lin: start their own company, business was also very sensual, why
not continue to be the boss, instead focus on doing creative?
????Cheng: The company operating a few years later, I got thinking. I
am a man not easily satisfied, and tired to start a company, do a lot
of you do not want to do, can not concentrate to do well produced. I
spent a year's time to think, in the end go on or off. Very painful.
Finally, back to the most essential starting point, I asked myself a
question: What is my favorite? Yes, creative. There is no doubt. I
like to create a miracle, like to do difficult moves, like to do some
spectacular things, it will inspire me a lot of enthusiasm.
????I turned off the company, resolutely. In many cases, you can not
just money. Off company, I am determined to focus on advertising
creativity. First went to the Blue Flame Advertising Co., Ltd.,
Guangzhou City, do ECD; 2004 years, the legendary British Yang, the
company is in the form of creative partner invited me to come in, we
have many common ideas.
????Lin: the future direction?
????Zheng: exciting stories! Exciting prizes! Exciting customers! The
key is determined to do advertising.
????LAM: Do you think local companies than international companies
with high levels of it?
????Zheng: Overall, this is fact. However, we are such a big country,
do not own a decent advertising is not acceptable.
????Our generation has a relatively strong national consciousness,
complex. Just like the challenge of its own, this time there will be
spirit and passion. Of course, the process is not so simple because to
promote a lot of change.
????LAM: Do you think the biggest international and local companies
What is the difference?
????Cheng: First, international companies a good foundation, high
starting point. In an international customer base, they were further
expanding the local customer, would be relatively easy. Local company?
That is the real start from scratch.
????Second, the brand effect. China's current stage, the blind Worship
of the person, or a lot.
????Third, the concept of customer, customer maturity. International
customers generally mature than local customers.
????However, local companies have the most powerful that we own this
land are the growth of the consumer, we know this land and people.
????Lin: International influence on the local companies?
????Zheng: great. Inspired play, learn, learning effect. Learning good
things: such as the rigorous processes.
????Lin: usually like to see the book?
????Zheng: I usually read a magazine, because there is no time to read
novels. Political and economic class, like, such as "South
Wind", "Joint Weekly." Military, history, astronomy,
geography, science, and sometimes read gossip magazines. Encyclopedia
bought for my daughter, I see. I think the ad should read the book the
most is the encyclopedia.
????I will deliberately to focus on some things, such as comics,
cartoons, especially the focus on art for the sake of fashion. Because
advertising is a fashion art, you can not be 40 years of advertising
out of the elements you must be at the time.
????Lin: your loved ones?
????Zheng: I now affects most of the people: his wife and daughter.
????If her daughter one day asked: "What do you do?" I would
say: "I am dry ad." If you ask: "How you do?" I
hope it is: "I did okay."

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