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									Yang Minwen

500 most common Chinese characters

, One is in, no, a, a, and, man, this, medium and large, for, on, one,
nation, and I, to, to, he, when he came to, with, have, health, to,
for, in, in, out, to, sub, right, as will be the main, hair, years,
dynamic, with, work, too, can, under, over, son, said that production,
species surface, and, side, back, more determined, line, science, law,
the, the people may, after ten, three, of, into, the, etc., the
Ministry degree, family, power, force, where For example, water, and
high, since the second, reason, the small things, now, real, Canada,
the amount, are, two, body, system, machine, when, to the point, from,
industry, the, to, to, sex, so it should be, opened it, together,
also, because of, by, its, more, of course, before, the day,
government, and four days, then, social, justice, things, flat, shape,
phase, all, tables, rooms, sample, and, off, the, weight, new lines,
within a few, are, heart, anti-, you, Ming, see the original, and,
what, profits, ratios, or, but, quality, gas, first, to, way, life,
this change, as amended, only, not, knot, solutions, and asked, Italy,
built on, the public, no, the Department, the military, it is,
feelings, , the most, Li, on behalf of, like, have, through, and, to
mention, straight, title, Party, process, development, five, fruit,
materials, such as, staff, leather, bit, into the, often, the text,
total, times, quality, style, live, set, and, pipe, special, parts,
length, requirements, old, head, base, capital, side, stream, road,
class, less, figure, mountain, systems, access, knowledge, more, the,
group, see, accounting, do not, and she, hand, angle, period, roots,
theory, transport, agriculture, means that few, nine, district,
strong, put, summary, West has been, dry, do, R, war, first, back
then, either, take, it, department, team, South, to, color, light,
gate, ie, security, governance, the North, made a hundred, regulation,
heat, collar, seven, sea, port, East, guide, control, pressure, Chi,
Shi, gold, increasing competition, economy, order, oil, thinking,
surgery, very, delivery, by, United, even, recognize, six, were,
right, income, card, change, clear, had the United States, then,
adopt, transfer and more, single, wind, cutting, playing, white,
education, fast, flowers, band, security, games, body, car, for
example, really, services, tools, million, per, head, until, reaching,
walking, product, show, meeting, sound, newspapers and fight, finished
the class, eight, from, China, were indeed only, Branch, ZHANG,
letters, Ma, festival, then, rice, whole, empty, Yuan, conditions,
today, sets, temperature, mass, soil, Xu, step, group, wide, stone,
mind, need, Duan, research, community, drawing, forest, Law, called,
and, study and watch, the more, weaving, installation, video, count,
low, hold, sound and all, books, publish, reproduce, capacity,
children should be, international, business, non, inspection, and
even, broken, deep, difficult, near the mine, a thousand, weeks,
committee, prime, technology, equipment, and a half to do, Green,
provincial, columns, learning, sound, about, support, like, history,
sense of labor, then, groups, to, acids, calendar, city, g, where, in
addition, elimination, construction, government, says, too, accurate,
refined, value, number, rate, race, dimension, draw, select, standard,
writing, memory, Hou, Mao, pro, fast, efficient, Sri Lanka, the
hospital, investigation, Jiang, type, eye, Wang, press, grid, support,
and easy, home, school, layers, films, before, but, specifically,
like, education, Factory, Beijing, knowledge, fitness, is a round,
including, fire, housing, transfer, full, county, local, photos,
ginseng, red, thin, lead, listen, the, iron, price, Yan.

1. Oracle

Shang Dynasty Oracle is the text, only a small number of people BU
historian to use. It is mainly a knife carved animal bones in the
shells. Turtle bones as hard, so straight off the main strokes, rarely
round to. Because carving with a knife
?Oracle inscriptions, so the lines thin and uniform. Oracle is the
earliest Chinese characters, with earlier Chinese characteristics: the
picture is strong, the wording is not finalized, sizes, arbitrary.
2. Bronze

Bronze known Zhongding Wen, prevalent in the Western Zhou Dynasty. It
is engraved in bronze on the text. Inscriptions and the shape and
structure similar to Oracle, because the inscriptions are carved the
words on the re-cast from the mold, the complexity of some of the
ancients the sake of simplicity, it is easier to write, so it's stroke
features are: round to shape, size, uniform. Oracle pictographic sex
ratio decreased, the shape of the word has increased, but there are
more variant forms.

