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									Ningbo Jiangdong school where a good car / truck Ningbo Jiangdong
school fees / school car Ningbo Jiangdong
Learner drivers Telephone :15906740777,0574-27818228
Ningbo University Car Service QQ: 95749678 (specify school car) car
Ningbo University QQ group: 104 878 530
Driving the first car the size of Ningbo University
Driving a large scale are generally more formal, more small-scale
driving school, more they want to make money. You think about it, cars
are not a few units, how to ensure you Lianju.
The second car look Ningbo University teaching facilities
Sometimes large in scale, will be misunderstood, some people think
that entry point is the large number of Driving, the registration
number of points is not the size criteria for judging a driving
school, learn to know your last car is certainly not the entry point
where, but the training ground. Driving is a measure of a scale to see
how many he has training ground, the number of coaches and so on.
It is noteworthy that some well-known driving school is indeed large,
but their connections with the outside are "anchored" in
the. The so-called "affiliated" is a few coaches Driving
outside the customs agent this application in a particular region, it
operates independently. A bit like "franchise" means.
Therefore, the quality of services is likely outside the customs with
the customs within different person.
The third vehicle to see service in Ningbo University
Ningbo University vehicle registration be sure to ask when the work
flow, learn to drive when a few people with science, do not need to
take turns practicing, I have heard outside the customs Driving a car
is only a platform instructor, 40 students take turns learning. I do
not know how long to feel a car ah. Some questions to ask in detail
clearly not let the "trick" the advantage of the loopholes.
Such as said earlier, "When did you Lianju a car person."
This would not elaborate. Another point is that cars do not believe in
Ningbo University's commitment to transfer at any time. For now, the
basic Ningbo coach can do. Like a coach have a car, when you Lianche
when a call came a coach car pick up students, what would you think.
So learn to drive in Ningbo, in fact most tangible service or coaches
professional attitude.
Where is a good car Ningbo University, Ningbo, where the learner
drivers cheap car where Ningbo University
After a month of investigation and understanding, Ningbo University,
Ningbo car it finally determine the current practice has not started
driving simulator, while Ningbo Tong Driving, Driving and other
Driving Ningbo Skyway has made driving simulator, but does not force
students to learn and payment. If you want to experience what driving
simulator students can go to gold through cypress sites driving
simulator room to see. Then again, since we can analyze the cost of
Ningbo University in various details of the car:
Ningbo cost details of learner drivers have eight major projects,
notably the following:
Fee: Currently, among the basic element in the 2300-2700 range, urban
low, the following counties and cities more expensive, but the
training time may be relatively more cities and counties.
Theory test fee: 260 yuan. 4 half days learning needs theory, the time
mainly in the Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, Tuesday morning.
Many people do not have time to learn theory, but need to handle free
time charge, the current fee is 300 yuan. This theoretical study and
examination fees paid about 560 yuan in the.
Photographs and physical examination: 67 yuan. At present more than a
physical examination of Ningbo where is Ningbo No. 3 People's
IC card fee: 30 yuan. Time for school vehicles.
Premium: 40. Usual practice and examinations for life insurance.
Kao Wufei: 360. For Subject 2, Subject 3's site examination fees.
Handed Bank of Ningbo.
Examination room to practice fee: 200. For Subject 2, Subject 3 exam
prior to the training venue.
Other costs are food, transportation, there is the potential for
Thus, the cost of learner drivers in Ningbo details very clear. Of
course, some driving school and examination practice for insurance
fees charged may vary slightly, but the rough is still the same. We
hope that the season in the application, students must also learn to
understand clearly details these fees.
Ningbo University where good car? Ningbo University car going? Ningbo
teach you how to see through the car looking for Driving school there
a few big problem.
Into 2010 since the school cars Ningbo heat waves surge higher and
higher. But Ningbo friends want to learn car driving school in the
choice of the time on the often guilty of confused, big and small
driving school Driving in the end there is any difference? Is it
because the number of vehicles, how many coaches do, or what size
venues. Many students will be considered, you want to learn to drive
Driving on to find near points to forget even a small venue. In
Ningbo, looks for open space, tree trunk and a few pole, one or a few
more cars, dare to have been called the driving school, as long as
certain driving school car on the painted words. Analysis of this
before, we need to define what a standard driving school:
Great Driving: There is of driving their own site (refer to a regular
9-election 4 sites), or is to practice so that the election 4:00 9 Do
not dig site fee.
Small Driving: roads, open space for the main Lianju site,
instability, and 9, 4 sites did not. In fact affiliated coaches.
Driving in the end that there are some small, what is, we have 11 to
analyze the following:
1, only one or two vehicles dared to move hundreds of students Ningbo
small "Driving" Major Problems!
Driving is only 12 some small vehicles, 12 coaches, Lianju venue some
only one hundred square meter, but also some of the secondary coach
car scrap vehicles, some coach or Company "coach
certificate" does not ... ... and as such conditions do not
compliance "micro Driving", also hundreds of students still
enrolled. School vehicle, nearly 20 individuals, one car, so a student
can only touch the morning ten minutes drive. As Lianju fewer
opportunities to practice on a test subject for a month can not
skilled. Some time with the coach Lianju, trucks do not have time to
answer is always no. Students rush to take driver's license, only to
send tobacco to send wine to get the coach's care. Some "do not
send unsolicited" students and even for a year still can not get
driver's license, only anxious.
2, the time of registration in order to learn cheap car corners,
Lianju when Kuangzai
Driving is linked with some biogenic bad points or branch in order to
attract talented students, to offer attractive low fees, and charges
will be "undertaking" has all the lump sum all charges. When
students enter the real
Into Lianju phase, Driving will find all sorts of reasons gradually
add money. Such as simulated driving charges, fuel charges, high fees,
and makeup, a dizzying variety of names. Students questioned did not
Use, not Jiaoqian car can not continue school, students become
"meat on the chopping block", only Ai Zai.
3, learner class seriously diminished
Some campuses and affiliated points learned enough vehicles, coaches
insufficient resources, lessons seriously diminished. Driving lessons
for school vehicles and cut corners, but also significantly reduce
costs by freeing up time to attract more students. To "C1
license" for example, state regulations must learn lessons should
be 86, but the greatly reduced number of driving school class, some
students did not even up to half the prescribed periods. Driving staff
to the students of these claims: "the less class, take the faster
driver's license." In fact, the operation could not unskilled
students pass the exam, driving school make-up can charge exorbitant
fees, make the difference.
The combination of these three points, Ningbo University where good
cars? Go? Suggest that they would like to learn car Ningbo friends
would rather the beginning of the multi-point cross to the driving
school to learn a large car, not to find a small driving school which
cheaper. First, when you begin to be paid less, but still give way to
learn what all this make-up several times to send it, money, time does
not pay. If you find the time some good driving school also signed a
number of learner drivers as far as possible agreements, this can make
their interests better protected.

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