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									Yi Shi IKEA (IKEA) Introduction
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Founded in 1943, the basic information
English name: IKEA
Number of employees: 104,000 (2006)
Promotional slogan: life, starting from home
Home, the world's most important places
Yi Shi IKEA (IKEA) Introduction
IKEA was founded in Sweden in 1943, "for most people to create a
better everyday life" is the IKEA company since its inception has
been working for. IKEA brand has always been, and improve people's
quality of life associated with and adhering to the "as many
customers as possible to provide affordable, well-designed, functional
and inexpensive household goods" business purposes.
In providing a wide range, designed, functional home furnishing
products at an affordable price, while IKEA efforts to create social
benefits to customers and mode of operation as the center, dedicated
to environmental protection and social responsibility. Today, the
Swedish IKEA Group has become the world's largest furniture household
products business and sales include chair / sofa series, office
supplies, room series Kitchen series, lighting, textiles, cooking
utensils, housing storage series, children's products series about
10,000 products.
IKEA currently [1] in 34 countries and regions, with 240 stores in
all, including seven in China, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou,
Chengdu, Shenzhen, Nanjing and Dalian. IKEA's purchasing patterns of
procurement pattern of globalization, set up its global sourcing trade
area of 16, including three in China, namely: South China, Central
China and North China. IKEA currently purchases in China have
accounted for 18% of the total in the country ranked first IKEA
purchases. According to the plan, 2010, IKEA's retail malls in China
will reach 10, the required storage capacity from the current 100,000
cubic meters to 300,000 cubic meters more than the expansion. China
has become Ikea's largest purchasing market and business growth one of
the most important space in IKEA's global strategy plays a decisive
IKEA's purchasing patterns
IKEA's purchasing patterns of procurement mode of globalization.
IKEA's products are from the trading area (Trading Area) arrived after
the purchase of 26 distribution centers worldwide and then deliver to
IKEA in the global store. IKEA's purchasing philosophy and assessment
of suppliers includes four areas: continuous price improvement; strict
supplier performance / service levels; good quality and healthy
products; environmental protection and social responsibility (the
IWAY-The IKE Away of Purchasing IKEA home furnishing products-home
product purchasing requirements, it is the IKEA company's suppliers on
environmental protection, working conditions, child labor and forest
resources policies).
IKEA's global procurement Trade Zone of 16 of 46 trade offices located
in the 32 countries. Trade Representative Office, staff are the best
purchasing IKEA concept of assessment of suppliers and suppliers in
the headquarters to coordinate the implementation of product
procurement plans, monitor product quality, attention to suppliers of
environmental protection, social security system and safe working
conditions . Today, the IKEA in 53 countries, has about 1,300
IKEA's brand of religion
In order to emphasize to employees and customers the democratic idea
of an alliance in 1976, Kamprad wrote "a belief in the
furniture," and thereby become IKEA Bible. He reiterated; for the
most part to create a better life, including the break status and
traditional constraints become more free. To do this, we have
different. Even in the last century 90's, IKEA increase the pace of
development throughout the world, it also seeks to maintain its own an
original culture. Kamprad says directly: IKEA has always been
important to adhere to their own traditions, because this is not the
Swedish culture, but corporate culture. Otherwise, other countries,
employees do not feel themselves to belong to IKEA. In addition to the
simple, beautiful and reasonably priced products to the global market,
IKEA is also equal to the free spirit of the Nordic-style spread all
over. For young people, compared with the product useful, more lethal
force IKEA this spirit, no one can ignore such a big trend: everyone
aspires to lead and dominate.
Brand religion
Brand strategy, IKEA is also opposite. September 2005, "Business
Week" and Interbrand Corporation jointly launched the world's
best brands standings, top 42 IKEA, the brand value of 7,817,000,000
U.S. dollars, but before three consecutive years, IKEA has been ranked
the world's best brands the top 50. The incredible is that IKEA rarely
invest in advertising.
In fact, the real core of the brand IKEA customers into the brand
communicators, rather than rigid ads. Evaluation of a UK media as
IKEA's comments: It is not just a shop, it is a religion; it is not
selling furniture, it put up a dream for you. IKEA way familiar with
word of mouth, and make seemingly primitive, clumsy, but in fact
efficient and perfect operation. IKEA is this brand of religion of the
Church, distributed in 223 IKEA stores around the world is walking
around the church in the IKEA staff is this brand of religious clergy,
after the value of systematic training and nurturing, they put a sets
of attitudes, values style to convey to Christians, those more than
300 million each year into the IKEA customer.