3. Seal

"Seal" the word "Dictionary" training for the
"op", Duan Note: The "op who cited pen and book in the
Bamboo and Silk is also" visible "seal", which contains
the "writing" means. Seal large, small seal script of the
points. Seal is the time of the late Western Zhou Zhou Xuan Wang a
text, also known as Zhou Wen, stone drum of the Warring States Period
and Qin Zhou Xuan Wang used when the literacy textbook, "History
of Zhou article" category. Physical characteristics broadly
consistent with the inscriptions, with many of the characteristics of
stroke. Seal is the broad Oracle before the Qin Dynasty, Jin, Zhou Wen
and the Spring and Autumn Period spoken in six countries (Qi, Chu,
Yan, Han, Zhao, Wei) and Xiao Zhuan Ancient Emperor refers to
"book with the words" after enacted in the Qin Dynasty
unified the font, by Lisi, who, after finishing the text to change the
font set. Because it is the formal enactment of the unity of the font,
after the consolidation, simplification, so a significant reduction in
variant forms, and the shape is rectangular, laid the Chinese
character "box-shaped" basis. Xiaozhuan more symmetry in
stroke, same line thickness, and more round to, symbol of strength,
the picture means that much disappeared. Because Xiaozhuan simplified
on the basis of the Seal made, the general said, is the Seal of the
Simplified Xiao Zhuan.
Seal Script Calligraphy: Yehe nest most ancient pine, cactus rain
early Qing Jiang Liu thousand feet sound off shore

4. Clerical

Clerical produced in the Qin Dynasty, flourished in the Han Dynasty.
In the Qin Dynasty, official script and Xiao Zhuan, in parallel, the
daily scribe copied the book documents the convenience fonts.
Xiaozhuan difficult to write, can not meet the needs of the Qin
Dynasty between documents, is used in more formal occasions. In order
to facilitate quick writing, clerical script will Xiaozhuan turned
round to square off the lines of uniform thickness are caused by
straight strokes; will Xiaozhuan cohesive end lengthwise into a cross
body style flat stretch; at this time no official script as
pictographic Chinese symbols. Clerical change the font of Chinese
characters is huge, so, "Li change" has become the
boundaries of ancient and modern Chinese characters. Xiaozhuan the
ancient Chinese characters before. Their common feature is the
pictographic strong stereotypes of the poor, the word from the line,
with no form of configuration elements - stroke. Clerical Script after
the Chinese character for the present. This character is characterized
by strong symbols, stereotypes and strong words form by the limited
range of strokes. Han official script to replace a formal written
Xiaozhuan body, also known as "Han Li" (also known as this
scribe.) Han Li and diverse style of writing, a kind of side
pen-based, such as the "Stele of Zhang Qian"; the other in a
round pen-based, such as "Cao Quan Stele."
[Edit this paragraph] Chinese characters and words¡¿
Morpheme is the smallest unit of meaning Hanwen table, analogous to
the English "vocabulary" and "phrase" in general.
Constitute a majority of Chinese characters can be independent
morpheme, such as "I", analogous to the single-letter
English words, such as "I". Now, on most vernacular words
are constituted by two or more characters, however, and English
"vocabulary" and "letter" of the relationship is
different from the meaning of morphemes, and which often constitutes a
morpheme independent of each Chinese character meaning when correlated
Therefore, to simplify considerably the memory.

Term includes a number of morpheme morpheme and the formation of

Chinese high efficiency, reflected in hundreds of basic pictograph,
that heaven can be synthesized a variety of things, thousands of
Chinese characters; thousands of commonly used words, and can easily
assemble hundreds of thousands of words.

However, on the other hand, accurate information on this form with
hundreds of thousands of words and usage has become a burden. About
tens of thousands of common terms in Chinese, with a total vocabulary
of about a one million, although the number of terms a bit daunting,
but most of the ideographic characters of word formation, not out of
reach to grasp the basic. So far as vocabulary is concerned, the
learning curve is not high; In contrast, the number of foreign words
to master the same intensity will have larger memory.
[Edit this paragraph] the number of Chinese¡¿
The number of Chinese characters are not exact figures, some nearly a
hundred thousand (Beijing Guoan consulting equipment company revenue
source Chinese font characters 91251), daily use of the word only a
few thousand Chinese characters. According to statistics, 1,000
commonly used words to cover about 92% of the written information, can
cover 98% of 2000 words or more, 3000 to 99% when the word, Simplified
and Traditional statistical results of little difference.

