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Yang Chao said the three major challenges facing this year_ China Life by fdjerue7eeu


									Yang Chao said the three major challenges facing this year, China Life

China Life Chairman Yang Chao

NetEase Finance April 8 hearing at today's annual results briefing in
2009, China Life Chairman Yang Chao said that the development of
country life this year, faces many challenges: the instability of
economic trends to bring to our business development difficult.
Second, the macro-control policy uncertainty, compared to the asset
management has brought great pressure, especially the capital market
changes; third is an increasingly fierce competition in the market
position of the company has brought greater challenges.

In this regard, Yang Chao said that in the complex environment, China
Life will be in accordance with the "structural adjustment,
increase efficiency, anti-risk, steady growth," the basic
principles, and strive to turn challenges into opportunities, and
promote the sustainable development of the company.

Yang Chao said the new "Insurance Law" improve the
implementation and supervision of facilities development for the
company to create a favorable market environment. He believes that
China's economic rebound to the good is the overall situation,
continue to promote the livelihood projects and social security system
of continuous improvement will be beneficial to the company's further
development, enhance public awareness of risk and financial management
changes in the concept of the insurance industry has laid a broad
community-based chu

Report shows that last year by China Life's net profit attributable to
shareholders of 32.881 billion yuan, an increase of 71.8%. Basic
earnings per share were 1.16 yuan, net assets per share was 7.47 yuan;
net assets was 17.13%. The company intends that all shareholders cash
dividends per share 0.70 yuan, a total of 19.785 billion yuan, Nantong
DNA paternity test.

As of last year, total assets of China Life Insurance 12,262.57
billion yuan, up 24.2%; the net assets of 211.072 billion yuan, an
increase of 21.3%. Embedded value amounted to RMB 2,852.29 billion
yuan, up 18.8%; year new business value of 17.713 billion yuan, an
increase of 27.2%. (This article Source: NetEase of: Yun-Feng Dong) e

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