To enable more customers to become brand preacher IKEA, IKEA is an
important strategy is to sell dreams, not products, in order to do
this, IKEA is not only a wide range, beautifully designed, practical,
low-cost products, but also the products with the public good for
marriage. About 10 years ago, the IKEA Group plans to begin
participation in environmental issues involved include: materials and
products, forest, suppliers, transport, shopping environment. Today,
IKEA is one of the first through forest certification, which is
popular on the international eco-certification, including
certification of forest management and chain of custody audit. IKEA or
even that it will not ignore child labor, racial discrimination and
other social phenomena and the use of natural forests from the
original issue of illegal timber.
Along which the spread of brand IKEA IKEA catalog is the main force,
many people compared it to print a few more than "the Bible"
album more than a matter of fact, it is comparable to the spread of
the effectiveness of "Bible." The booklet was born in 1951,
with the apparent mail-order features. But Kamprad is gradually
transforming it into life sermons new manual, which not only products
that are listed on catalog pictures and price, but through careful
design of designers, from the functionality, aesthetics and overall
performance IKEA etc. characteristics, customer can take from home
layout inspiration and practical solutions. Early in September every
year, in its new fiscal year began, Ikea have free delivery to
consumers beautifully produced catalog. 2005 IKEA catalog issued a
total of 100 million 6 million copies, with 25 languages and 52
IKEA has a unique strategy, brand integration model with the brand,
which owns the brand, design and sales channels. Product brands, IKEA
to the company's more than 20,000 kinds of products, divided into
three series: IKEA office, home storage, Children's IKEA. Strong
support in the IKEA brand, the more than 20,000 kinds of products have
established their own brand. From SANDOMON (Sang Demeng) sofa that
EXPEDIT (EXPEDIT) bookcase; from FAKTUM (Act g Mainland) cabinet into
MOMENT (Moment) table; small value of one dollar of champagne JULEN
Better everyday life
IKEA business idea is to provide a wide range of beautiful and
practical household items at an affordable price.
In most cases, beautifully designed home furnishings are usually able
to afford them for the few who offer. From the beginning, IKEA is
another way to go. We decided to stand on the side of the public. This
means that people around the world to respond to the needs of the
household goods: with a variety of different needs, taste, dream,
desire and income needs; want to improve their families and their
daily lives and people's needs.
Production of fine furniture is not difficult: as long as the money
and let customers pay, can be done. Production of low prices
beautiful, durable furniture is not so simple - it needs another way.
This is about finding simple solutions and savings in a variety of
methodological problems.
IKEA product range in the wide variety of areas. First, the IKEA
product line in a wide range of functions: the living room from the
plants and household items to toys and the kitchen, you may find the
layout of your home everything you need. Second, the IKEA product
range in style variety. Romantics will find the same minimalist need.
Finally, the mutual harmony of products at the functionality and
style, and always at the same time the wide variety. No matter which
style you like, there is something for all people.
High prices create quality products, or manufacture of inferior
products at low prices, anyone can do it. However, a good product at a
low price, you must find not only save cost and very innovative
approaches. Therefore, IKEA, the way we do things a little different.
Low price
Low price is the IKEA vision, business philosophy and the cornerstone
of the concept. All IKEA products is the basic idea behind the low
price will make a wide range, beautiful and practical household
products to everyone for all. We continually strive to be everything
better, easier, more efficient and always more cost-effective.
Swedish tradition
IKEA Sweden Design products are based. So far, IKEA products are
developed by Sweden. Through color and material selection, IKEA
product range, though not the most prevalent, but it is modern,
practical and still lose beautiful, people-oriented and child-friendly
product, represents a fresh, healthy lifestyles, Sweden. IKEA of these
methods and the origin of Sm?land in southern Sweden, closely related,
where people to hard-working, thrifty living, and owned by their
limited resources to maximum, which is known.
IKEA sound and rapid development in 60 years, the development of the
global total of 180 chain store, distributed in 43 countries,
employing more than 70,000. IKEA for fiscal year 2003 of 110 million
euros in sales revenue and more than 1.1 billion euros in net profits,
the world's biggest household goods retailers.