Appeared in the history of the total number of over 80,000 Chinese
characters (there are over 60,000 of the argument), most of which
variant and rarely used words. Most variant and rarely used characters
have lost the natural extinction or specifications, except only in
general than classical place names occasionally appear. In addition,
following after the first batch of simplified characters, there are a
number of "two simple words," has been abolished, but there
is still less popular figures in the community.
The first statistic is the number of Chinese Han Xu Shen in the
"Dictionary" carried out, contains a total of 9353 words.
Later, when Gu Ye Wang Suozhuan Southern's "jade articles,"
According to records received a total of 16,917 words, on this basis,
the revised "big Fortuna will jade articles" is said to have
22,726 words. Since then more revenue is the Song Zhaoguan repair word
"class articles", received word 31319; another Song Chaoguan
repair "set rhyme" in the closing word 53525, word was
received the most a book.

Others received word the dictionary more, such as the Qing Dynasty
"Kangxi" received the word 47035; Japan's "Han and the
dictionary," received the word 48902, and another appendix 1062;
Taiwan's "Chinese Dictionary" received the word 49905 ;
"Dictionary of Chinese Characters" collection word 54678.
Number of words in the 20th century, published the most is the
"sea of Chinese characters", to close at 85,000 words.

Chinese character encoding standard in the computer, the character
encoding is currently the largest of Taiwan's "national
standard" CNS11643, the current (4.0) were included to research
the display Traditional and Simplified, Japanese, Korean and Chinese
characters were a total of 76,067, but not universal, only in the
households political system and a few other environments. Taiwan and
Hong Kong General in Big Folk Traditional Chinese characters included
in 13053. GB18030 is the latest in the current People's Republic of
code character set, GBK include Simplified and Traditional, and
Japanese, Korean, Chinese 20,912, and the early 6763 GB2312 simplified
Chinese characters included. The Unicode's CJK Unified Ideographs
characters included in the basic character set is 20902, and two
expansion area, the total number as high as more than seventy thousand

Less than the initial words of Chinese characters, a lot of things to
pass off words that make the text of the statement there is a big
discrepancy. To improve the clarity of expression, complex characters
through a gradual, significant increase in the stage of words.
Excessive increase in the number of Chinese characters has led to
difficulties in learning Chinese characters, meaning that a single
Chinese character can be limited, so there are many single Chinese
words in Chinese meaning is expressed, such as the common two-word.
The current development of Chinese writing new words and more than
made towards creating a new word.

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Most strokes of Chinese characters¡¿ ¡¾

About biang, there is a puzzle:

That fly overhead, and the Yellow River bend two, eight-character
large openings, the word to go inside.

Left twist, right twist, in the middle to the one made by Lou Lou.

Left a long, long right in the middle made a horse king.

Heart word at the end, on the word next to the golden hook, left
hanging Matang Road,

Tuizhao Che child visit Xianyang.

Most modern Chinese character strokes is Nang n¨¤ng

Means that the word unclear stuffy nose and described "only"
36 paintings

In addition, "as ??" and other words, there are 64
paintings, but not commonly used. (Sound zh¨¦, with the "be

Most strokes words:

Ray's a very ancient word word symmetry, it can prove that the
aesthetic taste of our ancestors

Comments: hear the thunder began to write the word, and so finished
the rain after the estimates are done under the

Stroke: 128 paintings
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The development of Chinese¡¿ ¡¾
1 Oracle

Oracle Oracle mainly refers to Yin, the late Shang Dynasty of China
(the top 11 before the 14th century) and carved the royal family used
for divination notes (or write) in the text on the shells and animal
bones. It is found the earliest era of ancient text, the system more
complete text.

