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Kawashima Wuhan Heavy Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Wuhan Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Kawashima JU
Kawashima Kawashima Heavy Heavy investment in nail-making machine
Bio-alcohol oil itself is clean, green new energy, and its notable
features: first, a wide range of raw materials and low cost. Configure
the main raw material for methanol fuel, local chemical plants,
fertilizer plants and chemical market has sales, can conveniently
purchase process, local sales. Heavy oil Kawashima biological alcohol
configuration to provide the new bio-alcohol emulsifier oil, heating
value of up to 8600 kcal, the heat value of gas and oil equivalent to
the cost of liquefied petroleum gas or diesel is only one half or so,
profit margins great. Heavy oil bio-ethanol Kawashima Kawashima Wuhan
Heavy Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
How to do raw tension
In China's vast rural areas, charcoal production system has a vast
"Hanyang made & rdquo, Ishikawajima Heavy Industries;
Ishikawajima Heavy Mu Tanji
Can straw, sawdust and other forestry waste into charcoal instead of
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The project on the one hand to protect the environment, while variable
waste into energy conservation. Starting from the seventies of last
century, around the world have set up various institutions, and
formulate corresponding regulations, alcohol-based fuel, in order to
address the persistent problem of agricultural and forestry waste
recycling. China is also on April 1, 1996 began the implementation of
the "fixed waste pollution prevention law," and the tax
resources of the main raw material used to give appropriate
preferential enterprise.
Ministry of Finance is the State Administration of Taxation issued
respectively 1994,1995,1999,2001 successive years, "operating on
waste recycling enterprises preferential tax notice" on the waste
recycling enterprises are exempted from VAT.
State Economic and Trade Commission in January 2002 issued
"Recycling" fifth, "planning" (Guo Jing Mao
Resources 2002 No. 9); increase the public financial recycling of
renewable resources, support, and encourage enterprises to recycling,
to support a number of business good, qualified enterprises listed for
enterprises listing and financing to create favorable conditions.
Processing of renewable resources, recycling centers, networks, and
other aspects of renewable resources to deal with the demonstration
project funds for technological renovation and to give priority to
financial discount!
State Economic and Trade Commission, the State Technical Committee,
the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Construction, the People's
Bank of China State Administration of Taxation, State Administration
of Quality Supervision eight ministries jointly issued
"accelerate the development of environmental protection industry
In fiscal policy, further improve the preferential policies of tax
relief for comprehensive utilization of resources, called on all
localities and departments of environmental protection industry as a
key development areas, encourage and support the rapid development of
the environmental protection industry.
China Central Television in June 2002, "China Report"
episodes: "China wants renewable resources recycling
To promote comprehensive utilization of resources toward further
standardization and industrial development, national Trade Commission
is now working with authorities pay close attention to the drafting of
"Recycling Management Regulations", the promulgation of the
regulations, means that the recycling of waste resources will face a
historic significant change.
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