IKEA in the world
The IKEA of Sweden in Amuhuote responsible for developing the IKEA
product range, the series contains approximately 10,000 products.
Behind the entire work, the basic idea is low cost, so that
well-designed, practical household products to everyone for all.
From internal and external designers of new products still in the
drawing in its design stage, to accept the analysis and evaluation to
ensure that they achieve functional, efficient distribution, quality,
environmental protection and low price requirements.
At the same time, IKEA of Sweden is also responsible for these
products from a number of unique names, such as: GUSTAVA, STOLLE so.
Different products were named according to different rules. Cotton
products and curtain girl usually take the name of carpet to place
names Denmark, Sweden sofa Zeyi names to call.
Swedwood Ji Tuan is the IKEA industrial group responsible production
of wooden furniture and wooden furniture accessories. Swedwood in 9
countries in 35 industrial sectors.
IKEA in 32 countries with 46 trading companies (TSO). Every product
trading company staff to oversee production and thus be able to Shiyan
new ideas, negotiate the price, quality inspection, is also
responsible for supervision of IKEA suppliers in the social
environment, working conditions and environmental protection work.
With suppliers (1,300 in 53 countries) is to maintain close contact
with the key of reason and long-term cooperation.
From suppliers to customers to try to do this process work is a
direct, cost and environmental protection. Efficient distribution of
work in obtaining low-cost plays a crucial role. Flat packaging is
very important respect.
28 in 16 countries, distribution centers responsible for the IKEA
store supply.
In the IKEA store, the household goods everything: sofas, beds,
tables, chairs, textiles, kitchen utensils, floors, carpets, kitchen
furniture, bathroom products, lamps and plants. Our aim is for
customers to be inspired, to share with them a good way to create
smart design, good idea. Last year, 410 million customers visit the
IKEA stores around.
Product catalog is the IKEA of the most important marketing tool. Last
year there were 52 versions and 25 languages printed product catalog
is 160 million.
More and more people started using the Internet as an information
source. Last year, the IKEA site 125 million times welcome to visit.
Online trading in IKEA's total sales in the possession of a small but
growing share.
The corporate brand in the World Brand Lab (World Brand Lab) 2006
compiled by "the world's Top 500 Brands" list ranked 91st.
IKEA was founded in 1943, a Swedish household products company, IKEA
is the Swedish Kamprad, founder, established the beginning of the
major mail-order business stationery, groceries and other services,
mainly after the shift to furniture industry, the expansion process in
the range of products expanded to include a variety of household
IKEA sound and rapid development in 60 years, the development of the
global total of 180 chain store, distributed in 43 countries,
employing more than 70,000. IKEA for fiscal year 2003 of 110 million
euros in sales revenue and more than 1.1 billion euros in net profits,
the world's biggest household goods retailers.
IKEA's marketing strategy is the management of a major bright spot,
there are many places worth learning, through study of its marketing
strategy, it can be many aspects of management are connected in
1, IKEA product strategy (Product)
1 and accurate product market positioning
IKEA's business philosophy is to "provide variety, beautiful and
practical, affordable price and the household goods."
From creating the initial, IKEA decided to consumers and household
goods in the "majority" stand together. This means that IKEA
has to meet many different needs, tastes, dreams, the pursuit of
financial strength, also to improve the situation and create a better
home life of the people's needs. In view of this market position,
IKEA's product positioning in the "low prices, attractive,
durable," the household items.
In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, IKEA to
position itself as provider of household goods for the general public.
Because of its cheap, new style, good service and so on, by the
majority of low-income families welcome.
But in China, the market position to do some adjustments, because: the
Chinese market although widespread, but generally low levels of
consumption, the original manufacturer of the highly competitive
low-cost furniture, close to saturation, the market and few foreign
high-priced furniture to attract the buyers . So IKEA sights on major
cities in relatively fortunate. IKEA in China's market position is
"buy offers for higher quality, but can not afford the high price
of white-collar." This is a very clever and accurate positioning
to obtain a relatively good results for the following reasons:
IKEA as a global brand to meet the Chinese white-collar crowd
IKEA store in every corner, and management philosophy are full of
different cultures;
IKEA furniture has customers assemble their own, complimentary Big
publicity, freedom of choice and so on.