Oracle is an ancient Chinese text, is considered an early form of
modern Chinese characters, sometimes also considered to be one of the
characters of the book is the most ancient extant a mature text.
Oracle also known as Qi Wen, turtle or tortoise shell bones text
article. Oracle is a very important information on ancient Chinese
characters. Oracle is found in most of the Yin Ruins. The famous Yin
Ruins is the site of Shang Dynasty in Anyang City, Henan Province,
northwest Xiao Tuncun, Garden Village, Houjiazhuang other places.
There was once capital of the Shang dynasty era of the late central
location, known as the Yin Ruins. These are basically the Shang
dynasty oracle bone divination records of the rulers. Shang rulers are
very superstitious, for example, within ten days there will be any
disaster, it rains or not, is there a good harvest of crops, war can
not win, what should be on what worship spirits, so that fertility,
disease , dream divination, and so things should be carried out to
understand the will and spirits good and bad things. The main
materials used in divination is the tortoise plastron, carapace and
cattle scapula. Usually used in the preparation of the first bones of
the back of the fortune of a number of pits dug or drilled, which pits
bones sociologists call "drilling." Divination in the pits
when the heat is on the bones surface cracks. This crack is called the
"trillion." Oracle in the divination of the "Pu",
which looks like a trillion. People engaged in divination divinations
of various shapes according to judge good and bad. From the Shang
Oracle view, then the Chinese characters and has become able to
complete a writing system in Chinese. Oracle has been discovered in
the Yin Ruins, the emergence of the word has reached about 4000. Among
these are a lot of what the word means, pictograph, knowing the word,
there are many phonetic words. We now use these words and text, in
shape a huge difference. But the word from the organization point of
view, the two are basically the same.

Currently there are about 150,000 found in bones, more than 4,500
words. Oracle content recorded in these extremely rich, involving many
aspects of social life, the Shang Dynasty, including not only
political, military, cultural, social customs, etc., but also involves
astronomy, calendar, medicine, science and technology. Oracle has been
identified from about 1,500 words of view, it already has a
"pictographic, knowing, shaped the sound of that thing, transfer
note, under the guise of" The Characters and Methods,
demonstrated the unique charm of Chinese characters. Shang and early
Western Zhou Dynasty of China (about 16 to the 10th century BC) to
tortoise shells and animal bones as the carrier of the literature. The
earliest known form of Chinese literature. Engraved on a bone on the
text had earlier called Qi Wen, oracle bone inscriptions,
inscriptions, turtle version of the text, the Yin Ruins and text, is
known as Oracle. Shang emperors as superstition, everything should be
with the turtle (the turtle plastron is common), or animal bones
(scapula is a common bovine) for divination and fortune-telling about
the things (such as fortune-telling time, soothsayers, accounting
question content, The results, as Siu, validation, etc.) engraved on
the bones, and as archival material preserved by the royal historian
(see bones file). In addition to divination inscriptions, but there
are a few notes in the Oracle Bone Inscriptions. Oracle was offering
covering astronomy, calendar, weather, geography, Fang, descent,
family, character, Official, conquest, Prison, agriculture, animal
husbandry, hunting, transportation, religion, worship, sickness,
maternity, disaster, etc. is the study of the Shang Dynasty in ancient
China, especially social history, culture, language of the extremely
valuable first-hand information.

2 Bronze

Bronze is engraved on a bronze in the text Yinzhou Qing, also known as
Zhong Dingwen. Business Week is the bronze age, bronze ritual vessels,
represented by tripod, musical instruments, as the representative of
the bell, "Zhong Ding" is a synonym for bronze. So, Zhong
Dingwen or inscriptions refers to the cast or engraved in bronze on
the monument.

The so-called bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. Xia Dynasty China
had entered the Bronze Age copper smelting and the manufacture of
bronze was developed. Because copper is also called weeks ago to gold,
so the inscriptions on the bronze is called "Bronze" or
"Ji Jinwen word"; and because these words on the bronze to
Zhongding up, so in the past also called "Zhong Dingwen . "

Bronze age applications, from the Shang Dynasty in the early on, down
to the Qinmie six countries, about 1200 years. Inscriptions of words,
according to Rong Geng, "Bronze Inscription," recorded a
total of 3722, which can identify the word 2420.

Inscriptions on bronze, ranging number of words. The content is also
very different in mind. The main content of most of the princes who
paid tribute to the ancestors and the achievements, but also record
major historical events. Maogong Ding, such as the famous 497-word,
notepad covers a very wide, reflecting the social life.

3 Seal

This kept the stone drum representatives to Taishi Zhou Zhou Xuan Wang
of the book when named. He was on the basis of the original text of
the reform, because its name engraved on the Shek Kwu on is the text
handed down the first stone for the stone of the ancestors.