These have attracted many intellectuals, white-collar sectors of the
eye, with more excellent quality, so IKEA to attract more new
customers at the same time, stable fixed repeat their groups
IKEA's product positioning and branding in China so successful that
many white-collar workers in China have to "eat McDonalds, drink
Starbucks coffee, with IKEA furniture" as a trend.
In 1997, IKEA began to focus on the needs of children of the household
goods, as children, the demand for large household items, and this
area is not highly competitive. To design more suitable for the needs
of children's products, IKEA and two expert teams have cooperated to
develop products. Child psychologists and children's games Professor
Fang Miandi help IKEA to design, develop sports skills and to nurture
creativity products. Meanwhile, IKEA use of children to help
themselves selected the winning products.
IKEA showroom in the establishment of a children's play area,
children's sample rooms, specifically with children in the restaurant
food, all of these have been children loved them more willing to
patronize IKEA.
2, the product unique, favorable sales
All IKEA products sold by the IKEA company's independent design and
product different style. IKEA emphasis on product "simple,
natural, fresh, well-designed" the unique style;
IKEA of Sweden from Nordic (Forest National), the product style of
"simple, fresh, natural," in keeping with Scandinavian
style. Nature and family life in people occupy an important position.
In fact, the Swedish home-style, a perfect reproduction of nature:
full of sunshine and fresh flavor, while plain.
IKEA, the Swedish home goods design style is the condensation of
cultural history, while the Swedish home design culture has a long
history: 19th century, the artists Carl and Karin Larsson, Sweden will
be the classical style and folk style combined, they created a model
of Swedish home design, spread so far; to 50 years, with the style of
modernism and pragmatism has been developed in Sweden. Today, we see
in IKEA products are: modern, but not of fashion, it is practical and
no lack of novelty, based on the people, in many ways reflects the
ancient tradition of the Swedish home.
About IKEA store carefully taste, IKEA home products in terms of
single products or from the home the whole show; from Robin bed, a
table to Bong Bieske cup, no not the simple, natural, Jiangxinduju,
both well-designed but beautiful and practical. And other
manufacturers of household products comparison, IKEA gives the
impression that: IKEA is a collection of the many advantages, and
advantages above set up is IKEA! The IKEA of this style can really
touch the hearts of most consumers, stir the desire to buy.
This style runs through the IKEA product design, production, display
for sale the whole process. In order to implement to achieve this
style, like his own patented brand and global coverage to the end,
IKEA has been insisting all products by their own personally designed
and owns the patent, each year more than 100 designers crazy day and
night to work to guarantee " All of the products, all of the
patent. "
In addition, IKEA style of this simple natural products also
contribute to the formation of IKEA's another advantage, that is, low
prices, IKEA's pricing strategy we have in analysis.
3, beautifully designed and durable product
IKEA has always stressed the products designed, practical, durable.
Of course, the simple elegant design is not difficult, but based on
the same low price to achieve beautiful, practical, high-quality but
very difficult.
Ikea has a large group of excellent designers ensure that the design
of IKEA products. They not only experienced, but also with experienced
producers work closely to find ways to make full use of raw materials;
the same time they also knowledge of how both the production of
low-cost furniture, while still maintaining the original design ideas.
IKEA design originality and practical, for example, an IKEA "Four
Seasons was," is a three-by-one, one layer is cool and
comfortable summer is, a layer is the warmth of spring and autumn are,
you can put two together, it is warm in winter was. Originality of
this design does IKEA: IKEA to see this design before, Who would have
thought such a design with a quilt can be?
Another example is the MTP bookcase. This bookcase is a consultant in
1963 by IKEA and designer Marian Grabinski design, this bookcase
style, both modern and classic, beautiful and practical, to bring a
rolling profit IKEA, IKEA design called a model, over the years
attracted a number of manufacturers have imitation.
IKEA is also a major durable goods characteristics: such as sofa,
squeezing pressure to accept the number can reach hundreds of
thousands of times, cabinet door stop to accept the number of switches
and so on up to several decades.
Of course, the product should be beautiful, durable and multi-faceted
effort, from product design to material selection to process and so
they have to make unremitting efforts, IKEA did.
4, wide product range
IKEA product range wide, a total of more than 10,000 kinds of products
for IKEA customers to choose. Basically, any taste of the customers
can buy a home in IKEA household products required.
IKEA product range of "wide" are the following meanings:
First, a wide range of functions. Customer does not need to and from
different stores to buy household items. Can be found in the IKEA
furniture from the living room, toys, frying pans to cutlery knife and
fork; from office furniture to plants of all items, in a word - can be
found at IKEA all practical household items, customers do not shop at
all between the East home Ben West to go.
Second, the style of wide-ranging. Where people of different tastes
can find their love. But IKEA's products are not all-inclusive, IKEA
is not too extreme or exaggerated products. IKEA offers is to create a
comfortable home environment need to.
In addition, through appropriate coordination, which can achieve a
wide range of functionality and style. Customers prefer either style,
will have a matching armchair and bookcase, with a bookcase with the
new folding table match, with a new folding table and armchair match.
Therefore, IKEA's "series of broad" has multiple meanings.
Second, low-price strategy (Price)
IKEA's business philosophy is to "provide variety, beautiful and
practical, affordable price and the household goods." This
determines the IKEA products in the pursuit of beautiful and practical
basis to maintain low prices, IKEA is actually doing so: IKEA has
always emphasized a low price strategy.
So IKEA is how to maintain a "beautiful and practical, a wide
range of" on the basis of low-price strategy for? In fact,
throughout the low-price strategy from product design to (shape,
material selection etc.), OEM vendor selection / management, logistics
design, store management, the entire process:
1, low prices always thinking throughout the product design
IKEA's low price strategy throughout the product design has always
been. IKEA's R & D system is unique to the bedrock of low-cost and
highly efficient.
1) IKEA's low-cost design and module design method
IKEA's design philosophy is "the same price of the product, the
design of lower cost than anyone else", and therefore the focus
of designers in the design competition, often concentrate on whether
there was any possibility to use a screw or a more economical use of
an iron bar, so that not only has the benefits of lower costs, and
often have excellent ideas.
IKEA invented the "module" type of furniture design (IKEA
assembly of furniture are split shipment, the product is divided into
different modules, block design. Different modules in the different
regions according to the cost of production; the same time, some
modules in different rooms of furniture also common), so the cost can
be reduced not only design, but the total cost of the product can be
2) ascertain the cost of re-design products
IKEA has a saying: "Our first design is the price tag."
Prior to that designer products, IKEA had already set for the lower
product selling prices and costs, then the costs, do everything
possible to be beautiful and practical. For example: Bong glass
designers, product developers Pia Eldin Lindsten received in 1996, the
task of designing a new type of glass, she was also told that the cup
should be sold in the market how much. The Bong cup, the prices must
be surprisingly low - only 5 SEK. That is, before the design, IKEA to
determine the price of a cup must be able to really knock the
3) product design process, emphasis on teamwork
Designers simply relying on the set itself is difficult to complete
the difficult low price of fine design, material selection, and
estimate the cost of factory production. R & D team behind it is a
designer, which includes designers, product developers, procurement
personnel. These people work closely together in determining the cost
can make all kinds of performance variables within the optimal
solution. With them to discuss design, materials used, and select
suitable suppliers. Everyone to use their expertise to play a role in
this process - for example, the role of procurement staff: they have a
worldwide supplier of a good link between, so them better understand
which vendors can the right time, right price, and guarantee the
highest quality to produce this product.
4) could be considered to be exhaustive cost
Design is a key link, which directly affect the product selection,
process, storage, transportation and other sectors, a great impact on
prices. So, IKEA's design team must take full account of products from
all aspects of production to sales.
Bong glass or in an example: In order to produce a low price to meet
the requirements of the cup, designer Pia and his colleagues must
fully consider the materials, colors and design elements, such as:
The color chosen cup green, blue, yellow or white, because they stain
with other color (eg red) pigment than lower costs;
To the storage, transportation, manufacturing and so reduce costs,
designers Pia cup final design of the bong into a special cone,
because this shape can make Bong glass in the shortest possible period
of time through the machine, so as to achieve cost-effectiveness;
Bunge cup size makes manufacturers put a cup in the oven in the number
of the largest, saving the production time and saves costs;
IKEA is the endless pursuit of cost - the IKEA cup was again
redesigned Bong, compared with the original glass, the new height of a
small cup, and cup shape of the children have been improved, more
effective stacked manner to save the cup in the transport, storage,
shopping, and customer display cupboard at home within the space
occupied - in a word: to further reduce costs.