Later years from the Western Zhou, Qin line in Spring and Autumn
Period. Fonts and Qin seal similar, but more overlap shaped

4 Xiaozhuan

Xiaozhuan also called "Qin Fragrance." Lisi ordered Qin
unified text, this text is Xiao Zhuan. Passage in the Qin Dynasty.
Partial body length, uniform round neat, made by the Seal Evolution.
Han Xu Shen, "Shuo Wen Jie Zi Syria," said: "The First
Emperor Dichu and the world, ... ... it does not stop those with Wen
Qin together." Lisi as "CJ chapter", in the car for the
government that Zhao Gao, "Love historical chapter, "Taishi
no King Hu made a" scholarly articles ":" History of
Zhou Seal are taking, or rather provincial reform, who is also the
so-called small seal script. "this deposit (Langyatai
stone)," Tarzan stone "residual stone, that is, Xiaozhuan

Qin Xiao Zhuan engraved on the right, is said to be written Xiaozhuan
Li Si Qin Shi Huang unified China in the implementation of "book
with the text, the car with the track" policy of uniform weights
and measures, the prime minister Li Si is responsible for the original
use of the large Zhuan Zhou Qin Wen based on the simplified variant of
the six countries to cancel other words, create a unified text written
in the form of Chinese characters. Has been popular in China to the
Western Han Dynasty, and eventually be replaced by official script.
But because of its beautiful fonts, and always has been favored by
calligrapher. Also because of its stroke complicated singular form of
the ancient, and can be added twists and turns, seal engraving, and
particularly the need for security of the official seal, Seal has been
used until the collapse of the feudal dynasty, the modern emergence of
new anti-counterfeiting technology. Kangxi Dictionary on all written
word is also marked with small seal script.

5 Clerical

Basic Clerical evolution come from Seal, Seal mainly to square off in
round strokes, writing faster, with the paint on the wooden slips
round to writing is difficult to draw the strokes.

Official script is also called "scribe the word,"
"classics." Seal is based on easy to adapt to the needs of
writing produced fonts. Be simplified to Xiaozhuan, again Xiaozhuan
straight into the lines of uniform circular strokes Founder, for
writing. Points, "Qin Li" (also known as "ancient
scribe") and "Han Li" (also called "this
scribe"), official script of the emergence of the ancient text
and calligraphy is a major change.

Official script is solemn character in a common font, writing results
slightly wide and flat, long and straight horizontal painting
paintings short, pay attention to "the first dovetail
silkworm", "twists and turns." It originated in the Qin
Dynasty, and reached a peak in the Eastern Han Dynasty, calligraphy
with "Han Li Tang Kai," said. Also there are claims that
originated in the Warring States period, official script.

In terms of official script is relative to the seal script, the
official script of the name from the Eastern Han Dynasty. The
emergence of official script is another major reform of Chinese
characters, the Chinese art of calligraphy into a new realm, is a
turning point in the history of the characters, laid the basis for
regular script. Clerical knot body flat, neat, trim. To the Eastern
Han Dynasty, written, Na and other landscaping as stipple stir up, the
severity of frustrated varied, with calligraphic art of beauty. Style
is increasingly diverse, highly artistic appreciation of the value.

According to legend, Qin Cheng Miao official script in prison by the
order not to complicated to simple, rounded shape for the party,
change the song as a straight stroke. Change "with markers"
to "off pen", from the line to the stroke, but also for
writing. "Scribe" was not prisoners, but refers to
"Clerks," that officials in charge of a small instrument, so
in ancient times, the official script are called "junior
book." Clerical popular in the Han Dynasty, became the main body
of the book. As a start-Qin Li, left many seal Italy, after the
development process. Since writing to break the tradition of Zhou and
Qin and gradually laid the basis for regular script. In the
"deposed hundreds, Domination of Confucianism" unity of
thinking, the gradual development of the Han Dynasty official script
shape to become the dominant of the book at the same time, derived
from cursive script, regular script, running the body of the book, lay
the foundation for the arts.

6 regular script

Regular script, also known as the book, or really the book. Its
characteristics are: physical Founder, straight strokes, can be used
as a model, hence the name. Began in the Eastern Han Dynasty. Regular
script of the famous number, such as "European style"
(Ouyang Xun), "Yu body" (Shinan), "Yan style" (Yen
Chen), "Liu body" (Liu civil rights), "Zhao body"
(Zhao Yu attached) and so on.

Initial "regular script" is still very little residue
attached pen, guitar body slightly wider, long and straight horizontal
painting paintings short posts in the Wei and Jin handed down, such as
Chung Yao's "declaration form" (left), "recommended
season straight table, "Wang's" Leyi of "" Huang
Ting Jing ", etc., can be representative. View the features, as
Fanggang said: "Waves of Change Clerical paintings, to point
pecking pick, still the ancient scribe of the cross-straight."