2 IKEA innovation to reduce costs
IKEA is adopting new materials and new technologies to improve
performance and lower prices. To ogra chairs for instance -
In the eyes of IKEA, ogra (chair) is a chair near perfect: beautiful,
strong, light and very practical. At first, ogra chair with timber
production, with changes in the market, the price becomes too high,
then reduce costs by plate packing; when flat packing requirements can
not meet the low-cost, IKEA's designers replaced by composite plastic
wood; later To further reduce costs, IKEA will be one kind of new
technology into a furniture industry - through the gas into the
compound of plastic, save material and reduce weight and faster
production of products (and can flat products from packaging).
From ogra chair, you can see down the cost of the effort in IKEA.
Another famous example is Qiu Bisi innovative storage unit: storage
units in 1994, Qiu Bisi begin production, which is the first IKEA
products manufactured using the framework of one board. IKEA door
using a production technology to make Qiu Bisi more solid, lighter,
cheaper, designers using the framework of plate manufactured by the
door manufacturer's inspired design Qiu Bisi storage unit.
3, in order to reduce costs and close cooperation with OEM
Co-operation with the performance of OEM manufacturers in two aspects:
first, the product design process; Second, the product production.
In product development and design process, the design team and in
close cooperation with suppliers. Assistance in the factory, IKEA is
possible to find cheaper alternative materials, easier to reduce the
cost of the shape and size. Cup on the Bong, the designers OEM
manufacturer's suggestion, their shape and size of the re-design, you
can burn during the better use of space, so to rationalize production
and reduce some costs.
Product design is complete, in order to convince OEM manufacturers
must invest in equipment, IKEA to their commitment to a certain number
of orders. Manufacturers willing to produce such products and purchase
of equipment IKEA. To IKEA, the saving investment.
Of course, when the trouble. A few years ago, IKEA had to recover a
child's toy, and ordered to stop production of this toy - this toy's
eyes off the danger, the safety of children adversely. But the
shutdown brings up another problem: a factory that produced toys from
India, the factory has 600 employees, for a time, 600 workers without
work to do. This co-operation in order to maintain the relationship
with our customers, and to honor its commitments, IKEA sent a designer
to the factory to see Anna, to see what is the solution.
Anna looked at the factory and the materials used. She worked with
suppliers to develop a new range of products. Two weeks later, she
took Fa Muni (cushion) returned to Sweden, which is a sort of cushion
arm of the fine, the product immediately after being introduced as
well as customers like IKEA.
Fa Muni cushion achieved great success. It is worth mentioning that
customer demand for such a great product, alone of the original 600
plant employees were not enough, then the factory has recruited many
new employees.
IKEA such a responsible attitude, willing to work with suppliers to
IKEA, "quality and cheap" product strategy of successful
4, IKEA co-operation with customers to build low-cost
IKEA is also seen as partners in the customer: customer look at
catalogs, patronize IKEA supermarket, selection of furniture and their
own in-demand warehouse delivery. Since most goods with flat
packaging, customers can easily be transported home and independent
assembly. In this way, customers save some costs (picking, assembly,
transportation), and enjoy the low prices; IKEA will save costs and
maintain the product's low price.
5 IKEA's global production management and logistics system is
conducive to lower costs
In product cost, in addition to the IKEA co-operation with OEM
suppliers, but also to encourage competition among suppliers, IKEA
also tend to give order to measure up to those generally on the lower
prices manufacturers - the IKEA supplier for product selection
business hours, from the whole to consider the overall lowest cost.
That the calculation of product cost of arriving at the central
warehouse as a benchmark, Then according to the potential of each
sales region sales À´ vendor selection while making reference to
quality, productivity and other factors.
To further reduce prices, IKEA around the world to adjust their
production layout - IKEA in the world with nearly 2,000 suppliers
(including IKEA's own plant), suppliers of various products will be
shipped from around the world all the IKEA the central warehouse, then
shipped to various shopping malls from the central warehouse to sell.
As the sales of different products throughout the ever-changing, IKEA
also continuously adjust their global distribution of production
orders, for example:
IKEA Asia-Pacific central warehouse located in Malaysia, all shopping
centers to China must be shipped to Malaysia products. This
procurement method to reduce the cost of the whole IKEA. But China,
higher costs, especially for larger furniture such goods, the freight
costs will be in the 30%, directly affect the ultimate price.