After Eastern, North-South divide, calligraphy is also divided into
North and South factions. Northern School Books, with the legacy of
Han Li type, strokes unadorned strength is, the style simple square
strict list longer than the book, which is said Rubbings. South
Calligraphy, Yan Miao put more sparse, longer than chido. Northern and
Southern Dynasties, because of geographical differences, personal
habits, the book style is very different. North book are strong, and
South books and refined, and the Zhen its wonderful, and no points up
and down, and Bao Shichen and Kang, the book is highly recommended
dynasties, especially the North Rubbings body weight. Kahn held ten
United States, to emphasize the advantages of Rubbings.

Tang regular script, and as the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty
situation of the country situation, so-called unprecedented. Books
mature, calligraphers men, in regular script, the Early Tang Yu
Shinan, Ouyang Xun, Chu Sui-liang, the Tang Yen Chen, Tang Liu public
power, the regular script works by later generations are heavy,
regarded as a model for our writing.

7 Running

Between the regular script, cursive between a font, can be said of the
grass or cursive handwriting of regular script. It is to make regular
script and cursive writing speed is too slow to identify and difficult
to produce. Did not like gesture scribbled cursive, do not require
regular script as correct. Kaifa than grass law called "Xing
Kai." Grass more than Kaifa called "Cursive." Running
around in the Eastern Han Dynasty created.
8 cursive

Cursive: a calligraphic characters. Formed in the Han Dynasty, is easy
to write on the basis of the official script evolved. There Zhang Cao,
this grass, Cursive distinction. Zhang Cao strokes become a province
of tricks to follow, as the representative of the Three Kingdoms
emperor as "rushed" the Songjiang this. This grass informal
art of composition, gesture smooth, representative of Jin Wang as
"the beginning of March," "may show" and other
posts. Cursive appeared in the Tang Dynasty, to Zhang Xu, Huai Su,
represented unrestrained gestures become completely divorced from the
practical works of art, from calligraphy cursive just copying Zhang
Cao, this grass, Cursive calligraphy works. Masterpieces such as Zhang
Xu, "abdominal pain" quote, Huai Su,
"Autobiography." Convenient cursive writing arising as a
font. Began in the early Han Dynasty. GM was a "grass
scribe", the official script that is illegible, and later evolved
to form a kind of artistic value, "Zhang Cao." Han, Zhang
Zhi change "Zhang Cao," as "this grass," a word
formed body potential. Tang Zhang Xu, Huai Su and the development of
continuous gesture wrap, shape changes in many of the
[Edit this paragraph] ¡¾Name¡¿ radicals of Chinese characters
Name of cases of the word shape

Ancient ancient word next to Hu, Gu, mantis

Bing times two of water, cold, quasi-

Only the word next to the military only

Mi bald Baogai military, writing, crown

User account beside the word fan, room, Kai
Ten children cross Hua, Bi,

Woo said that the word next to the ancestors, blessing

Yan made the word next to the theory, design, knowledge

The word next to the Lang Wang Wang, Lin, Shan

Dao Li knife next to the system, do not, the sword

Wood Wood, adjacent words, DU, very

Eight-character next to the Valley, points, public

Beside the word truck vehicles, transportation, light

Everyone prefix positions, full, together

The word next to the leisure day, light and dark

Factory factory next to the original word, pressure, calendar

Take the risk, saying the first word, summer, significantly

Force, edge next to the effort,

Father father father prefix, axes, kettles

And another word next to the storm

Niu Niu words next to pull, especially, material

Ren single next invasion, who million

Wen Min side against the text, so,
Jie has one ear knife

New prefix pounds pounds

Fu Lu knife ears, Zheng, are

Zhao claws prefix love, adopted by

Yin Jian Zi next to the deferral

Beside the word month belly, ribs, bore the word next to the meat

Bao package prefix Austin

Point point through the canopy, air, and Cave

Si word children participate in private

Lili erected beside the word

Fang three-box child health

Objective Programmes beside the word blind, pupil, stare

Jiong box network with word

Tin Tin words next to men, stomach, tired

Rui Lu drops of

The word next to the study of garnet, sand, Lei

áê written three children Tong
Dwarf beside the word vector vector

Vertical center next to the quiet âà

Pain in epileptic patients prefix

Yi Bao hijab http

Yi Yi word next to the lining

Canton Canton near the end of the word, Zhuang

Jin pitched next to the wrong

Xi Xi dream beside the word

Si the first four characters of Shu, Luo

Chuo invited to go the bottom, side, which

Meng bottom pan word pan, cover

Inch inch letters beside the word

Wo next autumn grasses, show, seconds

Rolling drag the side handle

Next spring white white

Tutitupang to

Bird Bird the word next to the duck

The first drug Lv cursive character
M m word next to the tablets, cake, materials

The first set of major characters

West West Chestnut prefix to

Xiao small small print head

Page beside the word are, Ying

Beside the word of mouth to sing, blow, spit

Tongue tongue beside the word chaos, sweet

The country imports a large population box, circle, back to

Fou Fou word next to the tank, lack of

Access gates, door frames, nausea, bars, flash

Delays in the ear beside the word ears, post news, shame

Towel towel next to pieces of words

Beside the word worm worm pupae

Beside the word Gap Mountain

Stripe of a tiger tiger prefix consideration, virtual, tiger

Double left foot next to Xu, the line

Prefix with bamboo pipes, baskets, Fragrance

Quan anti-dog next to the pigs, dogs, cats, wolves
Boat boat boat beside the word, like

Shi fresh word next to the bread, cakes

Zhao beside the word go, go, super-

Repeated prefix corpse corpse

Beside the word foot foot distance, squat, jump

Zhang beside the word bow bow

Angle corner beside the word touch, the solution

Sub-word next to the child larvae

Body to hide the body beside the word

Female Female characters next to the mother, milk

The word next to the fresh fish, fish, alligators, swim bladder

Twisted wire next to the velvet Si

Short-tailed bird bird beside the word tailed bird

Ma Ma Monkey beside the word

Rain rain prefix gel, cream, zero

ìá the end of four heat

Tooth age beside the word

Square beside the word trip
Beside the word leather leather boots, whips, Le

Hand in hand beside the word worship

The word next to the iliac bone

For beside the word less less

Shao sound beside the word sounds, rhyme

Fire destroyed the fire beside the word

Beside the word heart means the heart

Beside the word Ge Ge I

Yi Yi word next to the type

Prefix oxygen gas gas

Beside the word Ferret Rat Rat

Nose nose next to the snoring

Pre-spear spear beside the word, boast
[Edit this paragraph] Origin character¡¿
Humans have language, they can accumulate knowledge, and culture. With
text, can record the language, the exchange of information. Language
to distinguish between humans and animals, writing the primitive stage
of human society and civilization stages separate. Breaking the
language of the text is more in time and space constraints, the
language sent to the remote, and expand the communicative function of

Oracle produced the earliest Chinese characters in the Shang dynasty,
dating back some three thousand four hundred years of history. It has
a relatively tight system with text. The Yin Ruins Xiaotun culture,
only from its well-developed smelting technology and bronze, pottery,
jade art of decoration on the look, we can be sure it has a highly
developed civilization. We can speculate that Oracle generated the
times, I am afraid not The Chinese nation will be at the intersection
by the ignorance to civilization.

Before entering the Oracle character, there must be a long process.
However, Oracle further forward along the back, we can read about the
origins of Chinese literature, the earliest of the books from the Zhou
and Qin Dynasties, and are mostly legends, some of them with a myth.
Although the myth and legend has its historical background and origin,
is reflected in some of the reflection of historical reality. But
these legends are not historical origin of Chinese characters look
detailed and realistic, they can only infer the status and origin of
Chinese characters before and after the general time of origin of
Chinese characters. Can confirm that the face of Chinese historical
relics and documents are not enough system and full, so the origin of
Chinese characters can only be disconnected in accordance with the
development of historical evidence and logical basis of speculation,
the establishment of a scientific hypothesis.

The origin of many Chinese say, ancient scholars express their views,

1, the character from the guitar string. That the text is inspired by
ancient times created Jieshengjishi made.

2, the Chinese began gossip. That the images of the text produced in
Yigua, such as Qian for days, Kun for the land, Kangua for water from
the diagram for the fire and so on.

3, the selection for the book, as the turtle. That CJ created by the
Enlightenment turtle the text.
4, characters, drawings homology. That the different names and with
the body painting, produced early in the text, the book also
portraits, the book also.

5, characters from the picture. That they are not homologous, pictures
first, text in the post, the text is generated based on the pictures.

6, characters from the ancestors of the social practice. That words
derived from the original direct method notes.

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