As the Asian market, especially the Chinese market share expanding
IKEA products are more and more part of the product or the number of
production on the Asian region, which will greatly reduce the cost of
freight. At present, IKEA being implemented retail choice program,
choose from several varieties of Chinese shopping malls, and then by
the Chinese supplier of production, and then delivered directly to the
store plan. Proved a great success of this program.
For example, Nick Folding Chair was originally produced by Thailand,
Malaysia, then shipped to transit China. Purchase price is equivalent
to 34 yuan 1, but after the arrival of Chinese has reached 66 yuan a
cost. Together with shopping center operating costs, the final price
was 99 yuan one. Annual sales of just over 10,000 the year.
Implementation of the plan, China's purchase price of 30 yuan a,
arriving at the store costs 34 yuan to one, the mall retail price set
at 59 yuan 1, 40 yuan lower than before, the annual sales volume
soared to 120,000.
6, plate packaging cost strategy
In the storage and transportation, the IKEA uses flat packaging, to
reduce the furniture in storage and transportation of the failure rate
and take up storage space; more important, flat packaging greatly
reduces the transportation cost of products made in the worldwide
production of production of large-scale distribution possible. It is
said inspired by Ikea flat packed early a staff - he was a whim,
decided to leg relieved, so that it can be fitted to the car, but also
to avoid damage during transport. Since then, IKEA began to be
considered in the design of flat packing problem. Flat packaging to
further reduce the price of the product. Meanwhile, IKEA began to form
a working model, that the "problems into opportunities."
Of course, the same flat packed, IKEA designers in the product design
process is to consider how the product design will make the
production, storage and transportation cost is minimized.
Third, the unique style of "store display" Channel Strategy
1, own stores control channel
IKEA's channel strategy is to set up independent stores around the
world, IKEA design their own proprietary products directly to
consumers, the terminal control product sales channels. IKEA in the
global total of more than 180 chain stores, distributed in 40
Two, succeeded IKEA stores has become a symbol of a way of life
IKEA furniture store brand is also the furniture brand. Through a
series of operations, IKEA's store in people's eyes no longer just a
place to purchase household items, it represents a way of life, so
when you see the fashion of young people carrying signs bearing the
IKEA shopping bags look Flying out of the IKEA store, you will not be
surprised - there are many domestic businesses attempting to do so,
but to no avail. We believe that the success of IKEA is that it not
only integrates the business flow, logistics, but it used to integrate
the business flow, logistics and the core idea - way of life. As we
said earlier: in people's hearts with IKEA IKEA has been like eating
at McDonald's, drink the same Starbucks coffee has become a symbol of
Fourth, promotion strategy (Promotion)
Directory display marketing strategy
IKEA catalog show is an important part of marketing strategy, which
greatly promoted the sales of IKEA's products. In 1951, IKEA had
issued the first catalog. Since then, a year early in September, in
its new financial year, the IKEA have free delivery to consumers
beautifully produced catalog.
IKEA is now a total of eight stores in mainland China: Beijing,
Shanghai and Chengdu, Guangzhou, Nanjing and Shenzhen, Guiyang, and
Dalian, Dalian store was February 19, 2009 open for business.
IKEA in China
IKEA in China has seven branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou,
Chengdu, Shenzhen, Nanjing and Dalian
IKEA secret? Many people believe that the success of IKEA is that it
creates a special shopping experience, such as store layout, no
salesmen, Swedish food, and by customers to assemble their own
furniture. But only a superficial essential factor is its low price
sell high-quality goods. This is it conquered the market of weapons.
Compared with competitors, IKEA furniture sales price of an average of
30% to 50%. It also constantly lower prices, on the contrary, many of
the furniture retail prices often rise over time.
IKEA play the slogan: "value low prices." Its goal is to
keep product prices relatively modest, but not to customers that its
product is a bargain. To do this, the only way to reduce costs has
become. In fact, lower costs throughout the whole process of IKEA
products, from product concept, design, production, transportation and
marketing, Ingvar constantly thinking about the cost of the word.
To this end, he once said: "waste of resources, the IKEA is a
deadly mistake. A goal without costing plan must not be
To this end, Ingvar been saved, is adopting new measures to cut costs.
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